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Allegiant- Veronica Roth

You know all those jokes about divergent and insurgent and how funny it would be if the third book was called detergent.
I kind of wish it was called detergent. It would have been quite funny.
So I was a little disappointed when the actual title came out and it wasn’t detergent.
It was foreshadowing the rest of the book I guess.

Allegiant (Divergent, #3)From goodreads

The faction-based society that Tris Prior once believed in is shattered—fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and betrayal. So when offered a chance to explore the world past the limits she’s known, Tris is ready. Perhaps beyond the fence, she and Tobias will find a simple new life together, free from complicated lies, tangled loyalties, and painful memories.

But Tris’s new reality is even more alarming than the one she left behind. Old discoveries are quickly rendered meaningless. Explosive new truths change the hearts of those she loves. And once again, Tris must battle to comprehend the complexities of human nature—and of herself—while facing impossible choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice, and love.

Told from a riveting dual perspective, Allegiant, by #1 New York Times best-selling author Veronica Roth, brings the Divergent series to a powerful conclusion while revealing the secrets of the dystopian world that has captivated millions of readers in Divergent and Insurgent.

For someone who’s supposed to be strong and buff and stuff he’s surprisingly weak.

Spoiler alert.
He was almost willing to forget his girlfriend and who actually does that? It was just a little pointless how in the trilogy he was always made out to be some strong guy who was always there for everyone, but as soon as one person isn’t there for him he almost chooses the easy option and forget everything that happened. It just ruins the entire character, and undermines his love for Tris

For some reason I just found her really annoying. She just seemed too perfect and she was that type of girl in class who whenever they get anything right over you spends the next year gloating.

Tobias and Tris’ relationship
It seems like when they’re together they either fight or make out, it doesn’t make it that interesting for the reader and sticking their tongues down each others throats isn’t something that I like to imagine and picture when reading a book…

Death serum (spoiler alert)
This is just something that I don’t really understand.
Why are the divergent immune to the death serum? This is supposedly set in the future, so wouldn’t the death serum just be poisonous gas or something? And if the divergent, who have “healed genes” are supposedly immune, does that mean we would be? Because I’m not willing to bet my life that I’ll survive after being exposed to poisonous gas.

Allegiant (Divergent, #3)The twist about the outside world
It came out of nowhere. I would have never predicted it.

It takes guts to make an ending like that
Not much I can really say here without giving away some major spoilers.

It’s a little scary and makes you think, what if someone erased my memory- I would never know- it could have happened at anytime- from 30 seconds ago to a few years ago but I would never know, and never be able to know.

Favourite quotes

  • “I suppose a fire that burns that bright is not meant to last”
  • “I wonder if fears ever really go away, or if they just lose their power over us”
  • “Knowledge is power. Power to do evil…or power to do good. Power itself is not evil. So knowledge itself is not evil”
  • “But when I do feel all the strength go out of me, and I fall to my knees beside the table and I think I cry, then, or at least I want to, and everything inside me screams for just one more kiss, one more word, one more glance, one more”
  • “I didn’t know that idiocy caused people to just start spontaneously bleeding from the nose”
  • “Yeah, sometimes life really sucks,” she says. “But you know what I’m holding on for?”
    I raise my eyebrows.
    She raises hers, too, mimicking me.
    “The moments that don’t suck,” she says. “The trick is to notice them when they come around.”

I loved the first book. I loved the cover of the second book and the plot, partly. Looking back and editing my review, I’m not sure what I actually really liked about this book. In my mind all I seem to remember are the negative aspects. Originally I was going to give this book four stars, but I think I’m going to bump it down because I seem to be in a harsh mood today. So two stars. I mainly read this book because I wanted to finish the series and to see where it would go and I expect that’s also why most people would read it. However that’s exactly how I would recommend this book- just as a end to a series, not really for the thrill or the excitement of a book.

Unravelling- Elizabeth Noris

An awesome title. A cool-ish cover  (minus the human face) What could go wrong?


There’s this countdown going on and its going to be the end of the world. Or Janelle’s world for that matter because there are other worlds- parallel worlds just like ours but of course at the same time different. And then Janelle almost dies from getting hit by this truck that literally came out of nowhere: and the only reason why she survives is because this strange kid at school, Ben, puts a hand on her and mends the broken bones and mushed up skin. So then as the story progresses we realise that this Ben guy is actually from another planet and he’s all twisted into the plot about the countdown to the end of the world.

Unravelling (Unravelling, #1)Cons

Main Character
I think Noris tried too hard to make her into the badass strong female lead that it just seemed flat. By the end, or even the middle of the book I was just so sick of Janelle

I’ll admit there were some sweet parts to their romance, but for me anyway it seemed too fast. I get it from Ben’s perspective- he’s loved her since they were a kid because she was the one who saved him from drowning. However I don’t get it from Janelle’s perspective. I get that Ben also saved her but she hasn’t been craving him since they were kids. It seems fake and flat and I wasn’t at all convinced that she suddenly feel totally in love with this guy. And speaking of not totally in love with the guy, what about Nick? The only reason why she was with him was that he was attractive, and then as soon as she dumps him she runs off with Ben.

