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Thirteen Days to Midnight- Patrick Carmen

I am Indestructible.

I love this phrase from the book (Yeah, I know it’s simple and stuff… but it’s awesome!). I really wish I had come up with it so I can use it as my catchphrase. Therefore throughout this review starting from now I am going to use it as many times as I possibly can to celebrate how awesome that phrase is.

Thirteen Days to Midnight. DUM DUM DUM!!! It’s a pretty awesome book. The best I’ve read in a long time (so this review may be slightly biased towards the good side…). But of course it’s going to be good when Michael Grant (author of Gone, Hunger, Lies, etc.) recommends it.

Thirteen Days to MidnightSummary
On the night of Jacob Fielding’s adopted dad’s death he whispers three words to him: “You are Indestructible“. Then he dies in a car crash, but miraculously Jacob escapes unharmed, not even a scratch, even though he was in the same car.
A new girl called Ophelia James (also known as “Oh”) arrives in his little town and becomes friends with Jacob and his best friend Milo. And so they discover what “I am Indestructible” really means…
Jacob and Jacob alone (and by alone I mean, Oh and Milo as well) has the power to keep someone from harm with his “I am Indestructible” power. So they check out the news and stuff, so if anyone ever goes missing or is drowning, Jacob passes his power to them and ends up saving them from Death…
But “The Grim Reaper doesn’t disappear… he catches up.” From the Blurb.
And then the ending happens… but I can’t talk about it because it is so so so so so so good and by good I mean the ending is “Indestructible” within my heart. So obviously I can’t tell you…

Oh and Jacob
… AFTER TWO (or maybe three or four or five- I can’t really remember- just a number under thirteen) DAYS HE MAKES A MOVE ON HER… Just because she’s “pretty and dangerous”… He didn’t even really care about her personality because seriously… how can you actually get to know someone after two days…
But on the other hand… They were really cute together… Their love was “Indestructible“… even up to and including death. ;(

The Ending
sfhNEUKNARLCU. It tore my heart out. It’s like one of those Monsters of Men endings… ;(. But the good thing is, this time there is a “One week Later”… Urg,.. Forget it. It says so on the blurb on goodreads. So I’m just going spit it out. So I guess. Spoiler Alert- From Goodreads” “What if to save the girl he loves, he has to kill her?”… ;( so so so so sad… And because their love was “Indestructible” it must have killed him so much doing it over and over… ;(

The name says it all. How can someone be called Milo and NOT BE AWESOME? (Yeah, I may be sighting tweenies…. but seriously… even on that, Milo was pretty epic). He’s just such a good friend and knows Oh and Jacob so well… There was this one time though that I wanted to hit Jacob because he just ditched Milo for someone else… ;( It also makes me want to hit my brother because he’s doing the same idiotic thing to his best friend…

The Black Lion
AWESOME. Two “personalities” in one! And the way that he wrote it and stuff made it seem alive and all “I’m going to eat you because I’m a lion” attitude. AWESOME. I also like how it got confused about it’s “home”. It was cute imagining a “Indestructible” lion get confused… Although I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to actually see that in real life.

Ophelia James. Oh. I liked the name Oh actually. Although at times I did get a little confused “Oh! NO!” I like how she “developed”. It was quite cool but at the same time quite sad how she became more and more consumed… But it really tore my heart out when she wrote each of the crosses… ;( It turned out at the end she wasn’t as “Indestructible” as she thought…

The last line was really cute. I’ll put it below. It rounded the story off nicely starting and ending with superpowers. At the beginning I was thinking of the normal superpowers that people think of. In the end I think I settled with Flying. But at the end I found myself agreeing with Jacob, the superpower to never be alone would be nice (but at times it would be a little annoying…) All superpowers have their “Indestructible” downfall somehow I guess…

Favourite Quotes

  • “I’ve stabbed two people with a fork today. What’s wrong with me?”
  • “The Grim Reaper doesn’t disappear… he catches up.”
  • “I go to a Catholic school and I’m telling you: invisibility = eternal damnation. You can take it to the bank.”
  • “Did I mention you’re going to have to drive on our date?” I asked.
    “Cheap bastard
  • “All I really want is to stay with my friends all the way to the end.
    The power to never be alone is the only answer there is for a guy like me”

So if you’ve managed to put up with all of my “Indestructibleness” throughout this review, give a pat on your back. 😛
So at the beginning I’d say it’s a four star book, but it picks up and becomes so freaking amazing in the end when akdsfhjasdfkjhl happens… ;(
But I guess Overall I’d give it 4.5 shuriken stars 🙂 An “Indestructible” book.

