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Breathe- Sarah Crossan

Breathe (Breathe, #1)I picked up this book thinking: “This book is about trees and what would happen if they were all gone. I’m a tree hugger. I should love this book and hopefully it will go onto my top “ten” list.”
But of course, what was I expecting? When I get my hopes up for something I usually plummet down, especially if I begin to over think about it.

All the trees are destroyed. ;(
Let us have a moment to remember all the dead trees.

So, all the trees are dead. So how are we going to breathe?! The government sets up a building called the Pod, and only those who are extremely useful, or extremely lucky are able to get into it and survive, the rest kinda just dig themselves a hole and die.

Our story follow the two people called Bea and Quinn. They live within the Pod, Quinn is a Premium and Bea is an Auxilliary. The premiums are basically the rich and posh people.

One day Quinn takes Bea outside the Pod on a camping trip (they have to take air tanks), but as they are going out they meet this girl called Alina who belongs to a rebel group, who asks for their help. So of course, Quinn being the type of guy who falls in love with every girl he meets, decides to help her.

After some pages, they all eventually get out. And the rest of the story is about how they meet the rebel group then get kicked out then try to find it again.

I hate writing bad reviews, so over this Cons section I’m just going to write short sentences to get it over with quickly.

The Writing
It was all too fast. I never thought I would say that. I love fast books, but I guess this one was just too much about the plot, and not enough about the characters or their world. To put it bluntly, so I can move on; I didn’t like the writing.

The Character Development
Nada. Meaning nothing (I just like the word). I mean, I guess there was some, but it all seemed a little forced, as in Crossan only did it for the sake of it, rather than doing it because she wanted them to change and act from their experiences. Like when Quinn suddenly “falls in love with Bea”…

The Characters
I think I had a problem with all of them… But to save me getting all depressed from writing a bad review, I’ll just do a few.
Alina; I think she was slightly better than the others, but I still found her annoying, especially with the Abel “dying ” thing, and that “mystery” that surrounded him; I mean, it was quite obvious that he was probably a spy… but she still doesn’t believe it because she’s in “love” with him…
Quinn; As I said before he’s the type of idiot to fall in love with any pretty girl he meets. It’s just so shallow… and stupid… and but making him the main character, it’s in a way encouraging  this in the world
Bea; Quinn effectively kills her parents, and because she’s so “blinded with love” refuses to see it. How can she seriously love a shallow dumb ass more than her parents?
Petra; I respected her. She loved trees. But in the end she was stupid.

I’m a tree hugger. Of course I’m going to have a section on this.
They are just so important and just so amazing and I love them so much. Without them 90% of us would die, and the other 10% would live in a Pod where the government would plan to imprison us there for the rest of our lives. And by the time we realised their importance, it will be too late… ;( and if we don’t die of oxygen levels, we’ll die from global warming and climate change.

The Plot
It was the main thing that kept me reading. It was good. 🙂

Favourite Quotes

  • “Outside they unearth conspiracy on a breathtaking scale” It’s a pun! Get it?!
  • “All the millions and millions of stars remind me, too, how small and fragile I am. And unimportant, really. If this branch were to creak and moan and break under my weight, and I were to plummet to the ground, the stars in the sky would continue to decorate the world. And even if the last tree disappears from our planet, the stars will still be up there. Flickering their goodnights”
  • “In another world I think we would have been friends, son”

I like it. I did not love it. I wish I did love it. I love trees. But I don’t Love this book. I only like it. You may love it. You may not.

If you like books that are all about the plot and not about the characters, you may love it.

3 Shuriken Stars. Would be 5, if the writing was better and would be 2, if I was not a tree hugger.

Clockwork Prince – Cassandra Clare

I would do a review on Clockwork Angel, but I’ve got to be honest. I read that last year, I can’t remember much, but just to start this review off, here’s a mini review. A meview, if you like (actually, no, don’t call it that. That’s a terrible name).

