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City of Bones – Trailer #2

I don’t care that I should be working right now.

The trailer for the City of Bones trailer came out around an hour ago and I am TOTALLY TALKING ABOUT IT.

Watch it here. NOW.

So here’s my thought process right now.

As a trailer I don’t think it’s that good. Not the content, just how it got put together. Like the music in the middle, I really don’t like how it switches from the really epic music to the pretty low-key bass, and then back to really tension building, suspenseful music again. A bit random. And some of the cuts between the scenes seemed very… Obvious? I’m not sure, I have no idea how making trailers or movies works, so I might be completely wrong, it just seemed very sewn together.

The content, however, that is a whole other story.

Jamie Campbell Bower, I am so surprised by how Jace-y you seem to me now, because I really did have my doubts. Once I got over the fact that you have a british accent, as I read the books for three years thinking Jace was american, I really liked you. And you seem very dedicated to the books as a fan, so I automatically have to like you.

Lily Collins, still in my mind a perfect Clary, even if she’s not what I envisioned Clary to look like when I was reading the books (I imagined a kind of short, pixie-like girl with very orange toned hair that ended below her chin, though honestly if they’d cast someone looking like the Clary in my head it would never have worked, since she would probably look thirteen). The guy who’s playing Simon off Misfits (I cannot remember his name… Robert Sheehan? According to google…), I am almost sure that he’s going to be a perfect Simon.

I think I like Alec, even if he really is nothing like I imagined him to be. But we still haven’t seen that much of Alec other than discussing Jace’s love life, so we’ll see. And I already love Isabelle, as soon as I saw her shove that guy, I was like hell yeah, Isabelle is going to be awesome in this, and the actress is actually dead on what I thought Isabelle was going to look like.

From what I’ve seen from that one MTV behind the scenes of City of Bones, Magnus is awesome, again not what I pictured, but who gives a damn. I really don’t care, as long as they can act like the character, and all the hair colours and ages are right, I should be content. I mean, we all saw what happened in the first Percy Jackson movie (oh I should probably review that trailer…)

We’ve seen like one glance of Luke, so I can’t judge, and Jocelyn is good, from what I’ve seen.

Also, side note, that shot we see for like a second of Clary surrounded by the… (crap it has been a really long time since I read a Mortal Instruments book)… symbols – Yeah, go on, tell me I’m a terrible person I know – that shot is really cool. Iratze? No idea.

All the sets and costumes seem perfect so far, and I do like this entire tone they have for the movie, even if I still haven’t heard Jace crack a single joke yet. Hopefully they’re saving it for the full movie, I don’t know if I can take an entire movie of just Angsty Jace.

So yeah, I need to publish this so I can go do something productive.

I did not realise how excited I am for this movie until now.

Also, I wish they hadn’t used so much of the same footage as they did from the teaser, so we could have seen more

I feel like I need to get a twitter just so I can stalk Cassandra Clare because I just found out that this happened as well:

New poster!

Still not as cool as the first one, but you know, it’s cool and stuff and wow Jace has gold eyes I feel like that should mean something to me but I really can’t remember anything from the books. I do like how this one kind of mimics the City of Bones book cover (oh god they won’t release movie covers for the books will they? Though, I might be ok with that for this particular adaptation seeing as the posters are really pretty).


City of Bones – Poster


I am 95% sure this is real.

But if this is fanart, it is GORGEOUS.




And there’s a trailer coming out soon!

I cannot wait for this movie!