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The House of Hades (UK Cover) – Rick Riordan

(For the American Cover)

The second HoH news of the day!

Quite honestly, I prefer the american cover. This one, while cool, looks very… cheap. I don’t know how else to put it. The other was this lovely artwork with awesome depth and tone to the colour and equally creepy and it just looked really awesome.

However, this cover looks, quite honestly, like someone just photoshopped some random people onto a really cool picture. If it had just been the massive dude with the helmet, and then maybe made the cover a lot darker, a lot creeper, I would have liked it. Still not as much as the American cover, but I still would have liked it.

But the two people underneath with tiny swords and perfect hair and clean clothes look very out of place, and very very fake. I’m very excited, obviously, for what all this means, but I wish they’d gone more of the arty route like the American covers did. The American cover has so much more emotion and depth and fear, whereas this one looks quite posed.

So there is your HoH second piece of fun today!

The House of Hades (Cover) – Rick Riordan

After waiting half an hour for the cover to be revealed on NPR Backseat Bookclub’s Twitter, I finally find the cover. On tumblr, no less. Not an official tumblr, or a book famous tumblr, just a random tumblr with some clever guy/girl who found it.

Which means I really hope this is the official cover, otherwise this is going to be kind of embarrassing.

Well, It’s Percy and Annabeth running through hell. How fun. It’s awesome and epic and everything you’d expect from a Percy Jackson cover!

So, voila!

The Kill Order – James Dashner

The Kill Order (Maze Runner, #0.5)To be honest I was a little disappointed by the ending of the Death Cure partly due to the fact that Thomas’ best friend/ worst enemy, died and the evil annoying Brenda survived. So naturally, I was hoping that this book would explain the relationship between the two. It didn’t happen. But nonetheless it was a good book!

Spoilers to follow- but obvious spoilers.

Unlike what I thought it didn’t follow the story of Thomas and Teresa in their early years (ish.- it involves one of them for half the book). It  is set 13 years before the day that Thomas goes into the Glade and follows the story of Mark and Trina.

Wow. A lot of the main characters have T names!

So back to the story.

Trina and Mark are experiencing the world during/ after the sun flares. At first they are surviving just great! Then comes the evil people who shoot darts at people turning them dead or into what we call cranks now. So then Mark and Trina’s little gang run and get into all sorts of mess, and along the way pick up a kid who is immune (not telling who! :P) and then as you can expect they all die since we haven’t heard about them at all from the other books…

The Deaths
They were a little hurried. If I had just read them I may not have understood, but because my brother had read it before me, I knew what happened so yeah. I just thought it was a little hurried.

The last page
It included an awesome part at the back by James Dashner saying what his “Top ten things he’d want during the apocalypse”. It has The Kill Order. James Dashnerinspired me to make my own- to come probably!

Background of the background
In the book there is the background story of Mark and Trina and how they survived the apocalypse while it happened, and in the present they were coping with death and destruction. I’ve always wanted to use that in a sentence. Death and Destruction.

Action packed
As my brother put it. It was full of action as the title suggests and fast paced.

Losing your mind is scary, terrifying maybe and definitely hard to write, since people who go crazy, tend not to get better. But James Dashner did it perfectly. Each time something snapped within Mark’s head it was described so well and awesome and amazing and sad and depressing.

Character relationships
Dee Dee and Trina especially. It was adorable. Another character relationship which was adorable; Trina and Mark. They were so cute together! But I did want to know properly how they got together, because to me (I may have misread part or skipped out some by accident) at one point it was like they were just friends and then they were making out. But they were so cute!! And it tore me apart half way when Trina didn’t remember him ;(

Favorite Quotes

  • “Let’s get this started, people. It won’t be long before we all lose our minds”
  • “What would I do without you? I’d die of stress and depression before nature killed me”
  • “Mark thought that was all barking up the wrong tree. “Or they ran away from the fire. Not every person on earth is as wacky-brained as you, good sir. Most people see a huge roaring inferno coming at them? They decide to cut and run. Just saying”
  • “Though he’d never know for sure what had happened to them, his mind was super talented at imagining the absolute worst.”

Although this book wasn’t what I was really hoping for in terms of the plot, it still was amazing but depressing at the same time. 5 shuriken stars just like the other books in the series.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Last Stand of Dead Men (Cover) – Derek Landy

I have made the cover flipping huge for your viewing pleasure.

And damn that is a long title; I think we’re just going to refer to it as SP8 from now on.

