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Creatures of the Night (Book Tag)

I should have thought about my answers before attempting this, but I haven’t, so this will be interesting.

But I am bored and this seemed fun so let’s do it.

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1. Vampire
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black – Just when you thought vampires could not be saved, this book happens. And it was glorious.

2. Werewolf
We have already reached the first problem. I don’t think I’ve read a werewolf book other than twilight (and those weren’t even real werewolves)
Okay, the closest I am going to get to this is this:
City of Bones by Cassandra Clare – the best I could come up with.

3. Zombie
Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry – It has been a really long time since I read this (or any zombie book for the matter) but I remember liking it, and that’s good enough for me.

4. Ghost
Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake; Everlost by Neal Shusterman – I love these books equally so I am including both as I am a (not so) sneaky cheater. I think it’s worth mentioning both as one takes ghosts from a human-perspective, in the horror/romance genre; the other is a ghost-perspective in an action/adventure setting. One questions the humanity of humans, and the other, the humanity of ghosts.

5. Witch/Warlock/Spellcaster
Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy – Yes, I didn’t like the last book and yes, this is second under Harry Potter, but I didn’t want to be (too) predictable, and my love for the series still stands even if my love of Valduggery is non-existent.

6. Fairy/Fae
Throne of Glass – I haven’t actually read the series past the first book so I can’t exactly vouch for this one, but I haven’t read many fairy books.

7. Demon
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor – The writing alone is worth its place.

8. Angel
Unearthly by Cynthia Hand – I have not read enough angel books to really answer this question, but this book was very fun and it was the best I could come up with so there.

9. Alien
Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card – which should come as no surprise to anyone.

10. Superpowered Human
Vicious by V.E. Schwab – I cannot get over how much I love this book. It is simply amazing.

The Monstrumologist – Rick Yancey

Also known as: Weishi-attempts-reading-horror-and-fails-at-not-being-a-massive-wimp.


People hunt monsters. And it’s freaking gory as all hell.



Here’s a fact about me: I avoid horror movies like the plague.

I am bad with scary things. I am bad with gore and blood and monsters and even kids books with really grotesque imagery can freak me out.

However, I am also bad at knowing my limits. Because this book was damn good, but me being me, I could not read it past midnight. That was a complete no. Reading in stark daylight was not scary in the slightest. Reading when it’s pitch black and you can hear every weird creak in the room and you’re convinced headless monsters are going to devour you is a no-no.


Another con that is mainly my fault. I tried to rush through this book, thinking it was fast paced and easy and quick so I would be able to sprint through it.

Bad decision.

I missed a lot of crucial stuff because I was trying to read as quickly as possible. The language is pretty complicated and the vocabulary is a lot more advanced than I’m used to in your standard YA Fiction book.

A lot of the time, I had to glance back because I missed some damn important stuff. But the language was definitely suited to both the time period and the narrator, so it’s my fault, not the author’s. Though I will say that sometimes the narration slowed down the action, but all the description was pretty important, and I don’t know if any of it could have been cut.


The Normal Stuff

Plot was great, setting was great, characters were great. It was intriguing and lots of stuff was happening and there’s not much to say about it apart from that, so let’s get on to the awesome stuff.

Will Henry

I’ve heard some people don’t like Will Henry.

I freaking love this kid.

If Will Henry had been your stock standard protagonist, I wouldn’t have loved this book nearly as much, but he is so much more than that.

For starters, he acts his age. He is a child – a really mature one, but a child all the same. He’s brave and loyal and all that stuff, but he’s not unrealistically so. He gets scared, he runs when things get tough, he cries and shouts and gets into trouble. He mopes about when he’s upset, he doesn’t always think before he acts, and he’s brilliant.

Pellinore Warthrop

Before you ask, yes, I did have to look up how to spell his name.

Both of our main characters have had to take over the positions left to them by their dead fathers. It’s a nice parallel between two very different characters, and as the novel progresses, we see more of their similarities, and their interactions are pretty heart-warming.

It’s nice to see the most prominent relationship not be romance, but instead, this strange father-son relationship that’s really endearing.


It was a very interesting take on monsters, as they are seen as just natural animals, who happen to have one prey, being humans. There’s also a questionable morality in everything that the people do. Warthrop constantly questions ethics and his science and tries to find who the blame rests on. John Kearns (or whatever else you’d like to refer to him as) is called a monster, and the methods he uses to hunt them are pretty questionable, to say the least.