Clockwork Angel
Plot – good
Characters – Exactly like the Mortal Instrument characters, but more annoying.
Writing style – Old timey, but ok.
Overall – 3 Shuriken Stars.

So those were my initial thoughts going into this book. And what did I think?

Eh, it was pretty good. Definitely better than the first one, but still not amazing.

So, let’s summarise this thing, and if you don’t understand what the hell I’m talking about, then oh well. You should probably read the first book.

So, Benedict Lightwood is being annoying as always, and because of him Charlotte has to go find out all this evil stuff that I can’t really remember, otherwise she’ll lose the institute. And then the whole Will-Tessa-Jem love triangle (which let’s be honest. In the first book was WillxTessa and Jem being nice), being all complicated and annoying. But in a good way. Plus, we find out Will’s secret and a bunch of other stuff I also can’t remember. Wow, this isn’t starting out to be a great review, is it?

I don’t really know how to…. Urgh. I don’t know how to do the cons, because Cassandra Clare has me really torn. Ok, let’s see what we can do.

How do I…

OK, let’s put it this way. What I hated about the first book was that the characters were so alike the characters from the Mortal Instruments. Please tell me you saw this too. Because:

Will = Jace (yes, I know their related. That still gives her no excuse to make them exactly the same person. Not with the same backstory and stuff, but with the exact same humour and personality and getting the girl and being amazingly beautiful like an angel…)

Tessa = Clary (Except Tessa likes books. Clary likes drawing. And Tessa talks all ‘Olde English’ and seems more intelligent in my eyes. All her choices seem so much smarter and logical.)

Jem = Alek, but less gay, and more annoying. I’m sorry if you like Jem, I don’t really. I find the way he likes Tessa really annoying, though it’s probably just  me being heartless and cynical. Sorry.

Jessamine = Isabelle, but again more annoying. Whereas Isabelle was likeable, Jessamine is just downright snobby and annoying.

But you know what, I think Cassandra Clare kind of improved on this in this book. Kinda. I found them slightly more different to their original characters. I liked Jessamine more. I liked Jem less. I loved Will for a few chapters, found him really angsty and annoying in others, even though I now understand why. Wait a second, this really doesn’t sound like a Con anymore, does it. But it’s certainly not a Pro. Oh, whatever, let’s just keep it here.

Oh yeah, I have a legitimate Con now. Charlotte and Henry’s conversation at the end.


It was so cheesy. And I mean really cheesy. The book was really good, I felt, then suddenly that conversation with bland dialogue and it’s cheesiness. I don’t know why it annoyed me so much, but it really did. Especially when Cassandra Clare could have done it so much better. She’s a great writer, and I was so surprised at that part.


Plot = pretty good.

Character developement = pretty good.

Amount Magnus Bane was in the book (he’s one of my favourite parts of the Infernal Devices series) = pretty good.

Dialogue = Awesome. But that’s one of the things I love about Cassandra Clare. Her dialogue is always funny and sarcastic and awesome.

Also, that ending. Oh, geez. That ending.


You know the end, did anyone else want to punch Jem in the face? I mean, I understand what he’s going through and so on, but right at the moment, I wanted to hit him. So bad. You know, the bit after Will’s proclaimed his love for Tessa and he knows that they can’t be together because of Jem and he’s basically like:

Jem: I know why you put your life on the line to save Tessa and risked dying and got all that stuff in your back and made it a bloody mess just for this girl.
Will: you do? 😀
Will: Oh… Yeah… Totally… 😦
Jem: Parabatai HIGH FIVE!

(That may have been slightly out of context and exxagerated, but that was basically the point. Jem ripped out Will’s hope and threw it on the floor, and Will just had to smile and nod.)



