Department 19- Will Hill

Department 19It has been a long time since I read a book about vampires and werewolves. To be honest, I think I was avoiding those types of books ever since Twilight came out (sorry Twilight fans). Note. I have nothing um… proper against Twilight, just the vampire element šŸ˜‰ ; Vampires are supposed to be all blood sucky, rather than “I sparkle in the sunlight instead of burning into a pile of ashes”… This book was the complete opposite of those sparkly vampires :). So thank you Mr Hill you have restored my faith in Vampires. There was true action, adventure, and even a little bit of romance (but only a little, it NEVER dominated the book). There was nothing else to be asked for. šŸ™‚

Quick Note. Throughout the book I was being stupid, and forgot to look at the names of the chapters. If you haven’t read this book. Don’t do that. The names are important. They say the time zone… So throughout the book I was thinking they were all happening at the same time, and that Jamie’s dad was alive because there was another Carpenter. Yeah… The book also explains how Department 19 started…

The main character is this guy called Jamie, whose dad got killed in the first few pages. Then it flicks to two years later, when Jamie’s mum gets kidnapped…
He’s an unlucky guy isn’t he?
Anyway, so he’s all unset and in shock, etc (not only because of his mum, but also because he almost got killed by a vampire- who later on is very important), and this guy calledĀ FrankensteinĀ turns up. Yep. The real Frankenstein. (Side note. This is why I love the book so much, it alsoĀ incorporatesĀ other stories, such as Frankenstein or Dracula). And then he goes all crazy and stuff… and soon he kinda joins Department 19 to try to get his mum back. And he meets the vampire who tried to kill him, and kinda falls in love with her… then also tries to kill her šŸ˜‰

The Death at the End
I’m not talking about the vampire, I’m talking about the sad one… I just don’t feel it wasĀ necessary… and it happened so quickly, that I felt like I had no time to process it… šŸ˜¦ and I really liked that character…
OR!!! Maybe he isn’t actually dead? And will feature in the next book? (hopefully…)

They were stereotypical vampires!! Who die from getting staked and can beĀ resurrected!!! Without any sort of twist to try it make unique or anything! It was so much easier to understand, rather than going through the book, thinking “huh?” every time a new “fact” about Vampires come up.

It. Was. Awesome. (with the stabbing through hearts, slitting throats, blood explosions, ripping through throats, you get the picture) So if you hate gore, and have thrown up after reading that, stop reading this review, and don’t pick up this book unless you want to throw up your organs up.

Jamie’s Dad
So complicated… even though we only met him forĀ approximatelyĀ the first 5 pages… (spoiler alert. He dies… in the first 5 pages). That’s why I love this book! It was filled with action from the very start! Anyway, back to Jamie’s dad. He surprisingly now that I think about it, isn’t actually thatĀ complicated… He just turns out to be really complicated, because of all theĀ conspiraciesĀ associated with him. To be honest, I still haven’t quite sorted him out in my head… There were some stuff that I thought after reading it “How the hell hadn’t I thought of that” but at other times I was just like “huh? Je suis confused….” which I guess can be taken good and bad. Still. He was awesome. And I sorta hated Jamie for hating him.

Frankenstein. Dracula.Ā 
I loved how Will Hill adapted the other stories into his own! It was his own twist to the book, and so easy to understand!

Favourite Quotes

  • “Department 6 is the Army.
    Department 13 is MI5.
    Department 19 is the reason you’re alive.”
  • “Lux E Tenebris: Light Out Of Darkness”

So after reading this review; Go. Get. The. Book. You know you want to. And if that’s still not convinced you; 5 shuriken stars!


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