172 Hours on the Moon- Johan Harstad

172 Hours on the MoonI don’t remember the last time I read a book that scared me so much that I had dreams/ nightmares (sorry, can’t really tell them apart; some of the dreams that I dream involve dying, and getting eaten by evil monsters, etc… but I enjoy them!) about them.
For example I read this book about almost a week ago, and it’s only now that I decided that I am forcing myself to type up the review.
It literally scared the heebie-jeebies out of me. (I love that word)
For days as soon as it became dark I drew my curtains to block out the moon.
It didn’t help that once I finished the book and walked out of my room it was just pitch black, and I kept hearing noises- like you do when you’re at home alone.

But hey ho, I can’t deal with horror and suspense movies.
Yeah, it was probably the suspense that scared me more than the actual plot, because I’ve read loads of books with plots similar-ish to this.

I need to stop blabbering

3 “Lucky” teenagers go to the moon because of some secret NASA plot to “get funding” and “a top secret plot”.
Mia: goes unwillingly (her parents signed her up) to try to give her band fame and glory
Midori: wants to escape from Japan, her home country (I don’t really think the moon was her idea though…)
Antoine: wants to get as far away from his girlfriend as possible- partly to make her want him more, you know, reverse psychology etc.
Then they all end up on the moon. Except it is not what they expected. They can’t trust anyone. And it is so fricking terrifying.

Spoiler to follow
There are aliens on the moon, as you’ve probably guessed. But these aren’t real aliens in the way that we imagine them. They’re just pure evil and take the shape of the humans who arrived then take their place… So you never really know who’s an alien…

It’s also a good thing. But to me, seriously .. bad nights sleeping with exams right around the corner… Not really my cup of tea. Not that I drink tea. Anyway back to the point… the suspense kept me up both reading and hiding under my bedcovers, but I guess that’s my own fault for being scared of ink and paper.

The corridor outside my room
After I finished reading this book, I went out of my room and it was pitch black. I was terrified. There could be anything hiding round the corner, my doppelganger.

It’s one of those books that you need to read more than once to properly understand what happens
But I was too freaked out to reread it.

The Cover172 Hours on the Moon
It’s just really pretty… I love the eye and the moon on the eye and stuff… But this wasn’t the copy that I had- I had the one here rather than the one at the top. I guess I also like this one, but it just kinda scares me 😛 I do wonder who the girl is though- probably Mia, but its a probably.

Not the typical moon story
But a typical outer-space story, apart from the ending.

I love space stories- space as in the universe, not as in like there is no space on the floor of my room because it is covered in junk.

Unexpected ending (spoilers to follow)
So yeah I actually read this spoiler on one of the reviews on Goodreads, but I basically just dismissed it, thinking that they author would never do that because I’ve never seen it done before…
Everyone. Dies.
Not just the people who go to the moon.
I’m not going to say any more to keep some of the mystery of what happens

Favourite Quotes

  • “Her reflection did not disappear.”
  • “It’s the trip of a lifetime. If they made it back alive”

It was wonderfully written because I think it is written to scare, and well, if it isn’t… then it shouldn’t be a cup of tea. I personally would give it 2.5 stars, but that’s definitely biased, because 1. it’s my opinion. and 2. IT SCARED ME SO MUCH. So if it didn’t freak me out loads it would probably be 4.

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