The Scorch Trials- James Dashner

The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, #2)THIS BOOK IS PURE AWESOMENESS!
I cannot express using words how amazing it it!!!
jlhfawhdefukahw kjvfh <– that is how I would say how amazing it is in jibberish… although that isn’t a language… 😀
For those of you who have read the Maze Runner and are looking around at review for the second in the series, here is a small bit of information, that when I was waiting for the book was killing me! You hear more about the other group!!! (but I’m going have to just leave it at that!)
Anyway… This book is the second book in the maze runner trilogy by James Dashner and if you haven’t read the first book then read it!!! because this review will probably contain spoilers for the Maze Runner! The first book of course, is called the Maze Runner, and the last book is called the Death Cure (I wonder why?(!))! 😀 There is also a prequel coming out soon! (if you count about three months as soon… 😦 )

So… Thomas and “the gang” (lol… it’s my chav talk!) have to travel through the scorch, (hint the title), because WICKED IS EVIL… and they are making them do loads of trials… So… they have to travel through the Scorch, which is a wasteland, to get to the “Safe Haven” where they will find the cure to the flare… BUT if they don’t get there in time… THEY WILL TURN INTO CRANKS AND DIE!!!! BUT WICKED has set up some factors for them, that will make it harder for them…, both emotionally and physically…

It kinda rambles a bit…
At some times in the book, I felt that the author just wrote and didn’t really have an idea of what was going to happen… (but don’t get me wrong, sometimes the best books are written that way!), but it is still an AMAZING BOOK!!!

No other cons!

The fast pace
It was just so thrilling and amazing, and it literally made my heart race… <– I’m not even exaggerating… My heart was literally thumping like mad!!!

As you can tell from the title, I couldn’t put this book down for a second! And as soon as I finishing that book I ran up and down the house… in frustration that the next book hadn’t come out yet!!! But everything’s OK, now, as I have read that book… Also, another point! You can read this book over and over again without getting bored! As I read this book just before the Death Cure came out!, and it was still un-put-down-able!

The Enemy
It’s quite hard to explain…………
There are a lot of “enemies” who try to obstruct the characters from their goal. The reasons why they are in the Pros section is that they were just developed so well, and it was so complex, but it didn’t feel like it… So, the enemies… My definition for an enemy for this book is someone who tries to stop someone from getting to their goal, or from getting what they want. As there are so many character, and they all have different desires, so based on my definition, they all have different enemies! Like the Cranks could be considered the enemy, or WICKED, or the other group, or “the witch”, etc.

Favourite Quotes

  • “Anybody else wanna pee their pants and cry for mommy?” (sarcasm, btw)
  • “…You’d think the little part about them supposedly killing us would be the attention getter.”
  • “I think we should take a break, fill our little tummies and drink up.”
  • Pop, pop, pop.” <– You’ll understand once you have read the book!
  • “And you forgive that witch?” So sad… 😦 because I agreed with “the witch” and I though that she was right….

As you can tell from the pros, this is a truly unique book. IT’s AWESOME!!! 😀 So therefore, it is easily 5 shuriken stars! I would definitely recommend you to read this book! (but only after the Maze Runner! <– which is also an AMAZING book!)

