City of Bones – Teaser Trailer


Well there’s been a lot of movie news lately. So here’s even more.

Watch it here!


I still find it weird that the shadowhunters talk with English accents after imagining them for three years to sound american.

Jamie Campbell Bower also does not seem very Jace-y to me. No idea why not, still trying to pinpoint it. Probably because in this teaser trailer he seems more like teen-angst Jace in the last books, than sarcastic, joking Jace from the first few. You know, before it got complicated. This may be because it’s only a teaser, though.

Lily Collins, you are an awesome Clary. Thank you for being awesome.

Not much else to say apart from that. Though they were using the music from the Sunshine shoundtrack. Specifically “The Surface of the Sun”, which is a song I would never associate with shadowhunters,  but it still worked.

Now there are so many book-to-movie adaptations that I need to watch! Beautiful Creatures, The Host, City of Bones… And The Hobbit is coming out so soon!


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