Feed- Mira Grant

I love zombies.

If you also love zombies, read this book

If you have never read a zombie book, read this book.

If you hate zombies, read this book.

I think my message is clear.

This is one of the best zombie books I have ever read. (After Rot and Ruin by Jonathan Maberry)

Feed (Newsflesh, #1)Summary
ZOMBIES. Oh, and there are some other people… called Gerogia and Shaun who are the main characters.
Georgia and Shaun run a blogging website, and they, along with their friend Buffy, and they all get chosen to follow this guy on his president campaign. (and when I mean follow, I don’t mean follow on twitter or facebook or something I mean follow, as in stalk, or walk, or any other very you want). BUT there are conspiracies, and evil people, who do some stuff, like try to kill them.

At some times it got a little too political for me… maybe because it seemed more prominent in the adult part of the young adult, or because I just hate politics… or that I’m too stupid to understand it.
Also, since I mentioned the subject of young adult and adult. I feel compelled to tell you that it was more of the adult side of the YA book scale. It just was a little more slow than most YA books, it was harder to get though, and the characters were all slightly older from the typical YA, and there was less romance. And I don’t mean to put off people who only read young-adult books, or people who only read adult books, this book can be for anyone!! Just read my review of Percy Jackson, or Weishi’s review of Skulduggery Pleasant!

Zombies are awesome. This book has zombies. Therefore this book is awesome.

It taught me what to do in a zombie apocalypse
1. When there’s only one bullet left, save it for yourself
2. It’s not a good idea to poke a zombie with a stick (like that’s going to stop me…)
3. Hills are a bad place, because zombies can surround you and kill you (happy thought)
4. Don’t get shot by evil people, because it will most likely be zombie poison
5. Before going into a stable with hay, check the hay for needles
6. Beware of animals

The opening sentence
It is rare that I get gripped by the opening sentence of a story. Just to let you know, this is not one of the rare cases, I just liked the first few sentences and thought it was funny, so I carried on reading 😉
“Our story opens where countless stories have ended in the last twenty-six years: with an idiot — in this case, my brother, Shaun — deciding it would be a good idea to go out and poke a zombie with a stick to see what happens.”
It just reminds me of in a way, what I would probably do in a zombie apocalypse; poke a zombie with a stick to see what happens, then getting yelled at by my brother.

The lack of romance in this book.
FINALLY a book without any main romance!!! It’s such a relief to be honest, with all the love triangles, without all the “Team Peeta, or Team Gale”.  It was just so nice!!! The only part of the book that was even vaguely romantic was Buffy and her boyfriend and it wasn’t even described much, we just knew he existed.

Favourite Quotes

  • “The difference between the truth and a lie is that both of them can hurt, but only one will take the time to heal you afterwards”
  • “You can’t kill the truth
    Nothing is impossible to kill. It’s just that sometimes after you kill something you have to keep shooting it until it stops moving”
  • “My father has always had just one piece of advice about zombies and ammunition, one he’s drilled into my head enough times that it’s managed to stick: When you have one bullet left and there’s no visible way out of the shit you’re standing in, save it for yourself. It’s better than the alternative”
  • “Every life has a watershed moment, an instant when you realize you’re about to make a choice that will define everything else you ever do, and that if you choose wrong, there may not be that many things left to choose. Sometimes the wrong choice is the only one that lets you face the end with dignity, grace, and the awareness that you’re doing the right thing.
    I’m not sure we can recognize those moments until they’ve passed us”
  • “Me, I say those are all great things to live for, if they’re what happens to float your boat, but at the end of the day, there’s got to be somebody you’re doing it for. Just one person you’re thinking of everytime you make a decision, everytime you tell the truth, or tell a lie, or anything.
    I’ve got mine. Do you?”
  • “Are you ever not a pessimist?
    Sometimes. But then I wake up.”
  • “Failure to die is always appreciated”
  • “I’m also fascinated by the difference between terror and fear. Fear says, “Do not actually put your hand in the alligator,” while terror says, “Avoid Florida entirely because alligators exist”

So if you still haven’t decided that you are going to read this book, after all the quotes that I wrote, or the paragraphs about zombies and other good stuff about how awesome this book is, then just go and become a zombie or something, to appreciate their awesomeness. 🙂 5 shuriken stars.


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