Rebel Heart- Moira Young

Hm… I was trying to think up of a snazzy way of starting this review, like with a pun or explanations or something, but I really can’t think of anything, so I guess I’ll just start it bluntly:
It was good, but not as good as the previous book: Blood Red Road

Rebel Heart (Dust Lands, #2)Summary
Saba and her brother, Lugh are going across the desert to get to this place that they think is going to be good and happy and good. But Saba starts going crazy, and I’m not just saying that, she actually does. She starts seeing all the people who she had killed and thinks that their ghosts are following her. So she goes to meet this stranger to get help and she begins to “heal” her and she does but she is “left open” at the end. Then they all go on a wild goose chase to find Jack.

I did not read Blood Red Road just before
So, me being me, I was thinking that this book is like most books and it would just go through what happened in the previous books briefly at the start so I could skim read over that.
But that didn’t happen (ooooh such a rebel 😛 starting a sentence with “but”) and so I read through the book without a clue at what was going on. It had a lot of references to the previous book. A lot. So yeah, that’s my recommendation. Read the previous book before.
Actually! I’ll give you a small summary of what happened in Blood Red Road right now!

Summary of Blood Red Road (NB this may not be very accurate)
Jack and Saba were “going out” and Jack leaves Saba to go to inform Molly that her husband, Ike is dead.
DeMalo is a bad guy who was the evil mastermind behind the king/ emperor.
Saba originally travelled to rescue her brother Lugh
Something happened to Lugh while he was captured but he won’t say
Saba used to be “The Angel of Death” because she killed loads of people in the cage
Saba killed her friend called Epona while they were escaping to save her from being tortured and killed by the enemy

Back to Cons!
The characters
None. Of. Them. Were. Likeable. 😦 (apart from Tommo! <– but he was kinda creepy…)
Saba just annoyed me because she started turning really weak like how she always  listened to Lugh “because he was the man of the house”.
Lugh really annoyed me because he was always trying to take charge even though he was just some dude. And his only justification is because “he’s a man”
Emmi: I hate people who can’t keep a promise
Jack: He was too selfish and the only reason why he wanted to meet Saba was so she could save him, but in the end he didn’t want to be saved…

Saba and DeMalo
NB spoiler in the next paragraph

WHY THE HELL WOULD SHE SLEEP WITH HIM? He was her enemy?! And what about Jack? Yeah… But still… WHY? He’s such a creep too… He had dresses for her at the exact size.

Saba and Tommo
I swear Tommo is like 5 years younger than her and especially since they’re like 14 and 19…
It just seems just a little weird to me..

He was a complete creep. But yeah. He was interesting. It was nice how the some of the characters weren’t all bad or all good.

The fast pace?
I’m struggling a little to think of Pros…
Yup. This book was fast. I managed to finish it in a day. Congratulations to me. But that was partly because I was suffering from “No books being read for over two weeks disease”

Favourite Quotes

  • All the time I’ve knowed you, Jack, you kept the door to that heart of yers locked up tight an the key hid away. Looks like she found it.
    He says nothing. Molly waits. Then:
    Keys ain’t her style, he says. She kicked the door down
  • “Burn with me. Shine with me.”
  • “Saba! I’m afeared! cries Emmi.
    If you are, you ain’t no sister of mine! I shout. Come at me agin!
    I ain’t afeared of nuthin! She yells.
    That’s more like it.”
  • “Pa? You never said. What’m I gonna be? Good or bad?
    He kisses the top of my head. Whispers in my ear, so’s only him and me can hear. You, my darlin daughter, are gonna be somethin else entirely”
  • “What happens to you changes you. Fer good or ill, yer changed ferever. There ain’t no goin back. No matter how many tears you cry.”
  • “No, you need to listen, she says. This ain’t Silverlake, an you ain’t the daddy. Out here in the real world, the person who knows what they’re doin is the daddy an right now, that’s me. So. Do like daddy says an shift that tasty butt of yers. Unless, of course, you want it shot off.”

So yeah this book was okay. I personally would give it 3 shuriken stars, but that’s because I didn’t really read the book before, so I guess it’s my own fault that I didn’t really understand what’s going on.


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