Unstrung- Neal Shusterman

UnStrung (Unwind Trilogy, #1.5)Summary
This is a short story, telling us about Lev; How he turned from an innocent little kid to a terrorist clapper…
It tells the story between Lev’s time with CyFi and the Graveyard. So after he leaves CyFi, he turns up at this ChanceFolk village, where they oppose unwinding. He makes friends with some people, the main guy being Wil. And then some stuff happens, and it doesn’t end well for some people… 😦

Since this is a short story, I’m going to review it slightly differently- more like a ramble of my thoughts of in! 🙂 And the thoughts are most likely to be short, snappy and not very developed, since it’s a short story, and I don’t want to give much of it away.

First, a ramble about the ending… IT WAS SO SAD…. 😦 but I could totally see it coming… because how else was Lev supposed to end up in the Graveyard… The only thing I didn’t see coming was that other people were going to go down with him… ;(

Wil was awesome. He’d better show up somehow in Unwholly.

Lev, with the clapping was awesome. But also sad, because it shows how he turned sorta into a terrorist…

The ChanceFolk were so nice… But also kinda random, because I don’t really remember them being mentioned in the first book.

Also, along with this book, comes the first chapter of Unwind and Unwholly 😉

4 Shuriken Stars


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