This series has massive potential to be awesome, though it could just as easily fail.

If Rick Yancey managed to make each book better than the last, this series will almost definitely be going in my favourites. But I’ve seen series with massive potential go downhill very quickly. So we’ll see.


  • “There are times when fear is not our enemy. There are times when fear is our truest, sometimes only, friend.”
  • “Memories can bring comfort to the old and infirm, but memories can also be implacable foes, a malicious army of temporal ghosts forever pillaging the long-sought-after peace of our twilight years.”
  • “Perhaps that is our doom, our human curse, to never really know one another. We erect edifices in our minds about the flimsy framework of word and deed, mere totems of the true person, who, like the gods to whom the temples were built, remains hidden. We understand our own construct; we know our own theory; we love our own fabrication. Still . . . does the artifice of our affection make our love any less real?”
  • “Could there be irony crueller than this? How, upon his rescue, the truth had brought him here, to a house for the mad, for only a madman believes what every child knows to be true: There are monsters that lie in wait under our beds.”
  • “That’s a stupid question,’ said Malachi. ‘Because he didn’t warn him. He didn’t warn anyone.’
    ‘No, it’s a philosophical question,’ Kearns corrected him. ‘Which makes it useless, not stupid.”


I loved this book, however I’m still hesitant to give it 5 shuriken stars. It was great, but it was missing that special something that I need to bring it up to absolute favourite. So, 4 3/4 shuriken stars. If you can take the gore, and won’t be an idiot like me and try to skim through all the fancy language, you’ll be certain to love it.

Rot and Ruin – Jonathan Maberry


Ok, I’ll try to stop ranting… But OH MY GOD THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!

One of the best books in the world. (I was so tempted to leave it at just that.)

It follows the story of Benny Imura who survived the zombie apocalypse. He lives in a small town which belongs to a group of towns called the Mountainside (for obvious reasons). have to find a part time job, and he ends up having to do a job with his older brother, Tom, who he hates. The book basically talks about how zombies are people too so it’s wrong to mistreat them – you wouldn’t mistreat a corpse, and zombies are a type of corpse, only they’re half alive.

THERE AREN’T ANY CONS… except that the beginning was quite slow… BUT OTHER THAN THAT THERE AREN’T ANY.


The Characters
TOM – I love him, he’s so awesome! He is so sweet when someone dies, and he’s a good brother. (I know my brother wouldn’t ever do any of the things that he did for Benny)
Benny: He is so funny because he is sometimes so idiotic.
Nix: I don’t actually like her that much. She’s just so needy and she always blames stuff on other people, but I found it interesting watching her develop and becoming tougher and stronger. It’s amazing at the end, that after all she has been though she still is half sane.
Charlie: HE IS PURE EVIL. But to be fair, he is smart – in fact I actually admire his smartness,especially with his traps. He is also very ruthless.
Lilah: She is so cool! I cannot believe that she was able to survive for so long just on her own! It must have been a really lonely life and I feel really sorry for her 😦

The Plot
It was so breathtaking and awesome that I was overwhelmed.

The Quotes
I know this is quite a small point, but I felt that it deserved to be mentioned. I loved the quotes that separated each of the different sections of the book, One that I really liked was the last one:

“Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air… but only for one second without hope.” – Hal Lindsey

It suited the book so well and it was really sweet and inspirational.

Favourite Quotes! 

  •  “There are moments that define a person’s whole life. Moments in which everything they are and everything they may possibly become balance on a single decision. Life and death, hope and despair, victory and failure teeter precariously on the decision made at that moment. These are moments ungoverned by happenstance, untroubled by luck. These are the moments in which a person earns the right to live, or not.”
  • “Closure isn’t closure until someone’s ready to close the door”
  • “Often it was the most unlikely people who found within themselves a spark of something greater. It was probably always there, but most people are never tested, and they go through their whole lives without ever knowing that when things are at their worst, they are at their best.”
  • “They won the war but lost the peace”
  • “That’s stupid.”
    “That’s people”
  • “We had the whole ‘when you assume you make an ass out of you and me’ speech in school”
  • “Language”

Overall THIS BOOK IS AMAZING! IT IS THE BEST ZOMBIE BOOK EVER! The concept of it really twists and turns your mind. It is easily 5 shuriken stars. As I don’t want this review to be all about me ranting, if you want to take anything away from this review you should take this: GO BUY A COPY OF THIS BOOK! 😀