Guardian Angel- Robert Muchamore

Guardian Angel (Aramov, #2)I’m not really sure what to make out of this book. Yeah it was good in some parts and in my opinion, better than the other series (you know the one with the twelve or something or other books?)
so anyway, To the review!
wow. did that sound like something off Thunderbirds to you?

It still follows the story of Ethan and Ryan but with some new characters introduced into the main plot such as Ning and Ethan’s evil family (minus his grandmother who is AWESOME! and his cousin).

If you are anything like me and when a new book comes out you forget everything that has happened in the previous book, here’s a quick summary of People’s Republic:
Ryan a new cherub agent is tasked with befriending Ethan Aramov who’s grandmother runs an illegal company making billions of money. So then Ryan has to try to get information out of Ethan “to bring down the Aramov business” (side note. did that sound like something off star wars to you?). Yup. A lot of pressure. So then there’s all this stuff about Ethan’s mum and best friend dying, so his family move him to their business base in a place beginning with K which I have no idea how to spell… which is where the beginning of this story starts with. There’s also a small side story about Ning. She comes from Hong Kong and is adopted and then she gets kidnapped with her step mother and escapes with the help of a guy called Dan. Oh and before she escapes she was going to be sold in the human trafficking stuff… which is also part of the Aramov business (I think…)

So Guardian Angel!
Ethan has an evil uncle who he thinks killed his mum, and he’s convinced he out to get him. And to save you guessing, he’s right. His uncle kidnaps him and locks him up in an animal cage without his grandmother knowing and he escapes and stuff. Ning is also recruited onto the team to do with the Aramov empire

I apologise for the science word, I had a science lesson today.
Without being mean, I just feel that Robert Muchamore uses the same sort of plot in each of the books, I just don’t feel as if this book is any really difference between the others. There’s always a mission, then something happens then its all good for the agent in the end. But I also might be biased because in the first few books in the Cherub series Muchamore wrote about Eco-terrorists and basically portrayed Tree Huggers in a bad light… and well… I’m a global warming activist… (But just to make it clear, I don’t approve of Eco-terrorism, it releases too much CO2 :P)

The Romance
Ryan and Grace
The only reason he decides to “go out” with her is because she looks hot and he wants to make out with someone. And he used her even though HE KNEW IT WOULDN’T WORK OUT because of their bad breakup last time (lol… she chucked spaghetti at him :P)
But seirously… this book is aimed at young/ teenage boys, and the message that it’s getting across just isn’t quite right… and I know this probably makes me sound like an old grandpa or something (trust me… I’m not), it’s just like it’s encouraging this behavior… URG…..

I liked how he developed through the book, being at first a lonely helpless boy and at the end some guy to beats people up to get his freedom. But I did feel so sorry for him at the end, and how he kept thinking that Ryan and Ning were his Guardian Angel, rather than his family’s downfall… ;(

The concept
Since we haven’t done any other CHERUB review, I thought I may as well put this into this review.
I love the concept of kids bringing down evil people. IT’S AWESOME! But “For official purposes these kids don’t exist”. Well IF they do exit, I know where I’ll be going until I’m eighteen.

Favourite Quotes

  • “Everyone here drinks themselves to death long before they’re old enough to worry about cancer”
  • “It’s bullet-proof glass, the kind you’d fit in the window of a presidential limousine. It’s designed to withstand three thousand degrees heat, or a direct hit from an artillery shell travelling at supersonic speed. Your chances of breaking it with anything on that island were nil.”
  • “it had ended with a massive row that involved flying macaroni cheese, and relations had been awkward ever since.”

On goodreads the rating for this book is 4.27 stars out of 5, which is really high… To put that into perspective The Knife of Never Letting Go only has 3.99 and Unwind has 4.23. But bearing in mind that a lot less people have read Guardian Angel. In my opinion it would be 3 shuriken stars. But it clearly has to be a good book otherwise it wouldn’t have such a high rating.


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