It was stupid and so there will probably be spoilers to follow in this paragraph.
It seems as if the author really hated Janelle and seemed to just throw everything she could to make for an “entertaining” story for her readers. So of course it begins to get unrealistic when almost all the people she loves is dead. So her dad dies and she’s just “I’m just going to move on now” but in reality shouldn’t it be harder or take at least longer to move on? And the same for her BEST FRIEND. He freaking died. And moments later she is making out with this guy that she has only really properly known for a few weeks. How crappy a person is she?

So when her dad dies she’s all sad because well.. he’s dead. But then the writer goes on to say how in the house she is now going to be finding all his hidden Christmas presents that he buys early and then hides. At that point my heart was melting for Janelle even though she pissed me off as a character so bad.
But then, near the end of the book, the house decides to blow itself up.
I just don’t understand what Noris is trying to do.
She makes me really sad when she talks about the christmas present thing, but then she just decides to blow the house up, taking all my pity with it.
It just seemed to me anyway a little pointless.

From goodreads:

Four months after Ben disappeared through the portal to his home universe, Janelle believes she’ll never see him again. Her world is still devastated, but life is finally starting to resume some kind of normalcy. Until Interverse Agent Taylor Barclay shows up. Somebody from an alternate universe is running a human trafficking ring, kidnapping people and selling them on different Earths—and Ben is the prime suspect. Now his family has been imprisoned and will be executed if Ben doesn’t turn himself over within five days.

And when Janelle learns that someone she cares about—someone from her own world—has become one of the missing, she knows that she has to help Barclay, regardless of the danger. Now Janelle has five days to track down the real culprit. Five days to locate the missing people before they’re lost forever. Five days to reunite with the boy who stole her heart. But as the clues begin to add up, Janelle realizes that she’s in way over her head—and that she may not have known Ben as well as she thought. Can she uncover the truth before everyone she cares about is killed?

Seriously? What is the likelihood of that happening? They’ve already been to the end of the world and now her boyfriend is a suspect in human trafficking?


The concept if the book was good. I liked how in the end it became aliens and other universes and all that stuff and the mystery and her dad and all the stuff to do with the plot.

Fast Pace
Although I found many problems while reading the book I still managed to finish and to be honest I did actually finish quite quickly. It was an easy read as long as you ignored how annoying the girl was 😛

The World
It was an amazing concept, partly because how creepy would it be if it were real. Those are the kind of books with the best potential.

No love triangle!
Congratulations. There were characters who could have been introduced to a love triangle but they weren’t which was good!

Favourite Quotes

  • “So your perfect proposal, what would it be?” Ben asks. “Seriously?”… “I don’t know. It would just be the two of us, and I guess I’d want him to say something honest, not overly romantic, not something that would make a great story to tell his friends. I’d just want him to lean over…” As I say it, I lean slightly toward Ben, close enough that I can feel the warmth of his body radiating into the empty space between us, and drop the volume of my voice. “… and say ‘Janelle Tenner, fucking marry me.”
  • “Life is a fragile thing. Apparently the whole world is fragile too”
  • “Humans have precious few instincts, but that’s because we don’t listen to them. We let logic and knowledge get in the way. My dad always said that when instincts are at war with something society has taught you, listen to your instincts first and ask questions later”

So when I first read this I thought it was okay partly because I had high expectations for this and you know when that happens you tend to ignore the bad stuff that you’re reading? Well.. ignore the bad stuff until you snap and think “screw these high expectations I hate this book”. But anyway I read this book a while ago and I’ve been somehow putting off this review for a while now and now looking back on it I realised my original 3 shuriken star rating was too kind. So shock horror I’m dropping it now down to 2 stars– parly due to my bad mood and also partly to do with the book not leaving a good lasting impression

Ink – Amanda Sun

A huge thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin for providing us a copy of this book!

WARNING: There are some minor spoilers in this review. You have been warned. HUZZAH.

You know that saying, don’t judge a book by this cover? Well I’ll admit it, I wanted to read this book because of the cover. But really, can you blame me? This cover is gorgeous! I mean look at that beauty!

So things were looking good for Ink. That is, until the romance appeared.


Katie is the new girl at high school. She meets the mysterious yet beautiful Tomohiro. He turns out to have supernatural powers. They fall in love.



