The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson)- Rick Riordan

If ANYBODY tells you this is a kids book, DON’T LISTEN TO THEM! Although, it may be true… (but I will NEVER accept that…) Sorry for all the caps… I get a little touchy on this subject… Anyway, going back to the subject. If you are one of those people who have not read this book because your friends/ families/ the internet says that it is a kids book, you have missed out on a lot! Don’t listen to them! Don’t give into peer pressure! If it is a “kids” book, then in my opinion, anyway, it isn’t written in a kids way, it has much more sophisticated writing and the font size of the book is actually YA size! And even if it is a kids book… it doesn’t mean that people who are older, can’t read them… The plot is also AMAZING! And so are the characters; they are teenagers, ok?, so doesn’t that kinda classify the book as a kinda YA novel? (well… that is good enough for me… :D). Also, according to goodreads (one of the best book websites! <– definitely recommended, if you are a big fan of reading!), on the side panel, it’s genre is YA (OK, so I’m avoiding the fact that it also says childrens… but still…!!! :D) SO if anyone ever says that it is a kids book to you STOP THEM RIGHT THERE! OK. I think my ranting is almost over… 😀

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1)So… now that my rant is over… I can properly introduce this book! This is the first book in the Percy Jackson, series, who is the main character! (hint that the series is named after him!), by Rick Riordan. It is the first book of five, and it links to another series, called the Heroes of Olympus! (which is definitely, hopefully, a YA novel!).

PERCY JACKSON IS A DEMIGOD. For those of you who don’t know what a demigod is; it means that the child has one mortal parent and one god parent! At the beginning of the book he finds out that he is a demigod… he finds this out by being chased by weird monsters! fun(!) 😀 Eventually he gets to camp, because of this amazing, one of the best characters in the world, a satyr (note. NOT FAUN, as it is Roman, I think… :D)! When Percy gets to camp, he finds himself accused of stealing Lord Zeus’ favourite weapon, the Lightning Bolt!!! He has ten days to find it, OR a huge war will happen between the gods… , as Percy’s father, is not happy that Zeus is accusing his son…


It can be for any age
Although I refuse to believe that it is a “kids” book, (… because if the book is classified as a “kids” book it means that a lot of people won’t read it because of that)… Sorry… I think I’m ranting again… 😀 OK. I think that this book can be for anyone, kids, teenagers, adults, the elderly, ANYONE! (I may be contradicting myself… , but by my main point about the “kids”, I mean that I just don’t like it classified as a “kids” book, I don’t mean that kids shouldn’t read it…) 😀

The Plot
It was just so original and the writing style was flawless! It was just so full of humour, but the writer knew when to put in serious notes, it was just done PERFECTLY!

The Concept
It’s AMAZING! The idea is just so original!, and I know that this will sound really cliché…  but it really did bring “Greek history to life”! This is how I do well in my Latin lessons… :D, Seriously… This is how I know almost all of the Greek Gods and myths… 😀 It also seemed so real! During the book I was so caught up in it… I was literally waiting for my God’s sign to appear! (Is that weird?) 😀

The Heros
They were just so likeable! Even the evil girl, Clarisse! She was just so funny… :D, They were just so 3D! Amazing!


Favourite Quotes

  • “If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself”
  • “Deadlines just aren’t real to me until I’m staring one in the face” <– So true… 😀
  • “How did you die?”
    “We er….drowned in a bathtub.”
    “All three of you?”
    “It was a big bathtub”
  • “She’d also called me brave…unless she was talking to the catfish”
  • “Grover didn’t say anything for awhile. Then, when I thought he was going to give me some deep philosophical comment to make me feel better, he said, “Can I have your apple?”
  • “I said hello to the poodle”

Remember the main message from this review: THIS BOOK ISN’T JUST FOR KIDS! AND IT CAN NEVER BE CLASSIFIED AS A “KIDS” BOOK (because that means that it can only be for kids…). So, if you read this review, and didn’t just skip to the end (like what I do with books :D), you can probably tell that this is a 5 shuriken star book! I would seriously recommend this book!

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