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BZRK- Michael Grant

BZRKThis book is confusing… But it is still a good book! Any book written by Michael Grant is a good book!!! Michael Grant is also the author of the AMAZING Gone series –> See link for the first book :
So back to the review! BZRK is the start of a new series called the BZRK Series (creative right?). The second book is going to come out hopefully on February 23rd, next year (2013), according to goodreads anyway… So… As I said… This book is very confusing. You have to really read into it and absorb every detail if you want to have a chance of understanding it. I didn’t understand it. 😀

It is set in the near future, where the world has better technology, but it isn’t that different from how it is now… The main evil people (sorry… I know there is a better term for it… that begins with “P”… but I don’t know how to spell it… :D) are the Armstrong twins; They are so creepy… They are joined together, but that’s not what makes them creepy… It’s just that they are so evil… but at the same time not so evil… Because they actually believe that they are doing the right and humane thing…; to enslave everyone… and join them all together by the mind… Another thing that is creepy… is how I actually agree with them in some ways… damn… I’m writing too much for the summary… I’ll explore their character more later! Well… because the twins want to enslave everyone… there must be someone, or some people to save mankind! <– BZRK!!! Both sides fight with their robot things… which invade the mind and turn people crazy and mental…

It’s too confusing!!!
There were just so many characters… and so many different robot things… and by that… I mean two different types of robot things… and one isn’t even a robot… note. If you are going to read this: Nanobots are used by the Armstrong company, and they are robots controlled by people by controls, Biots are used by BZRK, who are against the Armstrong Company, and they are controlled by the mind!!! I only got that about half way through the book… I thought that the characters, although each one of them were AMAZING!, but I just felt that there were just too many of them, so we never properly understood them or got to know them… (but that may just be my opinion!).

The Characters!
All of the characters are AMAZING and UNIQUE in their own way! And by unique, sometimes I mean literally: e.g. the Armstrong twins! (joined together, in the brain, and about half their bodies!)
The Armstrong Twins: There were the PERFECT villain! There were the type of villain, whose character was developed perfectly, I could actually imagine them as a real character! They weren’t the type of annoying villain that has all bad and no good…, I could actually see the good points about them; they thought that they were doing the right thing!, and I found that I actually agreed with their philosophy and I felt really sorry for them because everyone considered them the “enemy”… 😦
The two poets!: Sadie was just AMAZING! She was just so smart… but also quite annoying because she was so smart… and Noah was just so cool! I loved him from the moment he almost got his leg sawed off!
The BugMan and Vincent: They are the one of the best two enemies I have ever met! Actually, they are more like nemesises (plural of nemesis?)!  They were just so funny!, and it really put a different view on the book!

hm… That is the only real pro that I actually have to talk about… the other good points are to minor to be worth my effort… 😀 but don’t get me wrong… THIS BOOK IS STILL AMAZING!

Favourite Quotes

  • “We think of it as a body. A singular thing. Skin over organs and bones, but all of it ours. Human.” She shook her head slowly, dark brown eyes glowing. “We are not all human. We are closer to being an ecosystem. Like the rainforest. We are the home to thousands of life-forms. They live in us and on us. Like jaguars and frogs in the rain forest. In the human ecosystem there are viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites.”
  • “Rule number one: no one accidentally shoots me. I will resent it.”
  • “Doctors can all go to hell; nurses go straight to heaven.”
  • “She felt the heat, like someone had opened a pizza oven inches from her face. And set off a hand grenade amid the cheese and pepperoni. “

Overall this book is good!, partly because the author is AWESOME! To get straight to the point, I would say that it would be 4 shuriken stars. I would definitely recommend reading this book! (along with the Gone series- also by Michael Grant!)