Does that summary remind you of anything? Say, I don’t know… every bad paranormal romance to exist ever?  Stripping away the Japanese element and the supernatural power in question; we have your boring, high school romance where nothing happens except our oblivious main character obsessing over some random jerk she just met. And the first half of the book, with the odd supernatural occurrence, was just Katie thinking about Tomohiro. And then talking to Tomohiro. And then staring at Tomohiro. And then thinking about him some more. And it got boring very quickly.

The Relationship

The only time I actually felt that they had some sort of romantic connection was near the end of the book, at which point it read like a school crush. Except we are supposed to believe, by this point, that these characters are so in love with each other that they would die for one another. Their relationship moved unbelievably fast.

The Characters

Katie felt very bland, as her whole personality seemed to consist of being in love with Tomohiro, which left no space for us to see anything else about her. And none of her other relationships seemed real because of it. Unfortunately, the minor characters had barely any screen time with Tomohiro taking up all of Katie’s thoughts. However, I will say that Katie, at least, had some common sense, which is more than I can say for most of those lead female characters out there.

And Tomohiro was creepy as hell. Sure he was certainly a lot nicer than most of the guys in paranormal fiction (*cough* Patch Cipriano *cough*), but the one attempted rape scene certainly changed my opinion about him. I know it was an act, and I know he didn’t mean it, and I know he was doing it for Katie’s good, but holy waffles did it make me uncomfortable. I mean, was he not the slightest bit worried about how Katie would feel afterwards, almost being violated by someone she thought she could trust? I didn’t get any inclination that he felt uncomfortable trying to rape her. And I didn’t understand why he could have just told Katie, straight up, that he was too dangerous to be around. Nope, his first resort was sexual assault. Creepy.

The minor characters really were lacking in personality. Jun was flirtatious. Yuki gossiped a lot. Tanaka… was there. Diane was sweet. There was a very obvious lack of subplots in this book, which would have helped greatly to make them more developed characters, however we know almost nothing about them and therefore they were mere cardboard cutouts of people.

The Writing Style

It was, honestly, nothing special. A lot of clichés used. Someone would say something, and Katie would tell us what they meant, even though we knew what they were talking about each time. It felt as though each fact was being repeated two or three times for us just in case we missed it, which felt unnecessary to say the least. However, the writing did flow nicely and the book was very easy to read, so I’m not trying to say that the writing was bad at all. It was good. It just could have been a lot better.

Jumping to Conclusions

Katie sees her drawings moving on the page, and then sees Tomohiro standing near her. She assumes that he is causing the drawings to move.

That seems like a pretty big conclusion to jump to for a girl who does not believe in the supernatural and barely knows this guy who she suspects to be making her drawings murder weapons.


The Setting and Paranormalcy

It’s nice to see a writer set something in a different country, and obviously know what she’s talking about. I don’t know much about Japan (apart from what I’ve learned from anime) but her facts did seem very accurate and the culture was fascinating to read about. And it did help me learn some more Japanese, which is always a bonus. And the supernatural element? Awesome. Drawings coming to attack you and cutting you yet having no control over it – a brilliant concept but also a nice new take on the old myths. My favourite parts were probably the gruesome yet beautiful images of the ink: pooling out of canvases and people; mixing with blood and to the ground, then suddenly disappearing in the next second.

The Humour

It was very sparse, but when it was there, it did make me smile. It wasn’t forced, like a lot of humour in books tends to be. And if there had been more of it, it would have made an even more enjoyable read and developed Katie’s character a lot further.


  • “My heart was glass–easy to see through, simple to break.”
  • “They tell you you’ll forget how it used to be. You’ll get used to it, that it’s better to move on. They don’t realize you can’t. You’re not the same person anymore.”


A brilliant concept yet it was ruined by the unnecessary romance, and the bland characters. However, it was an enjoyable read and the setting and supernatural elements really enhanced the experience. 2 1/2 shuriken stars. Read it if you want a new, good, paranormal romance, or are looking for something quick and easy to read. Or if, like me, you’re a sucker for gorgeous covers.

172 Hours on the Moon- Johan Harstad

172 Hours on the MoonI don’t remember the last time I read a book that scared me so much that I had dreams/ nightmares (sorry, can’t really tell them apart; some of the dreams that I dream involve dying, and getting eaten by evil monsters, etc… but I enjoy them!) about them.
For example I read this book about almost a week ago, and it’s only now that I decided that I am forcing myself to type up the review.
It literally scared the heebie-jeebies out of me. (I love that word)
For days as soon as it became dark I drew my curtains to block out the moon.
It didn’t help that once I finished the book and walked out of my room it was just pitch black, and I kept hearing noises- like you do when you’re at home alone.

But hey ho, I can’t deal with horror and suspense movies.
Yeah, it was probably the suspense that scared me more than the actual plot, because I’ve read loads of books with plots similar-ish to this.

