Allegiant (UK Cover) – Veronica Roth

allegiant uk cover veronica roth

The Divergent news has been coming in fast and thick lately, with the movie and the new book all at the same time, but here’s even more.

Feast your eyes on the awesome UK cover for Allegiant (which is nearly as awesome as the US cover but not quite)

I (and Yanni) kind of wish that the girl on the front was more silhouetted just to add a more mysterious effect and leave the model more ambiguous in terms of appearance. Good choice, though, she sure looks like what the back of Tris would look like (though the clothes look so modern and take away slightly from the dystopian feel). I love the background and the colour scheme that fits really well with the other covers, and the three feathers floating down are very nice symbolism to the three birds from the beginning.

The only problem I have with the UK vs US covers is that the UK covers look like fanmade posters, whereas the US covers look more official and professional. It’s probably because the US covers are just so symbolic and clean and unique, whereas the UK covers fit very easily with the other dystopians. Not that they’re not awesome, just that the US covers stand out a lot more.

So voila, this is probably the last news you’ll have of Allegiant until the release. Sadly, the series is coming to a close, but I’m sure we’ll see more of Veronica Roth in the future. 🙂

Happy reading!


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