But seriously, look how flipping badass this book is going to be. The fire and possibly dead Valkyrie and rubble of the world burned to pieces.Not to mention, Skulduggery looks like he’s lowering Valkyrie down (or what if it’s the REFLECTION?), like he’s laying her down to rest, like he’s holding a freaking corpse. And somehow they managed to put emotion on a skeletal face. And that title? Are they talking about Skulduggery’s last stand? What is going on? Why is that title so freaking badass?


Eccentric, clever mad man who’s really old and has one liners; is really goofy but has this dark, hidden past with a dangerous side takes smart, young, sarcastic girl around on adventures and they save the world together.

This is going to be freaking awesome. Apocalypse and magic showdowns (and hopefully Tanith and Fletcher and China back because I missed them oh so much in the 7th book). I’m hoping this is going to be my favourite yet of the SP series.



(On a separate note, I’m begging for a Skulduggery Pleasant TV Series, with each series/season (depending on where you’re from) on the three trilogies in the book series. And I want it animated; like Rise of the Guardians style, because if you saw that movie you know what I mean by the animation being completely gorgeous. The sand. The ice. The detail. Flipping beautiful. I will settle for live action though, if they’re able to do Skulduggery without making him look like a funky CGI green screen photoshopped insert.)

Unfed- Kirsty McKay

Unfed (Undead, #2)


The good news: Bobby survived her Undead school trip. Bad news: her best mate, Smitty, is missing. Bobby knows she’s got to find him even if it means risking it all and going out into the starving-zombie-infested wastelands again. Even if it means taking fellow survivors including a couple of old frenemies along for the ride. And even if the zombies are not the only ones who are chasing them this time.

It also involves a car crash, and evil people who shoot bullets at them, oh and a 22 year old who hits on 15 year olds.

Sidenote: WTH frenemies is underlined in red! Apparently it isn’t a word! Ridiculous.

The Loss of Smitty
Smitty was missing for about half the book. It depressed me a little.

There isn’t a third book on Goodreads yet…
That means it could take years to come out?! Or maybe it still hasn’t been issued or whatever it is. But but. It means it might not even be out this year, because Unfed was on Goodreads soon after Undead. It’s a disaster.

I love zombies books. I love zombies. But what I love even more is a zombie plague that is caused by carrot juice.

The TitleUndead (Undead, #1)
Undead. Unfed. They’re not only alike, the also rhyme! How awesome is that?! But it does make me wonder a little what the next book is going to be called. Unbed? Unred? Unbread? Unled? Unmed(icine)? Unsaid? Unsled? (and I didn’t totally look up that on a rhyming dictionary…)

Fast Pace
It was like a car. Vroom Vroom. If you have read the book you would get the crap reference.

Funny isn’t usually associated with zombies, but it was hilarious. Bobby was an amazing narrator and she made me crack up each page.

Favourite Quotes

  • “I’m a zom? You’re going to harvest me? You want to make me do stuff  with Smitty?”
  • “I am, essentially, a plant.”
    “Eh, Alice says, Like a tree?”
  • “‘I’m guessing they died. But who knows.’ He shivers. ‘I just hope I don’t bump into any of them out there.’
    ‘Yeah. That does suck’ says Alice. ‘Especially when they try to bite you and you have to cut their head off. Or run over them. Or burn them to crisp.'”
  • “You. Are. Sh*tting. Me.”

Well.. It’s a zombie book, so if you know me at all, 5 shuriken stars. But if you hate zombies then you are probably heartless yourself and thus probably a zombie. 😛 Oh, the irony.

Divergent (photo #2)- Veronica Roth


More Divergent news! This time of the movie though! So… It shows a picture of one of famous scenes again, but this time of her jumping off a building 🙂

Allegiant (UK Cover) – Veronica Roth

allegiant uk cover veronica roth

The Divergent news has been coming in fast and thick lately, with the movie and the new book all at the same time, but here’s even more.

Feast your eyes on the awesome UK cover for Allegiant (which is nearly as awesome as the US cover but not quite)

I (and Yanni) kind of wish that the girl on the front was more silhouetted just to add a more mysterious effect and leave the model more ambiguous in terms of appearance. Good choice, though, she sure looks like what the back of Tris would look like (though the clothes look so modern and take away slightly from the dystopian feel). I love the background and the colour scheme that fits really well with the other covers, and the three feathers floating down are very nice symbolism to the three birds from the beginning.

The only problem I have with the UK vs US covers is that the UK covers look like fanmade posters, whereas the US covers look more official and professional. It’s probably because the US covers are just so symbolic and clean and unique, whereas the UK covers fit very easily with the other dystopians. Not that they’re not awesome, just that the US covers stand out a lot more.

So voila, this is probably the last news you’ll have of Allegiant until the release. Sadly, the series is coming to a close, but I’m sure we’ll see more of Veronica Roth in the future. 🙂

Happy reading!