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The Book Combo Tag

I’m pretty sure this tag was made by this lovely person and we were tagged in it by no one. But that’s never stopped us before, and it’s not going to stop us now.

What two authors would you like to see put their writing skills together to write a book?

So immediately my mind goes to Markus Zusak and Patrick Ness because they are two of my favourite authors and I would buy that book in a heartbeat. Can you imagine it? Can you? It would be ridiculously amazing.

What is your favourite author collaboration?

I haven’t read many author collaborations, so this one might be tricky.

Okay, we’re going to half-cheat this one and say The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Volume 1 which is a collection of stories and artwork by the hitRecord community. Maybe not what the question was asking but I’d say that counts.

If you could combine two stories and make them a book of their own, which would they be? And what would the reworked title be?


Oh there are so many possibilities!

Okay, let’s go with:

The Angel Wave – The 5th Wave meets Angelfall because I read those around the same time and I remember thinking how similar they were in terms of plot and characters and character motivations and structure. Wouldn’t it be so awesome to have a story about two teenage girls trying to survive within a simultaneous alien and angel apocalypse. I think Cassie and Penryn would have a really interesting dynamic being so similar to one another and trying to remain allies while also looking for their siblings and god just make this one book already.
(If I was good at photoshop I would make some gorgeous redesigned book cover for this, but even my paint skills are pretty bad, so sorry :()

What two characters from different books do you ship?

I don’t know if I ship any characters from two different books but let’s see. Who would make a good pair…

I’m trying to think of characters that don’t have canon ships within their books, which is proving to be difficult, but maybe Reyna (from the Heroes of Olympus series) and Fletcher (from the Skulduggery Pleasant series)? That seems like a pretty stereotypical match, but we’ll go with it, because I’m bad at ships.

What two worlds from different stories would you like see come together to be one epic world?

This was my other choice for two books being combined into one:

A Darker Shade of War – A Darker Shade of Magic meets Warbreaker. I love love love the use of colours in both these stories and while I do prefer them separately, I think they kind of work together. The Grey London lacks magic, obviously, and the colourful London’s are bursting with it. Black London was so saturated with the stuff that it destroyed itself. It kind of works.

What series would you have liked to see be combined in to one book?


They could have made Delirium by Lauren Oliver one book/duology. And by that, I mean just cut the last few sentences off Pandemonium and pretty much all of Requiem and I would have been a whole lot happier with the series.

No, but seriously, maybe the Underdogs trilogy by Markus Zusak? I’m biased because I read it in a bind-up form, but the books are pretty short and I think they work well as three parts of one story.