The Roar- Emma Clayton

The RoarI saw this book in the bookshop one day, and I thought “This book sounds good! Why not try it!” I don’t think I regretted it! (think though… :D)So anyway, I read this book, because it was a dystopia type novel, and I really like dystopia fiction… But because I have read so many dystopia novels… my expectations are pretty high… so in this review, I might be too negative and probably not as positive as this book deserves… Anyway, this book is written by Emma Clayton (as you can probably tell!) 😀 And it is pretty good! I think it is the first in a series, called “the Roar”, and the second book being called The Whisper! ~ which I cannot wait for!!! 😀

The plot itself is actually quite basic… sorry. *this is me being negative…* which I was a little disappointed about… the basic plot being; Mika’s sister is kidnapped and he has to try and rescue her. But the part that made the story interesting are the side parts!!! *this is me being positive!!!* The side parts are how he gets to finding his sister and why she was kidnapped! To find his sister he has been told that he has to play a game and compete in a competition against thousands of other children!, BUT the competition has secrets!!! but I can’t tell you those secrets! because it is quite a HUGE spoiler! and it is pretty much what the whole book is building up to!

The “bad guys”
Right, I’m talking about the bad guys at the very end (sorry, I know this sounds quite complicated… but the “bad guys” at the end are going to be a spoiler, so SPOILER ALERT, so only read this if you have read the book!, but I will still try to keep it vague…
I just didn’t like how the bad people ended up being the environmentally friendly people group…, as I can be called a tree hugger (in a good way!) and I just don’t appreciate books like that, because it turns people away from the issues about global warming… Sorry… I’m starting to rant… :D, I just feel really strongly over this issue… 😀

The ending
It was just so… … Unsatisfactory… I just don’t understand why the author would write a book SO GOOD but then leave it on an ending  like that… 😦

The Characters
Mika: First, HIS NAME IS AWESOME!!!! Mi-ka! It reminds me about chocolate… Is that weird? Back to him. He is an awesome character! I just love how he has so much loyalty to his sister, even after loads of years, when even his parents have given up hope! He is also really smart!, but that can get a little annoying… as it seemed a little strange that he had “a gut feeling” about bad and good stuff. I also love the slightly more vulnerable side towards him, like the box head people! It was just quite nice to see that, because it made him seem more like a real person, rather than a made up hero in a book.
Kobi: He was mysterious, and just amazing!!! I felt that I could really actually connect to him, and I felt so sorry for him when Mika and Audrey accidently betrayed him… 😦
Helen: I have no idea whether she is actually a heroine or a villain, because I think she is somehow related to the end bad guys, But I guess having a connection with the bad guys doesn’t necessarily make her a villain, and she herself, was a really good person…, so overall, I guess she’s a HEROINE!!! I’m glad I got that sorted! So. Helen. She was just so funny! And she was just so nice and towards the end, so brave! She almost gave up everything to help Mika, and I think that it’s really sweet!

The scene with the cookies
First: LOL!!! Second: Aw… Third: (to Mika): YOU IDIOT!
Those were my reactions after reading that scene. I just don’t see how he didn’t even bother to look at them… WHAT TYPE OF PERSON DOES THAT??? and it was real food as well… but now that I think about it, I can see the funny side of it, actually more ironic than funny… 😀

Favourite Quotes

  • “She felt herself wither like a tree receiving the first kiss of a forest fire.”
  • “Helen’s books were her friends, “the kind you invite for dinner in the middle of winter,” she’d told him, ” and spend all night talking and never go to bed.”
  • “FRAG”

Being completely honest…, this book is just all right. I can’t think of anything that is special about it. One of the main reasons that I read it was that it was a dystopian type book, and dystopia books are too good for words!!!, But if this book is compared to other dystopia books, nothing much stands out about it… So I guess three shuriken stars…, but maybe my standards are just getting higher! 😀

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