I need to stop blabbering

3 “Lucky” teenagers go to the moon because of some secret NASA plot to “get funding” and “a top secret plot”.
Mia: goes unwillingly (her parents signed her up) to try to give her band fame and glory
Midori: wants to escape from Japan, her home country (I don’t really think the moon was her idea though…)
Antoine: wants to get as far away from his girlfriend as possible- partly to make her want him more, you know, reverse psychology etc.
Then they all end up on the moon. Except it is not what they expected. They can’t trust anyone. And it is so fricking terrifying.

Spoiler to follow
There are aliens on the moon, as you’ve probably guessed. But these aren’t real aliens in the way that we imagine them. They’re just pure evil and take the shape of the humans who arrived then take their place… So you never really know who’s an alien…

It’s also a good thing. But to me, seriously .. bad nights sleeping with exams right around the corner… Not really my cup of tea. Not that I drink tea. Anyway back to the point… the suspense kept me up both reading and hiding under my bedcovers, but I guess that’s my own fault for being scared of ink and paper.

The corridor outside my room
After I finished reading this book, I went out of my room and it was pitch black. I was terrified. There could be anything hiding round the corner, my doppelganger.

It’s one of those books that you need to read more than once to properly understand what happens
But I was too freaked out to reread it.

The Cover172 Hours on the Moon
It’s just really pretty… I love the eye and the moon on the eye and stuff… But this wasn’t the copy that I had- I had the one here rather than the one at the top. I guess I also like this one, but it just kinda scares me 😛 I do wonder who the girl is though- probably Mia, but its a probably.

Not the typical moon story
But a typical outer-space story, apart from the ending.

I love space stories- space as in the universe, not as in like there is no space on the floor of my room because it is covered in junk.

Unexpected ending (spoilers to follow)
So yeah I actually read this spoiler on one of the reviews on Goodreads, but I basically just dismissed it, thinking that they author would never do that because I’ve never seen it done before…
Everyone. Dies.
Not just the people who go to the moon.
I’m not going to say any more to keep some of the mystery of what happens

Favourite Quotes

  • “Her reflection did not disappear.”
  • “It’s the trip of a lifetime. If they made it back alive”

It was wonderfully written because I think it is written to scare, and well, if it isn’t… then it shouldn’t be a cup of tea. I personally would give it 2.5 stars, but that’s definitely biased, because 1. it’s my opinion. and 2. IT SCARED ME SO MUCH. So if it didn’t freak me out loads it would probably be 4.

Pandemonium – Lauren Oliver

Tadah! It’s sequel time!

If you haven’t read Delirium (the first book), you should probably do that before reading this review. There will be tons of spoilers in this review, btw, because… well…

It’s hard to talk about the book without giving away spoilers because it’s:

1. Really predictable. I mean, even I guessed the twists.

2. A really simple plot. Trying to summarise the plot without spoilers would be so short.

But let’s try it anyway.

Spoiler Free Summary:

Lena goes to the Wilds and meets some random people, including Raven who is cool and stuff. Then she goes undercover as part of the rebellion against the government, and meets Julian, the son of the… Mayor? I can’t remember. It’s been a while.

If you don’t want any more spoilers you should probably skip to the Overall at the end, just to find out the rating.


Lena falls in love with Julian. Yep, it’s another love triangle (even if one point is presumably dead). Then they get kidnapped by some evil people, and fall really really in love, Julian decides he doesn’t want to get cured, and yay it’s all happy again. Until…. DUN DUN DUN! Alex is alive, and walks in on Lena and Julian making out. Also there’s some stuff about Lena’s mother and yeah.


The Name

It didn’t help that I read this after Beautiful Darkness. (Well, 100 or so pages of Beautiful Darkness before I had to return it to the Library. Life is busy, it leaves hardly any time for books.) So every time I read “Lena” I couldn’t help thinking of Beautiful Creatures. People really like to call their characters Lena/Lina in books. Lena in Delirium, Lena in Beautiful Creatures, Lina in Between Shades of Gray, Lina in City of Ember… There are probably more.

The Plot

Was SO predictable. I knew what was going to happen at every single point. Nothing ever surprised me, not even the big “twist” at the end.

The Characters

Have no personality. I thought about this, trying to find a defining trait for Lena, or any trait at all, but seriously. She is so bland. I guess I didn’t notice because her descriptions are pretty and stuff, but when it comes down to it, she has no personality. Neither does Julian. I think I remember Alex having a personality, but I’m not too sure. He definitely has more of one than Julian.

The Romance

Yes, it was kind of sweet, a lot better than hush, hush, but was more like insta-love than anything else. They fell in love in like… a week? Two? Something ridiculous like that, even Lena was still really hung up over her last boyfriend DYING. You know, the “love of her life” GETTING SHOT. But no, she just falls for this other random guy with no personality.

