So as the year comes to an end, let’s reflect upon the best books that we’ve read this year!
But instead of just listing them and commenting about their awesomeness, lets have a little fun, and play a guessing game!
Has anyone heard of Ditloids?
Stuff like 360 D in a C, which stands for 360 Degrees in a Circle? (maths nerd right here)
So lets play this Ditloid game in book form, with our books that have been released in 2012!

F S o G
NO. WE HAVE NOT READ THIS. It just seemed like an easy one to get started with!

M o A
The Greek and Roman Gods battle each other as their children also battle each other. 🙂images

T F i o S
This one is easy, because everyone refers to it as this anyway, even the author. Hint hint, it’s about cancer, and is also known to tear people’s hearts out with all the feelings it produces.

I see this could be a little unfair, as it is a one word book. I’ll give the syllables too!
What is there to say about it? It’s amazing! And it’s about taking teenagers apart… 😛 If you still haven’t got it, I’ll give you a hint, the book before it was UnWind.

images (1)

F & B
I LOVE ZOMBIES. Especially when the zombies aren’t the bad guys.

One letter. Let’s try the syllable thing again.
It’s a sequel, and is a dystopia with fighting and stuff. Also, there are factions.

Sequel about love with pretty writing style but a predictable plot line. Also a dystopia, also with a kind of love triangle (one of the points is kind of dead but not really dead, and no not in the mystical supernatural being way). I didn’t like this book much, why is it here?

Cinderella is a robot. It’s awesome.

Skulduggery_in_AustraliaT K o t W
7th in the series about  skeleton detective and Ireland and awesomeness and it’s located in the kids section at your book store.

Hint: I was so SCARED. (Nope, not really). It had stuff about overcoming PHOBIAS. It made me want to vomit. Someone clawed out his veins then tried to eat them. Sorry. Not quite the things you would want to be reading on the last day of 2012.

I don’t know why this is on the list, it shouldn’t be on the list. This is supposed to be a list of good books, this book isn’t good. The long title is “N: T F M R A”. It’s got kids with wings and an unnecessary love triangle.


T H (movie)
The book actually came out years and years ago, but since the movie was so good, I thought I mention it here! It’s got short people and adventures and dragons!

I think this is actually really unfair. You already have the answer! So I guess, you’ll be scoring at least one!

C o L S
Why is this on here? I said books I loved. Also easy, but who cares. It’s basically Love Actually with the amount of couples there are. Also, killing demons and stuff.

It’s not the hobbit.
It’s by a guy with a really cool surname; Fukuda! It’s also about vampires who DON’T sparkle!

T 3rd W
I couldn’t resist putting this one on, I love this series! Even though it could possibly be aimed at younger people… 😦



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