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The Traitor Game- B R Collins

Just to let you know in advance I don’t have any strong feelings about this book; good and bad. But even saying that, it was a pretty good book.

The Traitor GameSummary
Michael Thompson gets bullied out of his old school and starts afresh. But that’s just background knowledge. So at his new school his mum makes him make friends with this guy from church or something called Francis. And yeah it becomes all happy and your totally my best friend even though Francis is considered “one of the cool guys” and Michael is considered a “loser”. And then they create this imaginary world together called Evgard, and it’s their secret. So then one day Michael gets a note in his locker saying that they have seen Evgard/ Ancaster (a town). Then he goes all physco and angry and is basically a complete idiot because he thinks Francis betrays him. Then blah blah they fall out and Michael does some really horrible things; e.g. telling the bully that Francis is gay and leaving Francis on his own when he’s getting beat up. But in the end they get back together, and dum dum dum he realises that some of the stuff that he said was true. Also, there are kinda two stories; one of real life and one of Evgard.

Wow… that was a short summary…(!)

Some parts were predictable
Like I could guess who placed the note there… That’s what I sometimes don’t get about authors… They just make it so obvious who does what later in the book, ie why else would they bother introducing another character?

Some parts went a little too far I thought. Like when Michael kept going on about how it was the worst thing someone could say to a bully…

Francis’ secret (NB DON”T read below unless you don’t mind SPOILERS)
I like how he ended up gay. It was a small detail, but in the end I’m glad it happened, otherwise there would have been way too much homophobic stuff going on.

The Evgard story
Sometimes I liked the Evgard story more than the real one. Is that bad? That I like fiction fiction over fiction? I like how Michael’s parallel self wasn’t just an alterior ego but it was actually him.

No love triangle/ square/ line/ whatever shape you can think of
NO TYPICAL YA GOOEY STUFF!!! I guess, sometimes at parts I missed it, but hey ho, I’m putting it in the Pros because it makes the book stand out more as Fantasy than fading into the YA fiction stuff.

I love the cover
Yeah, I know, “never judge a book by its cover”… BUT BUT BUT… eurg… THIS COVER IS SO AWESOME!!! It’s like two books in one BOOKCEPTION! And it’s like Evgard and real life and how they mix and stuff… It just says so much to me after I’ve read it…

Favourite Quotes

  •  “I should have known better than to stand when the sky was blue”
  • “The earth’s orbit didn’t slow down. The world didn’t stop falling.”

4 shuriken stars.