Fed- Mira Grant

Fed(an alternate ending to Feed)
NOTE. Do NOT read this review unless you have read or know what happens in Feed.
I both love and hate this ending at the same time. It makes me want to beat up the book for being so sad, except the part that it’s a e-book (I’ll put the link below). And at the same it satisfies me as an ending.
Note. If you read this book, like me, hoping for a happy ending, where everyone survives, the zombie issue is cured and Tate is put in a imaginary prison, etc. You’ll be disappointed. This is even more heart- wrenching than Feed.

It’s pretty much the same ending, except the roles are different; not reversed, but different. (Hint/ Spoiler, if you haven’t got it already; Shaun dies instead of Georgia)

This is another way the end of Feed could have gone: it picks up with the events of what would originally have been chapter twenty-five. It is not what happened.

But it could have.

We came very close.

(As Mira Grant puts it)

Since this is a shortish story, in fact ending, I’m just going to ramble my thoughts.

The main thing that is sticking to my mind about this book right now, is the difference between Georgia and Shaun.
“He’ll die first, we both know it, but I don’t know… I really don’t know how long I’ll stay alive without him. That’s the part Shaun doesn’t know. I don’t intend to be an only child for long.” (from Feed)
and since I told you Shaun dies, you can put together the puzzle.
What puzzles me is that Georgia can’t live in a world without Shaun, but Shaun can live in a world without Georgia. But don’t get me wrong, he only dies in Fed, without knowing, to save Georgia. ;(
Their relationship is just so sweet… for example, if my brother died, I would NOT commit suicide. Sure I’ll be sad, and feeling as if something were missing in my life, but it wouldn’t go to the extent of committing suicide.

It’s also amusing to see how differently Georgia and Shaun handle the situation of Tate. I mean, they are both vengeful, but just different… I’m not quite sure how to phrase it… Just different, I guess.

A few details could change anything… That’s what my teachers and parents always say about exams… And yet, reading this book, I can kinda see that. A few little details could be the difference between Life and Death. I’ll remember that in my next exam…

Unlike other books that I have read, it doesn’t show saving the world in a good light. In the thoughts of Shaun and Georgia Mason; was it worth? Nobody should have died for this.

A few favourite quotes

  • “The sound of my gun going off was almost drowned out by the screams of the crowd. Governer Tate stopped laughing, and for an instant almost comically surprised before he slumped onto the table. I kept the gun trained on him, waiting for signs of movement. After several moments had passed without any, I shot him three more times anyway, just to be sure. It never hurts to be sure.”
  • “Let them shout. I was done listening. I don’t need to listen anymore.”
  • “… wishing there was some mercy in the world. That getting the bad guys meant you got your loved ones back; that there had been another way.
    That I could cry.”
  • ‘”And how are you?’
    He meant ‘Are you sober’, and since I was driving I couldn’t fault him for asking the question.”
  • “Even if this wasn’t over, someone else was going to have to save the world next time.
    We were done.
    Rise up while you can.”

5 Shuriken Stars.



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