World Book Day!

If you haven’t guessed from the title today’s World Book Day!!!

This means that everyone who is still in school gets a whole pound (money not getting beat up) to spend on a book or audio-book! How awesome is that?

So if you haven’t got your book token today, you should probably send your librarian an angry email or letter.

So if you haven’t checked out the website already you should! It’s got some great competitions (including some stuff about a years worth of chocolate) and there’s even a whole section just for YA!

There’s also not only one but TWO World Book Day apps! One’s a general one which makes the voucher come to life and the other’s one specially for YA.

Having just been on the YA World Book Day app I can tell you right now that it’s awesome. There are mini books for free to read on there by all sorts of great authors. I personally have just finished reading Will Hill’s The Secret History of a Teenage Vampire and I’m just about to start Patrick Ness’ mini book! They aren’t very long, but hey ho, there’s a saying isn’t there; “short and sweet”. But I’m not entirely sure that sweet applies to the vampire books as I’m pretty sure that quite a few vampires get blown up… and there’s quite a lot of blood… But then again I guess you could argue that to vampires blood is sweet?

Anyway, just wanted to say Happy World Book Day!


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