The Enemy- Charlie Higson

The Enemy (The Enemy #1)It’s a good zombie book. That is the first thing you should take from this review. The second thing you should take from this review is that it is NOT a zombie book. So, to correct my statement: It’s a good book. And that’s the third thing you should take from this review.

There is a “zombie” plague (You’ll understand later why I put “zombie” in speech marks :D), and it has turned everyone over the age of 15 into a zombie. So, yep. If this plague happens right now, and if you are over 15, then you and I will be half dead. So the main people of this story is the “Morrisons” group and the “Waitrose” group, who btw, at the start of the book, hated each other because they were competition to stay alive… but in the end, they love each other, in some cases literally… 😀 So they are running out of food, (this is when they hate each other), but then, suddenly, this person pops up, and says that there is a “safe haven” (aka a lunatic, but you only find that out once you get to the palace), which is situated at Buckingham Palace. So both groups decided to pop over, except… it’s on the other side of London… So it is extremely dangerous… and many people die… Including from the first few pages… 😦 *one of my favourite characters… even if I only knew him for about 50 pages… ;(

I just didn’t like how in the first half of the book, Charlie Higson, was saying that all the grown-ups were “zombies” but, then in the second half of the book, whoa, SUDDENLY!, he realises that they aren’t actually  zombies, but are a play off of them, so he starts calling them “grown ups”… And I repeat Half way into the book…

The action
I know this is going to sound cliché but, literally as soon as the book started, I was gripped, emotionally and physically. I guess I mainly liked it, because blood, guts and gore is a book that typically says me, so if you are someone who hates all of those things, just stop reading, and probably leave, and eat some ice-cream :D, and not be mentally scared by this book. Within the first few pages (by that, I mean about 50), someone died; I hope that wasn’t a spoiler, and I don’t really classify it as one, as to be honest, in most YA books, someone always dies (take delirium, or the hunger games for example)

The Shaggy Coat guy
I loved him so much. The thing that he was doing; with every person who dies (who he knows), he cuts a piece of the clothes he’s wearing, and sews it onto his “coat”. It was just such a thoughtful thing to do… and it seemed like a massive coat, because it was a coat… (Did that make sense?) And he knew who each cloth came from…. 😦 It just shows that there are loads of stories… and it almost links into day to day life; how there are tens of thousands of people dying everyday… ;(

The non-romance of the book
I’m just glad that the romantic element of YA books, hasn’t taken over this book, or any of the books in the series, for that matter. Such as, Catching Fire and Mockingjay…. The romance just completely took over the book…. and the plot kinda dissipated… I’m just so glad that this didn’t happen for this book…

The Ickeyness
Note. Ickeyness and Gooeyness, in my dictionary are two different things. Ickeyness is stuff like blood and gore and Gooeyness is romance…  So… I LOVE ALL THE BLOOD AND GORE IN THIS BOOK. I should also say; if you hate blood and gore…, you may not want to read this book….

Favourite Quotes

  • “If a wolf attacks his sheep, the shepard kills the wolf, but he eats the sheep when he’s hungry”
  • “Standing in the corridor was a large plastic bin on wheels. He looked inside. Empty tins of dog food. That explained the spaghetti with meat sauce. Oh well, he’d eaten worse”
  • “He’d always been scared of the dark. His mum had told him not to worry.
    ‘If you can’t see the monsters, they can’t see you.’
    Back then there had been no monsters. Not real ones. Only imaginary.”
  • “But I’ll never see any of those fish,” said Maxie.”Or those whales. Or any lions or tigers. I’m never going to set foot in a rain forest now, am I? I won’t even be able to watch old DVD’s about them without electricity. What does the future hold? It’s like going back to the middle ages. Nobody knowing what was going on beyond their front doorstep. All I’ll ever know is this. This little bit of London”

Overall 4 shuriken stars. Worth reading if you like blood and gore. If you hate that, stop reading this review, although this is pretty much the end…  😀


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