The New World- Patrick Ness

The New World (Chaos Walking, #0.5)Because this is a short story this is going to be a short review! (I feel like such a rebel, starting a sentence with because! :D). This book is the short story prequel to the chaos walking series, by Patrick Ness (which if you haven’t read my review for those books THEY ARE AMAZING!!!! THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!!)
OK. My rant is over! Actually… maybe not quite… I will probably ramble a bit over this review! To be completely honest, I’m really not sure how I’m going to write this review… so again, I’ll probably ramble… I think I’m rambling now…
Anyway, as I said, this book is the prequel to the Knife of Never Letting Go and that series, it is a really short story, and I think, it can be found on Patrick Ness’ website!- I’ll put in a link at the end of this review! I personally would recommend you to read this book after reading the Knife of Never Letting Go, as after you have read that book, you kinda get a bond with the characters, so the book just seems so much better, and so much more heart- wrenching… 😦

This short story is about Viola, in the scout ship and the settler ship… It basically tells her story from her departure from the settler ship to when she crashlands! (This is probably why you need to read the Knife of Never Letting Go first, otherwise you will have no idea who these people are…). It focuses on her and her parents and also a little on her settler life; including Bradley!!! (HE IS AWESOME!!!). And as you know… the scout ship crashes… so her parents die 😦 and it is just so sad!!!, because of the way Viola treated them, just before they died… But anyway, I’ll let you find the rest out for yourselves!

Favourite Quotes!

  • “‘Fire,’ he said. ‘The ability to make fire at will. It allowed us light to see in the darkness, warmth against the cold, a tool to cook our food.’ He gestured vaguely in the direction of the Delta’s engines. ‘Fire is what eventually led to travel across the black beyond, the ability to
    start a new life on a New World.’”
  • “Hope. That’s all anyone ever talked about on the convoy, especially as we got closer. Hope, hope, hope.”
  • “‘I’ll take it,’ I say. ‘I’ll take your hope. I’ve got it, okay? Mum?’
    But I don’t know if she hears me-
    Because her hand isn’t gripping back any more.”
  • “Start it to give a light against the darkness”
  • “And so I sit in front of Bradley’s fire, on the surface of a dark, dark planet, and I have their hope, if not any of mine.Except the hope that it’ll be enough.”
What can I say? Only to read this book and this series; because IT IS AMAZING!!! YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!! AMAZING!!! If you still need to ask; 5 shuriken stars! I would however, recommend you to read this short story after you have read the Knife of Never Letting Go, as it may not make too much sense otherwise… but it doesn’t matter too much whether you read this book after or before the other books in the series! You just need to read this book sometime in your life; or YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE COMPLETE! 😀

The New World: PDF file:

Catching Fire- Suzanne Collins

I read this book a while ago… So I’m sorry if there are any mistakes… This is the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne Collins. The first one is called The Hunger Games, and is about Katniss and Peeta trying to survive the hunger games. The third one is called Mockingjay, which, in my opinion isn’t a very good book. Overall, throughout the series, I would say that the books get progressively worse… Imagine a ship! Imagine the ship at the start going to it’s destination (that’s the level that the first book is at). Then imagine it crashing into whale (that’s the level that the second book is at). Finally, imagine it sinking (that’s the level that the last book is at…) Sorry to be all pessimistic, but I thought that you should be warned!!!

It was too much like the first book…
As I said above…<—I can’t be bothered to type it all out…. I just thought that at times, I was reading the same book twice… And now,after about a year, I get confused between the two. I mean literally, in the movie I got really annoyed at them missing a bit. Then when I got outside and started ranting about it…, my friend told me it happened in the second book… +_+

What Katniss and Peeta end up doing…
Now that I have typed it out… I realise that it sounds really wrong… I didn’t mean it in that way I swear! But I can’t say anything without spoiling the book… I just thought that what they did, wasn’t necessaries… and just wrong… They are only teenagers….!!!

The romance
I strongly dislike how Suzanne Collins wrote the romance stuff… Because it wasn’t even romantic… It was just like “Peeta! They don’t think we love each other [well… duh… Katniss doesn’t…]. Lets make out in front of them. That will convince them!” No. Just no. There were way too many scenes like that… And Peeta is such an idiot…, I mean, I guess I feel sorry for him, because Katniss is an idiot… but he was just too much over the top… And he didn’t respect all of Katniss’ ideas.

