Fear- Michael Grant

OMG. OMG. OMG. It is AMAZING! It is one of the best books in the gone series! It is literally stunning! 😀 It is one of those few books that keep you hooked, so you can’t put it down. I also LOVE THE COVER!!!!!! IT IS SO COOL!!!!!! Right. back to the review! This book is the fifth (I think…) book in the gone series, by Michael Grant. The books before are called: Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague and now Fear!!!- You can read about them in other reviews. 😀 To be completely honest, I would say that Plague is better than Fear. But I would also say that Fear is better than the other books in the series. Here’s how I personally would rank the series so far; Plague, Fear, Gone, Lies, Hunger.

A Quick Summary
THE FAYZ TURNS DARK. Literally. The barrier starts to darken and soon, it is completely pitch black in the FAYZ!!! (which is extremely dangerous for some people and makes some mutants unable to use their power (e.g. Brianna, in case she trips over, as she can’t see… and tripping over at about forty miles could hurt(!), Just a little! :D). Drake is prowling around again! During the book, many exciting things happen! (I really don’t want to spoil anything…, but just to get you excited; Diana’s baby is born!!!!!!- it was such a creepy moment…)

The Speed
note, for the purpose of this review, the speed and the pace are different things!, because I have pros and cons for it! :D. Back to the review! I just felt that it was a bit hurried, as the whole book happens just under a three day time span. And some parts I didn’t quite follow…, like the part with Edilio?, how did Sam figure that out?…

The Spoilers Michael Grant released on his FB page
For those of you who haven’t read the spoilers he released here they are:
“1) Remember that it was originally titled DARKNESS.
2) At one point Sam will rub Diana’s tummy.
3) Astrid-haters will love her by the end.
4) There’s a surprising “coming out.”
5)… A heart will be broken.
6) You will learn why Sam and not Caine.
7) There is a huge betrayal.
8) Someone will lose their virginity.
9) Someone we know well will die.
10) A scene so dark and anguished my editors wanted me to tone it down. (Of course I didn’t. How long have you known me?)”
The reason why this is in the Cons section is that I didn’t quite understand some of the spoilers, and how they fitted into the book; Of course, it could be just me…
Anyway. I found number 2 quite misleading… It happens right at the beginning of the book, so I don’t think I’m spoiling anything much… but basically, Sam didn’t want to rub her tummy… he only did it because he didn’t want to be ride…
Number 3. I don’t really understand why I’m supposed to love her… I am a Astrid- hater… but I don’t love her… but to be fair… I liked her a bit more than I used to…, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t hate her… (Does that make sense?)
I didn’t quite understand number 5, as I was expecting something like Astrid falling in love with Caine, and Sam being hurt.. (lol… btw this didn’t happen), but there was nothing like that… so I’m not quite sure whose heart was broken…
I didn’t quite get the betrayal spoiler… I can think of a few betrayals…, but not one that stands out…
Number 8 was also quite misleading…, as it is some people, not someone… (which is a huge relief…, as it would mean someone would have to do something with Caine or Diana… -which is really really messed up…, it makes me shiver just thinking about it!).
And last, but not least, Number 9. I think I know who that person is…, but I can’t be sure…, if it is who I think it is…, then I am confused…, because Lana said she wasn’t sure that she was dead…?, but it also could be someone else, who died at the very end…, but we didn’t know her that well…


The Pace
It was AMAZING! It kept me hooked all through it! I was literally reading it in all of the lessons that I was able to get away with it in… and after I had finished it… It just left me speechless…

The character development
I just felt that all of the characters developed so much!, it was just amazing! 😀 Some characters completely turned around; For example Caine, it was so funny watching him break down, and I felt so sorry for him… ;(. And some characters have still got secrets to keep!!! That’s what I love about this series; ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!

The “dark scene”
It was amazing and heart- stopping. All through that scene I was going OMG, but not because it was ickey or disgusting, but because I predicted almost the exact thing!!!! (but with Petey)!!!!!!!!!!!! So all through it I was going OMG OMG OMG I WAS KINDA RIGHT!!!!!!! As you can tell,… I was really excited! Anyway, the “dark scene”; It was quite creepy, but not too much, it was just mentally disturbing. The reason why it is in the Pros section, even though it was mentally disturbing, is that I have never quite read a book like that, with such a mentally scarring scene!

When I make this point, I mean the emotion fear, not the book; I just didn’t want to provide the need for confusion… 😀 I love how Michael Grant goes into the concept of fear, and how he explores almost every aspect of it. (I’ll put in some quotes below for it!). I also love how the concept was named after the book, or is it the other way round?, oh well, I’ll just hope you know what I mean. 😀

The sticker
This is quite a small point… But I found it really funny and really true. When I bought the book, there was a sticker that said “More thrilling than The Hunger Games”. So true.

The different view points
I mean this literally! We finally hear from the outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the first chapter! (btw, some people might regard this as a spoiler, but I’m not that sure it is one…, as it happens in the first chapter…) We meet Sam’s mum, Connie, and we see how she has adapted and we see her emotions and feelings towards Sam and Caine. We also learn why she kept Sam, but not Caine!- but to be honest… I didn’t like that part…, as there wasn’t much solid stuff…

The Beginning and The End
As I said before, in the first chapter,WE MEET CONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And from then on, you will get hooked. Now the end, this is hard… as I don’t want to spoil anything… hm…. I’ll just say this; IT IS ONE OF THE BEST ENDINGS I HAVE EVER READ! I NEVER SAW IT COMING (well, actually I kinda did…, as I am one of those annoying people who read the last page…- I really just can’t help myself!) AND NOW I CAN’T WAIT FOR LIGHT!!!!

Favourite Quotes

  • “It’s not the monsters who are so completely different that are scary, Sanjit reflected. It’s the ones who are too human. They carry with them the warning that what happened to them might happen to you, too.”
  • “Because they assumed all fear must come from a thing or a place. An event. Cause and Effect. Like fear was part of an algebra equation. No, no, no, so not getting the point of fear. Because fear was about possibilities. Not things that happened. Things that might. Things that might… Threats that might be there. Murderers. Madmen. Monsters. Standing just a few inches from him, able to see him, but his eyes useless. The threats, they could laugh silently at him. They could hold their knives, guns, claws right in his face and he wouldn’t be able to see. The threat could be. Right. Here.”
  • “You think you’re going to take Caine down with sleeping pills?” “Sleeping pills,” *** said and nodded with satisfaction. “Sleeping pills. And cement”
  • “”At some points in the hours that followed he said “Astrid?” “Don’t you think you should have made sure of that about three times ago?””
  • “Can you check on our cat, Ariel? No one would answer that, because the cats had all been eaten.”
  • “That can be my tag line. “That is one bad baby””

To get straight to the point, I would say that this is a four shuriken star book. So, if you have read the Gone series, and haven’t read this book, READ IT NOW! And if you haven’t read the Gone series, but have somehow read this review…, with spoilers from the other books in…. :O READ THE SERIES NOW!!!!!!!!!


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