The House of Hades (UK Cover) – Rick Riordan

(For the American Cover)

The second HoH news of the day!

Quite honestly, I prefer the american cover. This one, while cool, looks very… cheap. I don’t know how else to put it. The other was this lovely artwork with awesome depth and tone to the colour and equally creepy and it just looked really awesome.

However, this cover looks, quite honestly, like someone just photoshopped some random people onto a really cool picture. If it had just been the massive dude with the helmet, and then maybe made the cover a lot darker, a lot creeper, I would have liked it. Still not as much as the American cover, but I still would have liked it.

But the two people underneath with tiny swords and perfect hair and clean clothes look very out of place, and very very fake. I’m very excited, obviously, for what all this means, but I wish they’d gone more of the arty route like the American covers did. The American cover has so much more emotion and depth and fear, whereas this one looks quite posed.

So there is your HoH second piece of fun today!


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