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BookTube-A-Thon 2014 Wrap-Up

So I completed like over half of the challenges.

Sort of.

So I think I’m going to say I was successful in this thing.

1. The Curse of the Wendigo by Rick Yancey
This completes the ‘A book with red on the cover’ & ‘A book from the genre you’ve read the least this year’ challenges, as it’s blatantly red and horror fiction. Oh my god, was it gory. Far more than the first, which was a surprise that I should have expected. I mainly read this for Will Henry, also known as one of the best sidekicks ever. This kid is getting good character development.

2. A Pale View of Hills by Kazuo Ishiguro
This fulfills no quotas, but it was short and interesting (and super creepy) so I read it and enjoyed it. I had to do a little double-take at the end. Seriously, that ending. What.

3. The Avengers Prequel: Fury’s Big Week by a whole bunch of people
While it definitely counts for ‘A book with pictures’, I’m also the including ‘A book-to-movie adaptation’ challenge, even if it’s not technically true. And I watched it two years ago, not during the book-tube-a-thon. But details, details, I’m counting it.

4. The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan
It was short and cute and really clever, so it was perfect for this booktube-a-thon thing.

5. Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson
This is me starting a series, thereby half doing a challenge, but I didn’t have the next two books (which I will soon hunt down) so I didn’t finish it. But it was so damn good that I then went on to read…

6. The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson
Which was also amazing. I was then going to go on and read The Way of Kings while I was on this Sanderson kick, but I saw how long it was and got intimidated. Over 1000 pages. Yikes.

7. Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder
I had nearly finished this book before the booktube-a-thon, so I decided to read it to fulfill the ‘read seven books’ challenge. Honestly, I didn’t like it very much, especially after reading two really fabulous fantasy novels.

I also read about one third of ‘if nobody speaks of remarkable things’ by Jon McGregor,  but I was lazy so I didn’t finish it. And I read about fifty pages of Birdsong, which was inbetween this whole fantasy thing I was doing near the end of the week, and I realised that this wasn’t the genre I wanted to be reading.

If I calculate my page count (Which really isn’t very high because I’d started a lot of these books beforehand) is about: 1750 pages.

So I completed most of the challenges, and I read a book a day, and I’m really happy with that. This was surprisingly fun.

I would recommend that you guys try this when it rolls around again, because it gives a real sense of achievement when you can tick off a challenge, and if you watch the youtube videos along with it, there’s a very nice sense of community.

Yeah, I’ll have to do this again next year.

Q & A (Slumdog Millionaire) – Vikas Swarup

Q & ABefore I start reviewing this properly I would just like to say that I am calling this a “half-review” because I only read around “half” of it :O.

I know.

I am ashamed of myself.

Only kidding.

While there are some people in this world who would yell out and look down on me for leaving a book unfinished, I really don’t give a damn. Unless it’s a good book and I didn’t have time to finish it because it was from the library.

But anyway, I just don’t really see the point of forcing yourself to read a bad book, its like you are eating a plate full of, lets say peas, and then while you are eating it you discover that the taste is peculiar and then when you inspect it further you realize that the peas are moldy- you wouldn’t then just carry on eating!

It is nothing like the movie. The main/ only similarity is the “Who want to be a millionaire” aspect of it and the “slumdog”. The rest is just different- from what I have read anyway. But because I never finished this book I’m just going to take the summary from goodreads because I would feel like I was deceiving you.

Vikas Swarup’s spectacular debut novel opens in a jail cell in Mumbai, India, where Ram Mohammad Thomas is being held after correctly answering all twelve questions on India’s biggest quiz show, Who Will Win a Billion? It is hard to believe that a poor orphan who has never read a newspaper or gone to school could win such a contest. But through a series of exhilarating tales Ram explains to his lawyer how episodes in his life gave him the answer to each question.
Ram takes us on an amazing review of his own history – from the day he was found as a baby in the clothes donation box of a Delhi church to his employment by a faded Bollywood star to his adventure with a security-crazed Australian army colonel to his career as an overly creative tour guide at the Taj Mahal.
Vikas Swarup’s Q & A is a beguiling blend of high comedy, drama, and romance that reveals how we know what we know – not just about trivia, but about life itself. Cutting across humanity in all its squalor and glory,Vikas Swarup presents a kaleidoscopic vision of the struggle between good and evil – and what happens when one boy has no other choice in life but to survive

The main character
I just didn’t connect with him. I really didn’t like him- he just annoyed me.

The writing styleSlumdog Millionaire
It seemed childish and just poorly written. I felt as if it were just dictating what was going on rather then actually showing or telling me the story. It seemed just emotionless and flat. However having said that I did like the way that he set out the story- how Thomas’ story isn’t told in order and how they did it per question. But that just added more to the disappointment because it had so much potential.

There was just too many things that happened that would be too coincidental to have actually happened. Like how his best friend loved that actor dude and just so happened to meet him in some poor district’s movie place- because really what is the chance of a famous, rich actor going to slum districts to watch his own movies. And also going along the same scene. How stupid really is his friend?! A creepy, weird, strange “old man” joins the movie in the middle and out of the basically empty theatre decides to sit next to him. If anything like that happened to me I would be out and running before the creepy guy had a freaking chance to do anything.

Too many issues were crammed into this one book
Religion. Child abuse. Murder. Theft. Homophobia. Corruption. Torture. Bullying. Violence. Prostitution. Pedophilia.