Character Development

I hope they explain how Lena knows how to fight and how to shoot a gun. It was cool to see her become stronger, but it came out of nowhere. I don’t remember Raven ever giving her lessons on how to use a handgun.

Julian’s Eyes

Julian’s eyes are described like water, they reflect the colours they see. I’ve never met anyone who’s eyes are like that, but I guess it might be possible. But at some point his eyes are described as blue, gold and purple, all at the same time. What. No. Eyes don’t come in that colour. Just, no.


The Writing Style

Is still gorgeous. Lauren Oliver has beautiful imagery in her descriptions. I feel like sometimes the action can be very bland in comparison, but she really has a skill for description. Though the time spent on description really does slow down the book a lot. The majority of it seems like description.

No Book Flinging

I realised that I put a lot in the Cons, but I did not hate the book. On the contrary, it was pretty good. It was just so “meh” that I don’t know what else to say. This entire book screams “meh”. Well no, that’s kind of an oxymoron. It sighs “meh”, I guess.


  • “Grief is like sinking, like being buried. I am in water the tawny color of kicked-up dirt. Every breath is full of choking. There is nothing to hold on to, no sides, no way to claw myself up. There is nothing to do but let go.
    Let go. Feel the weight all around you, feel the squeezing of your lungs, the slow, low pressure. Let yourself go deeper. There is nothing but bottom. There is nothing but the taste of metal, and the echoes of old things, and the days that look like darkness.”
  • “In approved places, every story serves a purpose. But forbidden books are so much more. Some of them are webs; you can feel your way along their threads, but just barely, into strange and dark corners. Some of them are balloons bobbing up through the sky: totally self-contained, and unreachable, but beautiful to watch.
    And some of them- the best ones- are doors.”


I seriously don’t know how to rate this. On one hand, the writing style is so beautiful. On the other, the plot was predictable, and the characters were boring. It feels far too harsh to rate it the same has Nevermore.

3 shuriken stars. Or maybe 2 1/2 shuriken stars. You choose.

Nevermore – James Patterson

Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure (Maximum Ride, #8)I really don’t know how to feel about this.

Well, actually, I do, I just don’t know how to say it.

BTW, this review is going to contain miles and miles of spoilers, because I have to.


Oh look, a bunch of terrorists, oh no. Let’s completely forget about them so they barely appear in the plot again. Let’s go to school for no apparent reason. Oh Nudge wants to be normal, but let’s never mention it again and have it never resolved. Let’s get rid of Fang’s Gang because we don’t need them any more and never mention them again. Fang is back in the flock, because of the voice and stuff, who is actually Angel, well, duh, that has no major gaping plot holes… The Voice speaks to everyone, but the instructions are kind of pointless. Dylan and Max are in love. Nope, Max and Fang are in love. Oh yeah, Ari has appeared as well and Maya is now dead, sucks to be her, but who cares.. Let’s all escape to this paradise place with random other mutants that are never mentioned again. Fang is gonna die? LOL JKS, just kidding, he’s not, even though he’s special and stuff it’s not like that matters. And oh no, we’ve run out of plot. Let’s throw in this massive explosion which incinerates the world except no one actually knows whether it does or not. Max is dead? Lol just kidding. Let’s just end it there.


I’m starting with Pros, because otherwise this review is going to get really negative really fast.

Developing Dylan

I actually felt half-bad for the kid this time. Being in love with Max, at some points, actually seemed more like a curse to him, because he didn’t ask for being in love with her, he just was. Though he did try to kill Fang, and he had that massive freak out, and the love triangle never really got resolved because I was pretty sure he was still in love with Max at the end since they didn’t say anything about it. NO I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE NEGATIVE HERE GEEZ IT’S JUST ALL OVERFLOWING OUT OF ME.

I did find it interesting, however, the different reactions they had to Max’s rejection. Fang (even though his wasn’t a proper rejection) just left and formed his own gang to continue his goal, just away from Max. Whereas Dylan had a total freak out and started ripping stuff up like Godzilla and going all crazy, and trying to kill Max’s love-of-her-life.




Fax is an actual word. Mylan sounds like a really gross type of disease with pus and boils and gross stuff. Just saying.

Angel was sort of likeable

I do mean sort of, though. Whereas she was so annoying in some of the other books, FANG especially, I actually liked her in this one. And her scenes were always really creepy. The white coats really are scary.


Were all still good, because you know, they are.

That one scene with Iggy going blind

This is probably only because I really love Iggy as a character, but I thought that scene was really chilling. When they showed the clip, I thought it was just a random kid they were experimenting on, but then it turns out to be Iggy and you know what’s happening to him and what’s going to happen and it’s horrible. And the fact that they left him conscious while they did it, and he could feel it all. And not once, in the entire series, does he describe the surgery. Of course he does complain about being blind, but a lot of the time it’s just jokes, and he doesn’t mope around all the time because he’s lost his sight and everyone else hasn’t. He just accepts it. I think I remember one book where he almost left, but he didn’t and that’s what I find important.


