Skulduggery Pleasant: Last Stand of Dead Men (Cover) – Derek Landy

I have made the cover flipping huge for your viewing pleasure.

And damn that is a long title; I think we’re just going to refer to it as SP8 from now on.

But seriously, look how flipping badass this book is going to be. The fire and possibly dead Valkyrie and rubble of the world burned to pieces.Not to mention, Skulduggery looks like he’s lowering Valkyrie down (or what if it’s the REFLECTION?), like he’s laying her down to rest, like he’s holding a freaking corpse. And somehow they managed to put emotion on a skeletal face. And that title? Are they talking about Skulduggery’s last stand? What is going on? Why is that title so freaking badass?


Eccentric, clever mad man who’s really old and has one liners; is really goofy but has this dark, hidden past with a dangerous side takes smart, young, sarcastic girl around on adventures and they save the world together.

This is going to be freaking awesome. Apocalypse and magic showdowns (and hopefully Tanith and Fletcher and China back because I missed them oh so much in the 7th book). I’m hoping this is going to be my favourite yet of the SP series.



(On a separate note, I’m begging for a Skulduggery Pleasant TV Series, with each series/season (depending on where you’re from) on the three trilogies in the book series. And I want it animated; like Rise of the Guardians style, because if you saw that movie you know what I mean by the animation being completely gorgeous. The sand. The ice. The detail. Flipping beautiful. I will settle for live action though, if they’re able to do Skulduggery without making him look like a funky CGI green screen photoshopped insert.)


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