  • “Ah,” said a voice from the doorway, “having your annual ‘everyone thinks Will is a lunatic’ meeting, are you?
    “It’s biannual,” said Jem. “And no, this is not that meeting.”
  • “Reparations,” said Jem very suddenly, setting down the pen he was holding.
    Will looked at him in puzzlement. “Is this a game? We just blurt out whatever word comes next to mind? In that case mine is ‘genuphobia’. It means an unreasonable fear of knees.”
    “What’s the word for a perfectly reasonable fear of annoying idiots?” inquired Jessamine.”
  • “If you do not help me,” Tessa said to Jem, “I swear, I will change into you, and I will lift him myself. And then everyone here will see what you look like in a dress.” She fixed him with a look. “Do you understand?”
  • “Oh, leave it,” said Jem, kicking Will, not without affection, lightly on the ankle.
    “She’s annexed my plan!”
    “Will,” Tessa said firmly. “Do you care more about the plan being enacted or about getting credit for it?”
    Will pointed a finger at her.
    “That,” he said. “The second one.”
  •  “Patriotic?” Will looked smug. “I’ll tell you what’s patriotic,” he said. “In honor of my birthplace, I’ve the dragon of Wales tattooed on my—”

3 1/2 shuriken stars. Read it if you want to. Don’t read it if you don’t. Also, if you have read it, tell me if I’m the only one who is worried and torn about Cassandra Clare making this a 12 book series. Because she seems to be dragging this out so much. But maybe it’ll be awesome. But maybe it’ll be unnecessary and boring. I might do a post on my thoughts on this. I might not. Who knows.

Eragon/ Eldest- Chirstopher Paolini

Eragon (Inheritance, #1)I strongly dislike this book, however I must say that it was quite good, considering it was written when the author was around 15. I’m writing this review as two books, because I read Eragon, then I decided to give Eldest a chance (because I’m just that nice :D), but I gave up on it, and skim read the last 100 pages… ;). I just found the plot boring and the pace too slow, it could be worse than Twilight (I’m really sorry; fans of Twilight and Eragon)

This weird guy finds a dragon egg and idiotically decides to raise it. Then he decides to run off with an old man, because he is a creep. By the way, this is about half way into Eragon, and pretty much nothing has happened. There isn’t much that happens in this book, so I’m just going to ruin some major plot spoilers; they aren’t very good… He meets this physco fairy, who I think he falls in love with, then he walks into the capital city where everybody hates him. (Great plot so far… all I learnt when I was reading it was that he is AN IDIOT). He then runs off into a dwarf city, leaving the old guy to die. In Eldest pretty much the smae type of plot happens; he runs, he escapes, he lets someone die (wait, I actually may have made that up…)Eldest (Inheritance, #2)

The Plot
IT WAS SO BORING… AND SLOW… The only reason why I read it was because I forced myself to… and because someone mistakenly recommended it to me… The plot is very repetitive and I think I actually might have fallen asleep while reading it… (I have only ever done that with one other time; when I was revising for a test!)

The Characters
Eragon was so annoying, he just left his home without a second thought and left his uncle to die without saying goodbye. He was also really stupid; who walks into a capital city where everyone hates him…
Brom was the crazy old man who taught him. He also dies. It was funny and I was glad that he died, because he annoyed me.
Saphire was the dragon, she was actually quite cool, but she is in the cons section because she decided that Eragon and Brom were worth staying with; which was a mistake, because they are idiots…

The deaths
I’m not sure whether the deaths were supposed to make me sad; because they didn’t. In some cases they actually made me happy; one less annoying character to deal with.

The Length
It was too long. I got bored. Even the first sentences were boring. You can tell because the sentences that I am writing are really slow.

It was good considering it was written by a 15 year old, I could never write a book that long, lol, I couldn’t even write a book that is a few pages long…

Favourite Quotes
There are none… actually maybe…

  • Brom blindly turned his eyes to the ceiling. “And now,”me murmured, “For the greatest adventure of all….” (btw, this is the sentence that Brom dies!)

