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Eragon/ Eldest- Chirstopher Paolini

Eragon (Inheritance, #1)I strongly dislike this book, however I must say that it was quite good, considering it was written when the author was around 15. I’m writing this review as two books, because I read Eragon, then I decided to give Eldest a chance (because I’m just that nice :D), but I gave up on it, and skim read the last 100 pages… ;). I just found the plot boring and the pace too slow, it could be worse than Twilight (I’m really sorry; fans of Twilight and Eragon)

This weird guy finds a dragon egg and idiotically decides to raise it. Then he decides to run off with an old man, because he is a creep. By the way, this is about half way into Eragon, and pretty much nothing has happened. There isn’t much that happens in this book, so I’m just going to ruin some major plot spoilers; they aren’t very good… He meets this physco fairy, who I think he falls in love with, then he walks into the capital city where everybody hates him. (Great plot so far… all I learnt when I was reading it was that he is AN IDIOT). He then runs off into a dwarf city, leaving the old guy to die. In Eldest pretty much the smae type of plot happens; he runs, he escapes, he lets someone die (wait, I actually may have made that up…)Eldest (Inheritance, #2)

The Plot
IT WAS SO BORING… AND SLOW… The only reason why I read it was because I forced myself to… and because someone mistakenly recommended it to me… The plot is very repetitive and I think I actually might have fallen asleep while reading it… (I have only ever done that with one other time; when I was revising for a test!)

The Characters
Eragon was so annoying, he just left his home without a second thought and left his uncle to die without saying goodbye. He was also really stupid; who walks into a capital city where everyone hates him…
Brom was the crazy old man who taught him. He also dies. It was funny and I was glad that he died, because he annoyed me.
Saphire was the dragon, she was actually quite cool, but she is in the cons section because she decided that Eragon and Brom were worth staying with; which was a mistake, because they are idiots…

The deaths
I’m not sure whether the deaths were supposed to make me sad; because they didn’t. In some cases they actually made me happy; one less annoying character to deal with.

The Length
It was too long. I got bored. Even the first sentences were boring. You can tell because the sentences that I am writing are really slow.

It was good considering it was written by a 15 year old, I could never write a book that long, lol, I couldn’t even write a book that is a few pages long…

Favourite Quotes
There are none… actually maybe…

  • Brom blindly turned his eyes to the ceiling. “And now,”me murmured, “For the greatest adventure of all….” (btw, this is the sentence that Brom dies!)

Overall I think this book sucks. Being generous, I would say that it is a 1 shuriken star (My apologies to any fans). The plot was just too slow and it wasn’t gripping at all… So my recommendation to you, is to not read the book…