I wish there were less of these.

The Plot

Look at that summary. And you’ll understand.

Love triangle, but we have to save the world what do we do, bam explosion. End.

Fang’s Gang

So much stuff was just thrown in and forgotten about. For one thing, “Angel” by James Patterson didn’t even need to happen, because the only thing that was established in Angel that I actually cared about was Fang’s Gang and how awesome they were. Except they were gotten rid of in the first few chapters and not mentioned again, which was really annoying. I loved all the new characters so much, especially Holden,who was so awesome. Especially now that most of the Flock has been completely forgotten and pushed to the background except Max, Dylan and Angel, who are actually my least favourite out of all of them. Iggy is probably my favourite character, followed closely by Fang.

Fang’s Gang were one of the things I was looking forward to. But then Star and Kate betray Fang for Jeb, and Maya dies, so he’s all made and stuff. And then suddenly Fang’s  like, “sorry guys but I actually hated being in this gang ok bye”, and just LEAVES them.

And they are never mentioned again. Ever.


At least mention why Star and Kate even mentioned Jeb, or what happened to Holden and Ratchet. Maya’s dead, so there’s really nothing we can do about her. In my mind, or hope at least, Star and Kate stayed together and stayed with Jeb, then realised he was a douche and left. They met up with Holden and Ratchet who had stuck together, since they both had no home or place to stay, they formed a gang. Because none of them really had any family left to go back to.

But you know why it’s in my mind and not on paper? BECAUSE YOU NEVER FIND OUT. And I would be fine with that if this wasn’t the last book, because there would be a chance that they would be mentioned again or at least explained. BUT NO. IT’S THE FINAL BOOK. IT’S EVEN CALLED “Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Adventure”. Which was too long winded for me to put as the title for this review.

Just introduce us to characters in one book, and then realise, Lol nope I don’t need them let’s just get rid of them and hope no one notices. Though this is a recurring theme in the Maximum Ride books. I haven’t read the others in a long time, but there were so many characters that just disappeared. Omega, what happened to that kid? I liked him, I thought he had potential to be a main character. Like he could have easily had Dylan’s position as the third point of the love triangle and I wouldn’t have hated it as much. All those kids from the sewers. All the disposable, and interchangeable villains from all the books. Brigid thingy. Or is she dead? I can’t even remember, but her and Fang had that thing going on. Dr G-H (I have no idea how to spell his name, and I’m too lazy to attempt it). That girl that could heal herself in Africa. The global warming people who worked with Max’s Mum.

All these characters might have some sort of definitive ending that I can’t remember, but that’s just it. They are so irrelevant and fleeting and numerous that it all seems so pointless.


Her death. Didn’t make me feel anything. I’m one of those rare people who actually likes Maya, because I feel bad for her, having to live in the shadow of Max and try so hard to differentiate herself from her, and feeling like everyone loves Max a lot more than her, and she’s like a second, worse version of her that no one gives a damn about.

But I didn’t care when she died. I was actually happy. Because then this stupid love square (four people – four points of the love triangle – not a triangle anymore) would be less complicated. What I was hoping to happen was Dylan just fall in love with Maya and then this whole problem would have been solved.

Fang’s significance about him being special and stuff

This does absolutely nothing to the plot. Fang’s immortal blood and stuff? Eh. He doesn’t get kidnapped or tested or chased especially just because he’s got this really good DNA.

The only thing that does happen relating to this is that the guys that he hitchhiked with recognised him and threw him off a cliff. Except they could ahve just recognised him because he’s famous and stuff for having wings.

Which reminds me. WTH why are Max and co showing their wings at school. It’s like a big “HEY WORLD LOOK WE GO TO THIS PLACE PLEASE COME AND TRY TO ATTACK US” sign. I know they’re not subtle and stuff, but geez. And why did they even go to school anyway?

The Terrorists were pointless.

Seriously. They weren’t even a plot device. Nothing of significance actually happened with them. They never fought Max and the others (unless that was the ending point, which, if it was, I totally did not get), and they were barely mentioned. They were not a threat. They were just a background thing that no one cared about.

The Ending

For the last book in a series. IT SUCKED. It wasn’t an ending. It was like the Snow White and the Huntsman ending. ALL THE QUESTIONS WERE LEFT WIDE OPEN AND ENOUGH TO MAKE A GAZILLION SEQUELS.

Sorry, I’m getting frustrated. Back to the point.

There were so many questions left. WTH happened to the world? What’s going to happen to all the bird kids? It felt like the mid book in a series. Not only because of the ending, but the fact that there was NO EPIC FIGHT OR WHATEVER. Maximum Ride did not go out with a bang, it went out with a sizzle. Not even sizzle. It’ was left glowing, then someone was like, Oh i have to end it, and just pinched it out.