The old characters
Katniss: SHE MADE ME WANT TO TEAR UP THE BOOK!!!!!! She was just so ungrateful… she just completely dismissed Gale and Peeta, when they are both in love with her… And then she goes off moaning about how everybody hates her and how she has no friends… and generally feeling sorry for herself… The reason why she is like that is because of HER OWN STUPID FAULT
Peeta: He was just over the top. I didn’t like it. I don’t like him. Even in the first book. He was just so weak… He did whatever Katniss told him to do… I don’t like him
Gale: I’m actually quite surprised that I decided to put him in the cons section… but anyway… here he is… in the cons section… I guess it is that he wouldn’t man up and believe Katniss when she said that she was pretending… I just hate how he got all jealous over Peeta, and didn’t respect the fact that he was the reason why Katniss got out of the Hunger Games alive… But even so, Gale is so much cooler than Peeta; but that is probably because we see so much more of Peeta in the books, so I have more faults to pick out about him…

I love the new characters
I love all the new characters who are introduced!!! Such as Finnik and Annie!!! Or Johanna- who is so cool!!!!!! And I also love Mags!!!!

The action
I love the action… but it did frustrate me that it only happened in the second half of the book… But even though it was a slow start to the book, the action does get better…., and once it finally got there, it was pretty good!

The cover?
I’m kinda running out of positive things to say… So lets talk about the cover!!! It’s not the worst cover I’ve seen… But is definitely isn’t the worst either! I like how it has the “tick tock” thing under the mockingjay pin! And I love the colour of the cover; it is like FIRE <– just like the title, if you didn’t quite get it! 😀

Favourite quotes!

  • “So it’s you and a syringe against the Capitol? See, this is why no one lets you make the plans”
  • “I always channel my emotions into my work. That way, I don’t hurt anyone but myself”
  • “At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead.The hard thing is finding the courage to do it.”
  • “I guess this is a bad time to mention I hung a dummy and painted Seneca Crane’s name on it…”
  • “That if desperate times call for desperate measures, then I’m free to act as desperately as I wish.”

Hm… This book is very tricky… I want to give it a four shuriken stars… but… that would be saying that it is as good as the other 4 shuriken stars… So maybe I’ll go just one below; how about three and a half shuriken stars…, but that seems very harsh… but oh well… Three and a half shuriken stars it is! Although I have written a lot of cons… I would still recommend you to read this book, if you have read the first one!, but just a word of warning. You may be disappointed…!

Everwild – Neal Shusterman


Those are the words that kept coming to mind while I was reading this book. If you haven’t read it, then you’ll know soon.

Everwild is the second book in the skinjacker trilogy (Everlost, Everwild, Everfound), and it definitely holds up the amazingness of the first book. To be honest, it surpasses the first book. I enjoyed this one a lot more. Maybe because it’s darker, more intriguing, there are a lot more storylines happening between different characters, and altogether it’s awesome. It really is. If you haven’t read these books, then read them! What’s wrong with you? Go read all of them now!

Now I can’t really summarise this book without ruining the last one, so here’s the only way I can really do it.


That’s pretty much how the story goes.


It ended
Seriously, that’s my only Con. Now I can’t wait to read the next book, but I have too much work.Damn you, Neal Shusterman for making me skip my homework to read your amazing books. Why do you have to write such awesome stories?


All the twists were amazing. Especially the one involving Allie and all the skinjackers. And then everything with Mary. Geez, I was like :O throughout a lot of this book. I love the direction Neal Shusterman took this book, how it was so much darker and all the ethical problems with skinjacking and ripping and so on and so on. It was all just so amazing. I never wanted to put the book down.

Characters = AMAZING
My favourite character is Zin. She was awesome. She reminded me of Deryn from the Leviathan Series – Scott Westerfeld. MAybe it was because they had similar circumstances, but she had the same basic personality as Deryn. And I love Deryn, so of course I would love Zin.
Milos, the creepiest afterlight EVER, was so annoying. Creepy dude. Urgh.
Of course Allie and Nick and Mikey and so on were all awesome. And then we get to the most stand-out character in the book.

I feel like she deserves her own little section.