Overall I think this book sucks. Being generous, I would say that it is a 1 shuriken star (My apologies to any fans). The plot was just too slow and it wasn’t gripping at all… So my recommendation to you, is to not read the book…

Wicked Lovely – Melissa Marr

(Just ruining some major “plot twists”. Don’t worry, they aren’t very good twists.)

So, I’d been told that Wicked Lovely was good. Not by any of my friends, but by the internet. It got 3.74 stars on goodreads, which is around the same amount that Everlost by Neal Shusterman got, So I thought “Hey, this might be interesting.”

And to be honest…

Well. You’re about to find out.

Aislinn (which is apparently pronounced Ashling, but I just kept saying Eileen in my head, because the spelling was really annoying me) can see faeries (yes, that is how it is spelled in the book.). Except faeries are really annoying in this book. She gets stalked by this really handsome faery called Keenan – who thinks she is the summer queen – and has a crush on her best friend, Seth. And basically, she has to save summer.

Cons (this may take a while)

So, when I started reading the book, I thought “Man, she sounds like a Mary-Sue”. I had two reasons for this:
1. Her name.
2. Her appearance (The whole black hair, blue eyes, stunningly pretty combination which everybody seems to love. If it’s not that, it’s the bright red hair, green eyes combo that is also insanely popular with Mary-Sues.)
But I thought I was being too mean on her. Maybe the author would make Aislinn 3-dimensional and I would like her. I thought the exact same thing about Ariana in Unwind when they mentioned her purple eyes. Turns out I was wrong by a long shot there.
But I was wrong about Aislinn. I mean, she wasn’t a Mary Sue, that would be too harsh, but she was just, meh.
She really doesn’t have any personality above the stereotypical YA female (which basically means nothing). There is nothing that defines her at all to be different. I know nothing about her to make her original or a strong character. She didn’t make me hate her, but that’s because she had no personality. Whatsoever. Actually, you know what, she’s worse than the stereotypical YA female. Because you don’t know any of her likes/dislikes. At least with some of them you get the really annoying “Oh, I’m the best artist/runner/singer in my class and everyone has to stop and watch me and look at how amazing I am”. Aislinn only has her crazy faeries. Without them, she’s like a cardboard cut out of a person. Then again, maybe that was the point? If it was, then it wasn’t shown at all.

So Keenan has a personality. But that’s not a good thing, not for his case, anyway.
All I could keep thinking was how much of a creep this guy is. HE IS SO CREEPY. Now, because of him, if something or someone is so creepy that I can’t find enough ways to express it, I call it Keenan. Yup, his name is now the new definition of creepy to me.
And I would understand if I was supposed to feel this way, but apparently I was the only one who felt like this. Apparently I’m supposed to LIKE Keenan. When I was on the internet, everyone said how much they wanted him as their boyfriend or how hot he was. But he is such a creeper. Like when he drugged Aislinn with fairy poison stuff to make her turn into a faery, where she could either:

1. Become Summer Queen and have to marry Keenan and be forced to fall in love with him and sleep with him.
2. Become the faery equivalent of a prostitute and be forced to sleep with Keenan when he got bored.
3. Become like Donia and basically be painfully tortured for all eternity.

And I’m supposed to like this guy?!?!?!
(And, that he dated Aislinn’s mum! How messed up is that? And his thing with Donia at the end. And his way of trying to distract Seth so he could go and drug Aislinn and force her to turn into a faery.)

Seth has no personality. He is not realistic at all. He is just THERE for Aislinn to gawk over, and fall in love with. He’s the third, unneeded point of the love triangle. And apparently he’s really rich even though he never works.

