The Rising- Will Hill

The Rising (Department Nineteen, #2)I have expressed my love of this series in my review of Department 19, so naturally I got hold of this book as soon as I could (which tbh wasn’t very fast) 😦

If you haven’t got it already, it’s named The Rising because of Dracula “Rising” from the dead, and throughout the book the vampires use red spray paint graffiti writing “He Rises”, so throughout this review I’m going to pretend to be a vampire, but not the type of crazy vampire person who goes around chasing Twilight vampires asking them to bite them. I’m going to be a “cool” vampire (get it?! it’s a pun! coz you know… vampires can’t see the light?!… ah forget it…) who is going to type up a review using the words “He Rises” as much as possible…
But just to let you know, they may not be together… since I’m not that imaginative.

NB. This review may contain spoilers. Especially from the previous book. And probably this book. I just have too much excitement that I can’t contain. I’ll try to use code words… :O (but knowing me, it’s unlikely to work)

Summary (From Goodreads, to avoid spoilers)
James Bond meets Dracula in this epic saga of one boy and a ton of weapons versus the world’s oldest evil–vampires as you’ve never seen them before!

Sixteen-year-old Jamie Carpenter’s life was violently upended when he was brought into Department 19, a classified government agency of vampire hunters that was formed to deal with a little problem . . . known as Dracula.

But being the new recruit at the Department isn’t all weapons training and covert missions. Jamie’s own mother has been turned into a vampire–and now Jamie will stop at nothing to wreak revenge on her captors. Even if that means facing down Dracula himself.

The Rising is a fast, furious, can’t-turn-away thrill ride that will suck readers in just like a video game. This riveting second book in the Department Nineteen series is packed with cutting-edge gadgets, international locales, and daredevil action that tumbles ferociously across the page–perfect for fans of Darren Shan and Anthony Horowitz.

Okay. That wasn’t very helpful. Just take my word for it: The book is so much better than the blurb suggests.

It was quite long…
I have no idea why this is in the cons, but basically when I was reading it, it took me a while because I kept putting it off because it was so long, but then towards the end, the anticipation kept rising and I couldn’t stop reading it.

Character Development
At points I hated the characters, but then after 5 pages, I love them again. They’re like clouds. Sometimes they rise and sometimes they fall. (that reminds me suddenly of Chaos Walking)
My feelings are manipulated too easily.

So for some people this may be in the cons section, but I love gore in books, but in real life, I’m not so sure; if a vampire suddenly explodes in blood in front of me I’d probably get that feeling of food rising up my throat.

New Characters
aka Matt. I don’t know why, but as soon as I read about him, I suddenly connected. It’s probably because he’s a “normal” human who doesn’t rise and float in his sleep.


Staying alive
Yup. Like the song :P.
Imagine the next part in caps:
They’re alive!!!
I guessed when I was reading Department 19, because I remember their deaths being too quick to be proper. I’m so happy!
But when “Mr Smith” was brought in, I was so angry that they didn’t reunite. Now we have to wait ANOTHER WHOLE 6 MONTHS (29th August) to see them reunited… And Steward. He never told Jamie…
Then the other guy. He’s going to be known as the other guy in this review. I’m so glad he’s alive, he was my favourite character. But he still doesn’t remember ;(.

Favourite Quotes

  • “Vampires,”she replied. “Lots and lots of vampires”

4.5 Shuriken Stars. 
I think the main reason why I haven’t raised  it to 5 is because it took me so long to read.
How awesome/scary (delete as appropriate) would it be if it were real.

He Rises.


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