She is so messed up. I don’t even know where to start with her. I won’t mention why she is messed up, for all you readers out there who haven’t read this book. But all of you that have: “SHE IS FREAKING PSYCHOPATHIC”. Every time she worked out what was going on, did her reaction take you by surprise? Because every time I waited for her to lose it and she didn’t. I was sitting there going “WTH???” :O And slowly, as the book progressed, she turned more and more psycho until I knew what was going to happen at the end. I saw that ending coming from halfway through the book when Nick revealed his plan to Zin.
The reason this took me so by surprise is that Mary was always portrayed as a loving, caring character so I presumed she would be like Mary from the Gone Series – Michael Grant. But she definitely developed as a character. Definitely. This also confirms my belief that Nick should not be in love with her. I like Nick, I think Nick’s cool (apart from the thing with the dog. Not cool. I understand why he did it and stuff but I loved that dog. And I love Zin.) and Mary’s completely cuckoo so he really needs to find another girl.
There were many times in the book where I wanted to physically punch Mary. I had to put the book down and calm myself down before I continued reading so I wouldn’t get so agitated with her.

Neal Shusterman, how do you get me feeling these violent thoughts about characters that aren’t real? How is this possible?

 And the ending. The ENDING!
That was one hell of an ending. I knew it was coming. I really did. But to end there. Right there. Now that’s just cruel. It’s-Rick-Riordan-and-the Son-of-Neptune-ending type of not cool. God. I have to find out what happens. I NEED to find out what happens.

Quotes (The only ones I can do without ruining the book)

  • “On a sunny Tuesday – for it seems so many awful things happen on a Tuesday – six astronauts and one schoolteacher attempted to pierce the sky. Instead they touched the stars.”
  • “Heaven might shine bright, but so do flames.”
  • “Great tragedies have great consequences. They ripple through the fabric of this world and the next. When the loss is too great for either world to bear, Everlost absorbs the shock, like a cushion between the two.”


Do you even have to ask how many stars I’ll give it? 5 shuriken stars, easily. Guys, you have to read this!

Everlost – Neal Shusterman

I love Neal Shusterman’s books, I really do. I’ve only read Unwind, Bruiser and Everwild so far, but I love all of them. He’s just such an amazing author. And this book is definitely no exception.

It’s the first book in the skinjacker trilogy (Everlost, Everwild, Everfound). And let me just get this out there. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. I wouldn’t say that it’s as good as Unwind, just because Unwind was one of those mind-blowing books where you get so sad that it’s ending that you don’t want to keep reading, but you have to. And then it ends and you’re left with that empty feeling inside of you, that only a sequel will fill. But that’s for a different review.

Ok. Everlost. This is basically how I sum it up to people who ask: “It’s a book about dead children.” But that’s not a very happy way of putting it, so let’s retry.


Nick and Allie are both in the same car accident, and they don’t make it. But instead of going into the light, they end up in Everlost, a kind of strange afterlife for children. Except it’s not really, because they’re caught in between life and death, kind of like purgatory. And this is the setting of our awesome book. Because, yes, it’s totally awesome. There are twists and turns, and it’s just all so awesome.


This is probably the tiniest con I have with the book. I keep imagining Lief as Lev from Unwind. It just seemed a bit similar to me, both small boys who seem extremely strange. But they’re development was entirely different towards the end of the book. I won’t explain it to not ruin it, but if you’ve read both, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s just that every time I tried to picture Lief I kept thinking of Lev. Maybe it’s because their names are so similar.

This is also really a non-existent con. Just something that surprised me slightly. The love between Nick and Mary. They both kept saying how they were head-over-heels in love with each other, even though there wasn’t much in the book to show this, apart from Nick thought Mary was pretty and Mary said that Nick made her feel different. I thought it was more of a crush, but apparently it really was love. It wasn’t bad at all, I just didn’t expect it. The only reason I have a problem with it is probably because I love Nick but I really hate Mary.

Now, both those cons were basically nothing. I was just being picky because there was nothing else bad to say about it. Now let’s get onto the Pros.


