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Skulduggery Pleasant: The Dying of the Light (Cover) – Derek Landy

This is the most exciting cover reveal ever.


I don’t think I even need to say what I am feeling except HOLY WAFFLES GUYS I AM SO EXCITED.

And as the charred, dismembered skeleton head leaks smoke from the eye sockets how can you not say that this cover is the best thing to ever hit the SP series?

One more thing: If you try to contact me on the 28th August 2014, know that I will not answer, I will probably skip food and sleep to finish this book and then I will probably collapse. And it will be so worth it.

Throne of Glass III & The Raven Cycle III


I really like how they’re keeping the uk covers for this series.

And btw that cover is BADASS.

Of course I haven’t exactly read Crown of Midnight yet so I’m probably missing any continuing plot points that are evident to people who are caught up. However I will say that the outfit design is AWESOME and Celaena is looking KICKASS.


Oh my god.

Oh. My. God.


So yeah, that about covers my reaction.

The cover is GORGEOUS. I have no idea what the title refers to (though I do spot BLUE in there), and I like the change up from the three word titles that the first two had.

Who is this mysterious flowered person on the cover?

Will we ever know?

Yeah, probably.

Both of these books will be released sometime in 2014 so this year shall be filled with lots of great reading. And luckily, these book series are both longer than the usual trilogy length, so we won’t have to mourn the ending of them just yet.

The Young Elites (Cover) – Marie Lu



Ooooh, I was hoping it would be badass.

It’s very minimalist, so I don’t see much to talk about. But somehow this simple blend of the storm clouds and the rusting iron letters and ooooh look at that badass sword looks awesome.

Oh I am so so so excited for this book.

The Young Elites is coming out October 7th, this year, and it can’t come soon enough.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Last Stand of Dead Men (Back Cover) – Derek Landy

I just want to say how FREAKING AWESOME THIS IS.

I am like 80% sure that is Madame Mist, looking freaking awesome and terrifying at the same.

All those spiders are really not helping how creepy this is. Also the lack of face. And the fact that she looks like a rotting dementor who will suck out your soul with her evil spidery fangs.

And with those happy thoughts, I leave you.

Cress (Cover) – Marissa Meyer


Admittedly, I have not read Scarlet yet, however, when a cover is this pretty, you bet I’m making a post about it.

Because look at that gorgeousness.

Cress is based around Rapunzel, and I don’t know much more about it than that. I will say that the Lunar Chronicles have some of the prettiest and most-suiting covers out there. They all fit perfectly together, have a beautiful colour scheme, and perfectly portray the theme of each book.

So yes! I will read Scarlet soon, I promise, but for now you can just salivate over this absolutely beautiful cover.

The House of Hades (UK Cover) – Rick Riordan

(For the American Cover)

The second HoH news of the day!

Quite honestly, I prefer the american cover. This one, while cool, looks very… cheap. I don’t know how else to put it. The other was this lovely artwork with awesome depth and tone to the colour and equally creepy and it just looked really awesome.

However, this cover looks, quite honestly, like someone just photoshopped some random people onto a really cool picture. If it had just been the massive dude with the helmet, and then maybe made the cover a lot darker, a lot creeper, I would have liked it. Still not as much as the American cover, but I still would have liked it.

But the two people underneath with tiny swords and perfect hair and clean clothes look very out of place, and very very fake. I’m very excited, obviously, for what all this means, but I wish they’d gone more of the arty route like the American covers did. The American cover has so much more emotion and depth and fear, whereas this one looks quite posed.

So there is your HoH second piece of fun today!

The House of Hades (Cover) – Rick Riordan

After waiting half an hour for the cover to be revealed on NPR Backseat Bookclub’s Twitter, I finally find the cover. On tumblr, no less. Not an official tumblr, or a book famous tumblr, just a random tumblr with some clever guy/girl who found it.

Which means I really hope this is the official cover, otherwise this is going to be kind of embarrassing.

Well, It’s Percy and Annabeth running through hell. How fun. It’s awesome and epic and everything you’d expect from a Percy Jackson cover!

So, voila!