I’m sorry. I hate getting annoyed at books and wanting to slam them and cuss and swear loads because they are so frustrating, because I know writing a book takes a lot of effort and stuff, but urgh.

Wait, the last chapter was the fan written one right? It was a really good ending chapter especially that last line, just not a good build up for it. I’m not bashing the writer. I just didn’t like how the entire series was solved. It really feels like a spin off series is coming. Maybe that’s for the manga which I still need to read.

Also. Seriously? Get a fan to write the last chapter of your bestselling (is it bestselling? I think it’s bestselling) series. WHAT? Sometimes I really feel like JP doesn’t actually care about Maximum Ride anymore. He probably does, it’s just the impression I get.


Why does he even exist? I mean seriously. Why? He has like two lines in the entire story. And for most of it he stays at home or with Akila and he basically has nothing to offer to the plot at all.


This isn’t really a complaint, I just felt there wasn’t as much funny as there usually is. Maybe it’s getting really serious and stuff because of the love triangle and end of the world thing, but I was hoping for more sarcastic remarks and stuff. Maybe I’ve been reading too much Skulduggery Pleasant.


Angel is blind? Nope. It was like “OMG SHE’S BLIND. NO WAIT. JUST KIDDING.” Not only would add more evilness to the scientists, and make way more sense than her just hallucinating, but it would make more plot with her trying to deal with what Iggy’s had to deal with for most of his life. And then there could be more bonding and stuff between the characters.

I’ve already mentioned the Fang thing.

Oh, the Voice one. Didn’t seem very plausible. For one thing, didn’t the voice talk to all of them while Angel was still in that room with the damper so she couldn’t go into people’s minds? I haven’t read the books in a while, but I swear they thought Angel was the voice before but it wasn’t possible or something. Maybe I’m wrong. But it didn’t really feel like a twist at all.

So Max was supposed to save the world…

Right. Except she didn’t. SHE DID NOTHING.

Dr Martinez takes them to this paradise place and then the world blows up while they’re gone. It’s that random. And Max doesn’t even seem to care that everyone is dead. I was also annoyed that we didn’t find out what happened to Iggy, Nudge and Gazzy. They basically get as much screen time (reading time? book time?) as Total does. That’s right. They’re as important as the talking, flying dog. I would have love it if the entire flock were there on that cliffside, minus Dylan.

Minor Characters

Seriously. Why are they in barely any of this book? Iggy and Gazzy have seemingly melted into one character, as they go almost everywhere together and  got the same instructions from the Voice. And Nudge had one plot point, that she really really wanted to be normal. But then it was never resolved. I thought it might turn out like in X-Men: The Last Stand, which I remember liking though everyone else hated it. Though I’ve never read the comics and I wasn’t really paying attention to what was happening in the movie. But I do remember Rogue, this girl who basically can’t touch people because she kills people. She drains their powers or something, so she always has to wear gloves and I think she put her sister into a coma but I’m not sure and she can never kiss her boyfriend and so on. She went to take this antidote because she hated being a mutant, because her mutant power did suck. I thought Nudge might do something like that. Oh well. I guess we’ll never know.

The Kickassery didn’t feel very Kickass

Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. But it didn’t feel kickass at all.

The title still doesn’t make any sense

Is it because the Earth is Nevermore? Is that it? As said very well by CassJayTuck, a youtube book reviewer, she suggested that the title MAX should have been saved for the last book. I feel like that would have been a lot more epic. just MAX in massive letters across the cover, instead of all these random name titles.

So most of my problems come from this being the last book in the series.

Because it really didn’t feel resolved. In the last Harry Potter book, JK Rowling was amazing and just taking all these loose plot strings and tying them together in an awesome way. You could tell that she’d planned everything so perfectly and just came together so brilliantly, and there were epic fights, and all the characters had their shining moments and it was brilliant. That’s probably why it’s my favourite book in the series. In The Death Cure I was really worried because I didn’t think the ending was very conclusive and I wanted to know more about the Flare and Teresa and Thomas before the Maze, but then I heard about The Kill Order and everything seemed okay again.

Maybe there should be a spin off series, or something, just so JP can close all these gaping plot holes.


There is only one quote that I really want to include, and you probably know what’s coming.

  • In a way, maybe I did die in that wet grave, because it’s like I was completely reborn when I came up from that water. The air feels different to me now. I’m breathing it differently now. Like my body is a whole new machine.
    It is my time.
    The time of Maximum Ride.


So this has been a freakishly long review, but there was a lot to say. I have a lot more to say, but I can’t really remember what I was going to say, so deal with this. Unfortunately, I think I’m not going to be able to give this 3 shuriken stars. I was going to give this the same score as Wicked Lovely but I couldn’t do it for two reasons. One, I couldn’t do that to such awesome characters. Two, FAX. So here we go. 2 shuriken stars.