Everything else
I love the aspects of Everlost and how interesting it was. I love all the plot twists which were never obvious but weren’t like “Well, that was random and out of nowhere”. From the first sentence you are sucked into the book:

“On a hairpin turn, above the dead forest, on no day in particular, a white Toyota crashed into a black Mercedes, for a moment blending into a blur of gray.”

The characters were awesome. Allie, Nick and Lief were all great characters. I even liked the McGill. Though I did hate Mary. I hated Mary so much, even though she wasn’t necessarily an evil character. She was just so snotty, stubborn and believed everything she said was right. And I did not like Speedo either (yes, there’s a kid named Speedo in it). He was really annoying, but in a good way. Because I’m pretty sure Neal Shusterman wanted us to hate the characters, and I did. I understood that they had good qualities, that they weren’t 2 dimensional, but I also knew I hated them. Which I think is great. The author really did do his job well.

I loved that there were loads of different weird powers in Everlost. Like skinjacking. That could be abused in so many ways, it scares me. Oh, and the Haunter. Creepy dude.


Geez, that ending was amazing. And horrible at the same time. It was a cliffhanger, but such a good one at the same time. But it didn’t feel like the book didn’t resolve itself as well. I thought it was a great way to end a book, because it left it so open that when the reader’s done with it, they can’t help but keep thinking about all the different ways the story could go. It was a brilliant ending, but also a very frustrating one.


  • “Maybe we’re standing like coins on the edge?”
    Allie considered this. “Meaning?”
    “Meaning, we might be able to shake things up a little, and find a way to come up heads.”
    “Or tails,” suggested Allie.
    “What are you talking about?” said Lief.
    “Life and death.”
  • “think of it this way,” he said “It took nine months to get you born, so doesn’t it figure it would take nine months to get you dead?”


The whole book was just amazing. Amazing amazing amazing.

I wouldn’t expect any less from Neal Shusterman.

So, 5 shuriken stars, definitely.

The Book Thief – Markus Zusak




How do I….


Just, wow.

I just finished the Book Thief by Markus Zusak which got a crazy amount of praise from critics, and loads of my friends. Every single person i follow on goodreads has given it 5 stars. Every person I know who loves to read either loves the book or is planning to read it.


So. Summary.

The book is narrated by death. It is about 9 year old Liesel living in Nazi Germany during the second world war. And everything that ensues, with her love of books, her awesome best friends, the mayor’s wife, her awesome parents, Max… It was just so… Man. I am so mindblown.





Oh. I don’t like the cover of the copy I have. I prefer the one with the dominoes. And that’s being really picky. I do like this cover a lot, I just prefer the domino one.



I don’t even know where to begin. Everything in this book is perfect. PERFECT. PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT.

And it feels so real! I felt like I really was reading a biography of a real girl named Liesel who lived in Nazi Germany. I was so sucked into everything. Every single character had a purpose and were 3D. Actually, they were like 10D. They were so realistic that I could just imagine them all there with me. They were such real people. They seemed so… Human. Even Death, though strange and sarcastic and completely blunt. I loved all of it. Every single character tore my heart up and pulled it back together and then trod on it so hard that I was holding my hand to my mouth with shock.


At first I loved Hans, and didn’t really like Rosa. I wondered why someone like Hans would marry someone like Rosa, but I understood throughout the book how, though she is strict, she really does love Liesel and is so kind and brave. The point in the book where I thought “JESUS THIS WOMAN IS AWESOME!” is when she went and shouted at Liesel about the hairbrush. And of course Liesel was awesome. Every little action or description of her was so realistic and human and strong. Sure, she makes TONS of mistakes. But she always feels so much regret that you know it’s tearing her up inside. And when it feels like every single person she loves is leaving her you just want to run towards her and hug her like “Liesel! I’m here! I don’t care that you’re fictional and I live in 2012 I’ll save you!!!!” The best part, in my opinion, was when Viktor (is that how it’s spelt?) blows smoke in her face and she doesn’t react. She just stands her ground, being so awesome. You just know she’s thinking “Oh yeah. I’m just gonna stand here and be badass. Go on. Try me.”

