Ten things I’d want during the Apocalypse

This has been inspired by James Dashner from The Kill Order where he does his own list.

So first, lets determine what type of Apocalypse it is.

Since this is me being me, and I am a tree hugger- exactly how I started my English oral in year 8 (I am a tree hugger and I am proud to be one), so anyway, this Apocalypse is going to be about the sea levels rising and drowning and killing everyone because the ice from the ice caps have melted.

Side note: How is “hugger” not a word?! It’s underlined in red and is really annoying me… 😦

So without further ado, my top ten! (probably, maybe, maybe not in order. You can decide.)

  1. My friends and family- but not the annoying ones 😛
  2. Two lifetime worth of books- one for reading, and the other for burning to keep warm, even though it is a sin to burn books 😦 That’s why I have two copies of everything!
  3. A huge mansion in Scotland, because when all the ice caps melt, it won’t affect parts of Scotland, and because once the temperatures rise, Scotland would be perfect.
  4. A magic bag full of food of any sort. Failing that, a magic bag full of cookies.
  5. A ship. Like Noah’s ark but without the animals and the effort which went into building it.
  6. A invisibility cloak to shut me out from the evil government (sorry, idea stolen from James Dashner!)
  7. A teleporting machine, for obvious reasons
  8. A zapping machine, like in the Kill Order which disintegrates a person when shot at. But not just for people, because the shark population will rise I guess 😛
  9. SEEDS!!! For Trees!!! So I can carry on with my hugging obsession with trees!
  10. A freezing machine so I can slowly freeze the water back to snow again!

Although this is a fun top ten “review” there is a edge of seriousness behind it, as I decided on a Apocalypse that is probably going to happen 😦


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