The Conclusion
Worst. Ending. Ever.
That’s probably an exaggeration, but it really felt like that. It was the most easy ending there could ever be, and it felt like a cop-out. Everything just happened to end PERFECTLY for everyone. How convenient. How perfect. It was so annoying. And the truth is, I saw it coming. Because the entire book was so predictable. (apart from the whole bit about Keenan dating her mum)

Keenan and Aislinn’s Mum
What. The. Hell.
I mean, at first it seems like a good twist. But then it has no use at all. At all. Melissa Marr never brings it up again. Why would you bring up this massive twist which does nothing for the story. Why? It had so much potential… That’s the thing that bugs me… It could have pulled this story an entire star higher. But no. No relevance at all.


The Idea
I liked the idea. It was a good idea. If only Melissa Marr had expanded on her idea so that it was more about the faeries than it was about this stupid love triangle with a very annoying ending. The whole thing about faeries being evil and no one being able to see them was really cool, and I think it could have made a really good book if there had been better characters, a better plot, the writing style hadn’t been so hard to understand (I never understood any of her descriptions. So, are the wolves wolves or faeries? Are they both? Do they have, like, wolf heads or something?) then it could have been a 3 star. But nope. It just wasn’t meant to be. I would have been a lot more interested if the whole book was juts about the faeries, maybe about their politics or about them teasing humans. Anything.

The Love Triangle
This is the smallest Pro ever. The love triangle was slightly different. The girl didn’t fall in love with the creepy faery dude. She fell in love with the normal dude who had loads of money instead. I guess that makes it kinda different from all the twilight copycats and so on. I don’t know if that counts as a pro, but it’s not a con. So I guess it is.

Aislinn Noticed that Keenan was strange
She notices that he’s being creepy. Well done, Aislinn, well done. Way better than a lot of YA girl characters (I’m looking at you, twilight). That’s not saying much, but I guess it’s a small victory.

The Cover

The cover was really pretty. Not really one that would make me want to instantly pick it up and read it, but it’s still pretty. The whole frozen flower thing makes nice artwork.

Quotes (not a very quotable book, so let’s just put the times where Aislinn notices Keenan being creepy)

  • “Keenan was staring at her, too intently for comfort. “I don’t know why certain people shine for others. I don’t know why you and not someone else.” He gently pulled her forward and whispered, “But it’s you I think of when I wake each morning. It’s your face in my dreams.”
    Aislinn swallowed. That would seem odd even if he were normal. And he wasn’t. What he was-unfotunately-was completely serious.”
  • “After a steadying breath, Aislinn turned to Keenan. “I’m sure you can figure out lunch without help. So, umm, go make friends or whatever.”
    And she walked away.
    He sped up to stay beside her as they entered the cafeteria. “May I join you?”
    He stepped in front of her. “Please?”
    “No.” She dropped her bag into a chair next to Rianne’s things. Ignoring him-and the stares they were attracting-she opened her bag.
    He hadn’t moved.
    With a shaky gesture, she pointed. “The line’s over there.”
    He looked at the throng slowly progressing to the vats of food. “Can I get you something?”
    “A little space?”


So, how many stars? I’m kinda torn. I think 1 1/2 shuriken stars. Melissa Marr had a good idea, she just never used it to it’s potential. I wish she’d developed it more. I would only recommend it to you guys who hail supernatural twilight rip-offs as the most amazing books on existence. You’ll love this, then. For the rest of you, who are more for the character development and amazing plot, steer clear of this one. You won’t like it, I guarantee that. I don’t. I tried reading the next book, “Ink Exchange”, and failed. Miserably. It was exactly the same as the last one, I don’t know what I was expecting…

Delirium – Lauren Oliver

So, I heard this book was amazing. And I also heard this book sucked. So I went into it open minded, and I hope with an unbiased opinion.


So Lena lives in a society where love is seen as a disease, so the society choose who you marry, how many kids you have, etc. If you fall in love, you’ll probably end up dead. And then Lena falls in love. And that’s about it.

Seriously, that’s really all that happens (I won’t ruin the ending of the book, which is probably the best part of the book).