The movie was good!

Favourite Quotes (NB these are just some of the quotes that I found on the internet which I liked because to be honest I don’t really remember reading any of them)

  • “Love doesn’t happen in an instant. It creeps up on you and then it turns your life upside down. It colors your waking moments, and fills your dreams. You begin to walk on air and see life in brilliant new shades. But it also brings with it a sweet agony, a delicious torture”
  • “The one conclusion I have reached is that whiskey is a great leveler. You might be a hotshot advertising executive or a lowly foundry worker, but if you cannot hold your drink, you are just a drunkard”
  • “That dreams have power only over your own mind. But with money you can have power over the minds of others”

So now I am faced with a dilemma. I loved the movie and out of loyalty for it I really want to give this book a good rating. But then on the other hand I basically hated the book because it was nothing like the movie. I think overall though as a “professional” *inset string of laughter and coughing here* book reviewer I am going to have to judge this book on itself only and not let other factors such as how awesome the movie was to influence me. So here it is. Drum roll please. . . . . . 1 shuriken star. 😦

Like all book review though this is my opinion and there are probably some people in this world who would love it and if you can cope with my list of cons as I could not- you may as well give the book a chance 🙂


So as the year comes to an end, let’s reflect upon the best books that we’ve read this year!
But instead of just listing them and commenting about their awesomeness, lets have a little fun, and play a guessing game!
Has anyone heard of Ditloids?
Stuff like 360 D in a C, which stands for 360 Degrees in a Circle? (maths nerd right here)
So lets play this Ditloid game in book form, with our books that have been released in 2012!

F S o G
NO. WE HAVE NOT READ THIS. It just seemed like an easy one to get started with!

M o A
The Greek and Roman Gods battle each other as their children also battle each other. 🙂images

T F i o S
This one is easy, because everyone refers to it as this anyway, even the author. Hint hint, it’s about cancer, and is also known to tear people’s hearts out with all the feelings it produces.

I see this could be a little unfair, as it is a one word book. I’ll give the syllables too!
What is there to say about it? It’s amazing! And it’s about taking teenagers apart… 😛 If you still haven’t got it, I’ll give you a hint, the book before it was UnWind.

images (1)

F & B
I LOVE ZOMBIES. Especially when the zombies aren’t the bad guys.

One letter. Let’s try the syllable thing again.
It’s a sequel, and is a dystopia with fighting and stuff. Also, there are factions.

Sequel about love with pretty writing style but a predictable plot line. Also a dystopia, also with a kind of love triangle (one of the points is kind of dead but not really dead, and no not in the mystical supernatural being way). I didn’t like this book much, why is it here?

Cinderella is a robot. It’s awesome.

Skulduggery_in_AustraliaT K o t W
7th in the series about  skeleton detective and Ireland and awesomeness and it’s located in the kids section at your book store.

Hint: I was so SCARED. (Nope, not really). It had stuff about overcoming PHOBIAS. It made me want to vomit. Someone clawed out his veins then tried to eat them. Sorry. Not quite the things you would want to be reading on the last day of 2012.

I don’t know why this is on the list, it shouldn’t be on the list. This is supposed to be a list of good books, this book isn’t good. The long title is “N: T F M R A”. It’s got kids with wings and an unnecessary love triangle.


T H (movie)
The book actually came out years and years ago, but since the movie was so good, I thought I mention it here! It’s got short people and adventures and dragons!

I think this is actually really unfair. You already have the answer! So I guess, you’ll be scoring at least one!

C o L S
Why is this on here? I said books I loved. Also easy, but who cares. It’s basically Love Actually with the amount of couples there are. Also, killing demons and stuff.

It’s not the hobbit.
It’s by a guy with a really cool surname; Fukuda! It’s also about vampires who DON’T sparkle!

T 3rd W
I couldn’t resist putting this one on, I love this series! Even though it could possibly be aimed at younger people… 😦


The Host Teaser Trailer and Pictures


To be honest, guys, the trailer isn’t that interesting. Though, since they’ve only be filming for about a month it’s not going to be particularly exciting. Wanda narrates about the invasion and random pictures of people pop onto the screen, all with glowing eyes. Then Melanie/Wanda’s face slowly comes into view with glowing eyes, and the HOST can be seen, with the O showing the same glow as before.

And there isn’t any footage, but I wasn’t expecting any. I was surprised that there even was a trailer.

So, it’s cool. And I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie.


Some pictures have been published showing scenes from the movie.I really do like all the actors they’ve got for this. To be honest, I only really know Saoirse Ronan, who is an awesome actress, as I haven’t been following this as much as I obsessively did for the hunger games. But all of the cast will hopefully be great, and Jared looks perfect in the shots.I really hope they make this good for two reasons. One, because the twilight series have made a bunch of pretty bad movies. I really don’t like them. I found it so hard to get through watching twilight. Maybe it’s because the storyline was so… meh. And everything was so…. meh in the acting, and the entire pace of the movie. It made a good book, but a movie? Nah. And I really want Stephenie Meyer’s reputation to go up as an author. Just because the twilight movies weren’t particularly good (in my opinion), doesn’t mean the Host has to be so meh as well.

So, yeah. That’s my update about the Host. This movie is coming out March 29th 2013. So hopefully I’ll have more news for you soon, but for now, bye!!!!