Speaker for the Dead- Orson Scott Card

Speaker for the Dead (Ender's Saga, #2)Wow, just wow.
This book is one of the best books ever written. However, I wouldn’t say that it was better than Ender’s Game (oh, just in case you didn’t know, this is the second in the Ender’s Game Saga, by Orson Scott Card (but for the purposive of this review, lets just abbreviate this down to OSC) :D, and there are four books since it is a saga! :D). Maybe it’s equal to?, but definitly not better, because Ender’s Game was AMAZING! Anyway, back to Speaker for the Dead.

So, if you haven’t read this book, please don’t judge it on the cover, or on the title, or anything, just trust me and read it! At first I was a little reluctant to read it, because I didn’t want anything to spoil Ender’s Game, and I was worried that this sequel would be a huge let down, partly because on Goodreads (note. the best book site ever), it had a slightly lower rating: Ender’s Game, 4.23 and Speaker for the Dead, 3.94. And usually the second book in a series has a higher rating, because most of the people who decide to read it, mostly likely had a high opinion on the first book… And so before I read this book, I was so worried…. 😦 But rest assured, that worry has been replaced by anticipation!

(I know this doesn’t have much to do with the book review, but: THERE IS GOING TO BE A ENDER’S GAME MOVIE IN 2013!!! This is why the world can’t end this year…:( I can’t wait. And just to clarify, the thing I can’t wait for is the movie, not the 2012 end of the world thing…, I don’t think I’m that crazy…)

This book takes place about 30 years after the first book, and originally it was meant as a stand alone book, so I guess, if you can’t be bothered to read the first it would still make sense… But I’m not advising that, because I felt that if I hadn’t read the first book, it would have been so much harder to connect with some of the characters, such as Ender (btw, I’m going to refer to him as Ender, instead of his other name, in case I release a spoiler to people who haven’t read either book). It is still about him finding a home planet for the hive queen. At the start of the book, we get introduced to a whole new range of character, and then, SUDDENLY. They are replaced by Ender. As he is a speaker for the dead, he decides to travel to the home planet of Pipo, Novinha and Libo, to speak for someone who died. However, when he is travelling to get there (it takes about 20 year, but he only feels it for about 1 week), he hears some news; Novinha wanted to cancel his appointment, and that there were more people wanting appointments… And so his trouble starts… The rest of the story is about him helping, and almost healing all of the people and piggies on the planet, as well as trying to heal himself, by getting rid of his guilt (which, although it doesn’t sound like much, is a major part of the story) 😀

Too many characters
I just felt that it was really hard to get to know all of the characters… because there are so many… And although we got to know a few of them…, it just made the ones that we didn’t get to know, in a way worse… Does that make sense???
Also, since I have no where else to put this I’ll put it here :D: I HATE OUANDA… she just frustrates me so much…. and I felt so sorry for  Miro at the end… How could she do that???? It just means that she is full of LIES… EVERYTHING ABOUT THEIR PAST TOGETHER… Miro… ;(

Imagine a balloon being blown up. That’s Ender’s Game. Then Imagine the balloon deflating. That’s Speaker for the Dead, in comparison to Ender’s Game. Ender’s Game was just so unique, and there was nothing quite like it. And kinda the same with Speaker for the Dead, but just less… After reading it, and looking back at it, I realised that it is just like any science fiction book… about aliens…

Marcao’s Speaking scene
I just loved this moment. Without trying to sound cliché; it was magical.  I loved how Ender was able to make us see him in a new light every time, and how it wasn’t just the people in the book that saw him like that, but how we did too. It has almost completely changed the way that I think; how we, as the human race, can’t judge a person when we don’t know them (because although it is considered morally wrong, and if someone was questioned, they would most likely say that they didn’t, but it really made me think, and it made me sad, because I realised that sometimes, I actually did this), such as with Quara, how she was so quiet; if there was someone in the world today (as of course there are), wouldn’t that person be made fun of, maybe some sniggering comments behind her back, maybe some even said to her face?, but those people don’t know the truth about her, how she could have had an abusive father, who shocked her into being physically unable to speak, like in the story?
It just worries me, because little bits like that, could so easily be true.

Usually I really hate being manipulated… but this time was different… especially after I have finished reading this book, I just looked back and saw how well the author wrote this book. He could manipulate our feelings towards different characters so easily, such as the Marcao speaking scene, and how we felt towards each character in the end…

There’s a quote by I can’t remember who that’s: “The only thing we learn from history, is nothing”. After reading this book, I totally agree. It’s almost sad… This book has made me realise even more, how cruel humanity is, and I can think of examples of how this book relates to real life. I would say, what I am referring to in the book, but being perfectly honest, I don’t think I can do the book justice…, if I try to explain.

It has everything a book could offer; sadness, happiness, humour, action, loss, gain, doing what’s right, and what someone want, etc. I can’t imagine what else someone could want in a book…

Favourite Quotes

  • “This is how humans are: We question all our beliefs, except for the ones that we really believe in, and those we never think to question.”
  • “It’s the most charming thing about humans. You are all so sure that the lesser animals are bleeding with envy because they didn’t have the good fortune to be born Homo sapiens”
  • “Quim,” she said, “don’t ever try to teach me about good and evil. I’ve been there, and you’ve seen nothing but a map”
  • “Order and disorder’, said the speaker, ‘they each have their beauty”
  • “Dona Crista laughed a bit. “Oh, Pip, I’d be glad for you to try. But do believe me, my dear friend, touching her heart is like bathing in ice.”
    I imagine. I imagine it feels like bathing in ice to the person touching her. But how does it feel to her? Cold as she is, it must surely burn like fire.”
  • “Darkness bound them closer than light”
  • “As long as you keep being born its ok to die every now and then”
  • “What type of man of you is there, when his son asks for bread, and will give him a stone?”
  • “If you believed that someone was perfect in the heart, Bishop, so righteous that to live another day could only cause them to be less perfect, then wouldn’t it be a good thing for them if they were killed and taken directly to heaven?”

This is going to be quite blunt, as I think I have rambled a lot through this review… , oh, I’m rambling again… :D, so, as I said to be blunt: Read this book. Read Ender’s Game. They are amazing! You won’t regret it. 5 shuriken stars. One of my all time favourites.


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