It was just so… boring.
So Lena meets Alex, they fall in love. Hana starts going off to parties. She tries to escape with Alex. Big ending. Done.
NOTHING HAPPENS. I am not the type of person who doesn’t have to have constant moving action, but it has to be interesting. The dialogue was boring, but that could have been heightened by a good plot. The plot was boring, but that could have been good with witty banter and interesting characters. Instead, everything was so bland.

They have hardly any personality
They really don’t. None of them have any standout qualities that make me interested in them. They’re just all.. flat. So boring. So underdeveloped. (Not as bad as Aislinn from Wicked Lovely, but no Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars).  Lena liked to run (which is a really common thing with all YA girls for some reason. Lena, Amy from across the universe, other Lena from City of Ember…) Maybe it’s to show the girls are sporty without being all aggressive and screaming, and tackling each other to the ground.
Alex was boring as well.
Hana was less boring than the other two, but still not much personality there. She, at least, was kinda interesting, but not enough.

There was no conflict
When Lena fell in love with Alex, Hana wasn’t annoyed.
When Lena met her to-be husband, he was ugly and mean that she didn’t like him over Alex.
There was so much potential for fights and conflict and everything, and there just… wasn’t.  There was no real argument anywhere. I wish Lena had argued with Alex at least once (which I don’t think she did…), but no. They’re just a perfect couple, which is really hard to believe.

 Why did Alex fall in Love with Lena over Hana?
He said it was because she used to jump around and be filled with joy, but Hana did that as well. It was a group thing. So why was he only interested in Lena, when Hana is obviously prettier and has a personality. I’d understand if he knew them both better and was like “Yeah, I like Lena more because I know her and prefer her personality (or lack of personality)”, but he barely knew them and immediately went to flirting with Lena. Maybe she was just closer. I guess we’ll never know.


I absolutely love the writing in this book.
The first line of the second chapter (the first one is introducing the whole love-is-a-disease) thing:

“The smell of oranges has always reminded me of funerals.”

That’s awesome writing. I love that.

The part when they find Lena’s mum’s room
Geez. That was awesome. And so creepy. At first I’d thought she’d clawed the words with her nails, not the dagger. But just imagining that was so creepy. The room. The words everywhere. I love that. The entire image of the scene would be great in a movie or something. Except the word was love, not like KILL or BLOOD or DIE ANGELS DIE. Which is like Love is the most disgusting thing you could ever write. I just loved it (no sorta half-pun intended). But the whole thing about carving the “O” into a hole. That’s a lot of carving, and it takes far too much effort to try to work out how exactly that would work.

The Idea
How awesome is that idea? The whole love is a disease thing is really interesting, though I feel that Lauren Oliver could have taken it further. There is a lot more potential stuff to write about it. That’s me being really picky, though.

The End
Well that was interesting. And sudden. And exciting. I really shouldn’t have liked the ending, but I did. And now the second book will be really predictable. Either Lena will be a shrivelling, crying pathetic flower of a girl (which I doubt), or a bold, fighting type who is crying on the inside (a lot more likely). And then we’ll just have to wait for the third point of the love triangle which will almost definitely appear. They always do.


  • “Sometimes I feel like if you just watch things, just sit still and let the world exist in front of you-sometimes I swear that just for a second time freezes and the world pauses in its tilt. Just for a second. And if you somehow found a way to live in that second, then you would live forever.”
  • “I said, I prefer the ocean when it’s gray. Or not really gray. A pale, in-between color. It reminds me of waiting for something good to happen.”
  • “My stomach gets that hollowed-out feeling. It’s amazing how words can do that, just shred your insides apart.”

I’d say 3 shuriken stars. It was good, just not as good as I hoped. Too bland, too stereotypical, not enough happening. But I still do love her writing style. She just makes the words flow. I would recommend it, just don’t expect too much. It’s good, but not great. But only go for it if you enjoy romance and can pass over certain annoying clichés and no conflict. Apart from the ending. Man the ending was awesome.