Dead and Gone- Jonathan Maberry

Dead & GoneSo this is a short side story (about 60 pages maybe?) set in the Rot and Ruin.

It’s good.

THERE’S A NEW CHARACTER!!! Her dead name is Sister Margaret, but her new name is Riot (which I prefer by miles, it just sort of seems to suit a zombie book? :P). And she has escaped from her old home.
That’s right.
I said escape. Not leave.
But the book doesn’t involve that part of the story. The story begins with Riot, alone and starving, the hunger about to overwhelm her. And some people (unknown at the moment) decide to give her food :P. How kind. Oh yeah. Before I forget, her old “friends” and trying to hunt her down and kill her, because their religion says so. Yeah, Zombie- apocalypses are a strange world… And then she makes some new friends, who have the opposite religious beliefs.

So because this is a short story, I’m going to do a short review, well, as short a review of me rambling is going to ever be…

I love the new character. She seems so bad-ass and awesome. She knows how to hunt, to kill, and has loads of survival instincts. I imagine she will probably be featuring in the third book (Flesh and Bone. I can’t wait!). And her ethics were so good! She was completely brought up in a killing humans environment, and she could still see that it is wrong!
I loved all the other new characters as well, but I don’t know if they will be in the next book… 😦 because they were only introduced at the end. But anyway, they were AWESOME! And the group that they belonged to was so cool! It completely contrasted with the reapers!
Note. The reaper’s religion is that it is right to kill people, and by people I don’t mean zombies…
Second Note. Jolt’s religion is that it is never right to kill people, whether they are zoms or not.
Loving the cover. In fact I love all of the covers! (The UK ones anyway… They just all seem to fit together so well!)

I don’t think they are as good as the other Benny Imura books… 😦  Perhaps its just not long enough, or that it isn’t thoughtful enough, if you know what I mean; The other two books made me see zombies in a completely different light, but this one… it just didn’t have that sort of effect on me… 😦
But don’t get me wrong. It IS still and AMAZING book! Written by an AMAZING author!

Thats about it 🙂

4 and a half Shuriken stars!

You should definitely get your hands on this book! (side note. Plus, with this book, is a WHOLE CHAPTER of FLESH AND BONE!)


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  1. I may have to try the first book in this series.


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