It reminded me of a bad glee episode. No continuity, loads of random gaping plot holes, only concentrating on the most annoying characters even though there are tons of good ones, but still kind of enjoyable. And slowly going downhill from that first episode.

Gleeks, don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me. I know gleeks can be lethal. I still like the show, but it really isn’t as good as that first season.

Ashes- Ilsa Bick

Ashes (Ashes Trilogy #1)This book is very troubling… It really bothers me… It also really frustrates me… It should be an amazing book…but it isn’t… It’s like it is written by two separate people. I can even name the part where the book splits; after the evil bouncy hunter people came, and the chapter started with “Three days later” (at least I think it is three days…). I just don’t understand why…? Anyway, thankfully this book is part of a series, as the ending was way to broad with loads of unanswered questions to be finished. The series is called the Ashes series and I think it consists of three books… the second one being called Shadows! Oh, I forgot to mention, the author is called Ilsa Bick! (just in case you forgot/ didn’t see the title!)

OK. So the plot. This electromagnetic pulse happens and it kills some people, or they survive, or they survive then die by turning into weird kinda, but not quite zombie stuff… The story follows this girl called Alex who is hiking through the mountain/ forest when the pulse happens. She is stuck with this girl called Ellie, who, in my opinion is REALLY REALLY ANNOYING… because her grand-dad died (sorry for the spoiler, but had to happen!), and then she meets Tom, who is an ex- army person. And as this is a YA novel, Tom and Alex of course fall for each other… The story is basically about them trying to find out what happened and them trying to find civilisation.

The Split
As I said, the book kinda splits in two half way through it… As in the writing style completely changes… and the characters also kinda change… SPOILER ALERT: After the split,  don’t worry, if you read the books you will know what I mean!, you don’t hear from any of the “disappeared” characters after… I literally went through the whole second half waiting for that moment when they are reunited… but IT NEVER HAPPENED….!!! I was quite disappointed… as I really liked those character and the new ones… weren’t that good. So if you do decide to read it, be prepared…

The writing style
I thought that the first half was really good! But I didn’t like the second part of it… It might be because I don’t understand it entirely… maybe it was part of the effects (or is it affects? meh…) of the monster in her brain?, But anyway, the second half of the book, the writing style completely changed… It was like that the reader suddenly became detached, and I just didn’t care as much, and I just didn’t feel as connected to the character… But meh, it might just be me!

The Split itself
By that, I mean the part where, in my opinion, everything goes wrong… The part where the bouncy hunters come, and do what they did, I didn’t really understand, I thought that it is a bit rushed, and I didn’t really understand what had actually happened until pages after… Also with the “Three days later” part, I just felt that it was a bit disappointing, and too much of an anticlimax, as everything was building up, but then it just flops…

The new characters that were introduced
THERE WAS NO NEED!!! I didn’t like what happened to the old characters… and I just didn’t understand why she just changed the characters completely… I was really happy with Alex, Tom and Ellie, although some of them were annoying at parts, they just worked together… and Ilsa Bick just didn’t had to change it… because, in my opinion, THEY JUST DIDN’T WORK TOGETHER and it was too forced…

The second half of Alex
By second half, I mean the second half of the book, what she is like… She just flops… Everything that I loved about her in the first book, just disappears… Her strength, determination, stubbornness and loyalty just disappears for some time… But at least… at the end, she finally puts it back together…

The first half
Everything worked!, I had really high hopes for this books, after reading the first few pages! The writing style was AMAZING, the characters were mostly likeable and the plot seemed good! I loved how the characters developed and how they fitted together!, It was really good!

I am afraid that, that is the only Pro… 😦

Favourite Quotes

  • “It was that stages-of-anger thing. I was shocked and then I got pissed and then I fought like hell … and then I went numb. They called it acceptance, but it wasn’t. It’s what happens when you have only two choices: live with the monster, or kill yourself”
  • “Run, she told herself. Run, you idiot, run.
    But she didn’t. She couldn’t. She just… couldn’t”
  • “Those brain-zapped kids weren’t the only – or maybe even the worst – enemy”

hm… This book is really hard to give stars to… I really want to give it 4 shuriken stars… because both halves of the story are around that standard (maybe the first half is slightly better), but when they are put together… it just doesn’t work?… It’s like taking a goldfish and putting it in melted chocolate to swim…; the end result is just a dead goldfish and chocolate which tastes fishy… IT JUST DOESN’T GO TOGETHER… (sorry about the capitals… this book just really frustrates me…) I guess I have to give it 2 and a half shuriken stars… Because although it is up to a 4 standard, in writing  (well the first half)…, fishy chocolate doesn’t taste good…