And I loved Rudy. But not in a way that the author does it so that you fall in love with him (Like Jace in the Mortal Instruments. I think Cassandra Clare really wanted us to fall in love with him as much as Clary does.), but in a way that he’s so real and childlike but still having to deal with all these deaths and bombings. Every detail he adds about Rudy is so amazing. How he picks up Liesel’s swearing, his Jesse Owen’s moment, the football game when they first meet, how his hair was always the colour of lemons… I loved all of it. I found him so endearing, because he felt so human.

And the narration was so beautiful. The opening lines just show you that the book’s narration is going to be amazing.

  • “First the colours.
    Then the humans.
    That’s usually see things.
    Or at least, how I try.”

I would quote way more, if I could. I would quote the entire book. It was just so amazing. I don’t even want to put it into a category, because it really is it’s own. It’s just so much like a biography it’s unbelievable. I really believe that Markus Zusak is a genius now.

It is seriously the most beautiful writing style I’ve ever read.

  • “Perhaps ten meters to my left, the pale, empty-stomached girl was standing, frost-stricken.
    Her mouth jittered.
    Her cold arms were folded.
    Tears were frozen to the book thief’s face.”




It killed me. Oh man, it killed me, then resurrected me, and then killed me again. Because it was that cruel.

The last meeting with the book thief had me feeling so much, I was just… TOO MANY EMOTIONS. Just seeing every single character that you care about, and fell in love with go through so much is so hard. And even all the minor characters, all the ones you should hate, you still love them. Frau Holtzapfel. I should have hated her. But I loved her character as well, even though she wasn’t a nice person.

And, (this is the least spoiler-y way I can put it), there’s this thing about Rudy that Death tells you will happen, because mystery bores him. And Markus Zusak teases you every time. Every time something happens you’re sure that Rudy is going to meet this future, and you start biting your nails, but it never happens. And then when it does… It’s the most heartbreaking thing I’ve read. It is way worse than “that death” in the knife of never letting go (if you’ve read it, you’ll know what I mean. And, yeah, I’m being serious. It’s worse. You’ll think I’m kidding but I’m not. I’m really not.) What happens to Rudy is so sad because it feels like it really did happen. In the Chaos Walking series, they are amazing books, but you can totally tell they are fiction when you’re reading them. And Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Gone, Leviathan… But this. Man, it hits you hard in the chest. It really does. It stomps all over your little heart and tap dances all over it until you’re dead for the third time.



  • “I wanted to tell the book thief many things, about beauty and brutality. But what could I tell her about those things that she didn’t already know? I wanted to explain that I am constantly overestimating and underestimating the human race-that rarely do I ever simply estimate it. I wanted to ask her how the same thing could be so ugly and so glorious, and its words and stories so damning and brilliant.”
  • “A small but noteworthy note. I’ve seen so many young men over the years who think they’re running at other young men. They are not. They are running at me.”
  • “It kills me sometimes, how people die.”
  • “Somewhere, far down, there was an itch in his heart, but he made it a point not to scratch it. He was afraid of what might come leaking out.”
  • “A final moment of eclipse – the recognition of another soul gone.
    You see, to me, for just a moment, despite all of the colours that touch and grapple with what I see in this world, I will often catch an eclipse when a human dies.
    I’ve seen millions of them.
    I’ve seen more eclipses than I care to remember.”
  • “Please, trust me, I most definitely can be cheerful. I can be amiable. Agreeable. Affable. And that’s only the A’s. Just don’t ask me to be nice. Nice has nothing to do with me.”
  • “I am haunted by humans.”


Guys. Guys. Guess what rating I’m gonna give this. Go on, guess. That’s right. 5 shuriken stars. That’s right. 5 freaking ninja stars for an amazing book. Do I recommend you to read this? Hell yeah! I recommend anyone that can read words to read this. I loved it. It’s definitely going to become a classic, I hope. Markus Zusak is brilliant. The book is brilliant. And everyone, everything, and every part is brilliant. Brutal, honest, and sad but worse because you know that somewhere, in Germany during World War II, someone will have lived through at least one part of this book. Many people, in fact. Thousands upon thousands of people.