Blood Ransom- Sophie McKenzie

Since I wrote a book review for the first book in this series, I thought I should probably write one for this! To be blunt, I didn’t like this book… But on the bright side, it was better than the first book (Blood Ties). This book is also by Sophie Mckenzie (obviously, as it is the same series!) 😀 The plot was fast paced and kinda good… I just thought that it was too… what the word? er… when something just happens and it suddenly “fixes the situation”- oh! deus ex machina! (my awesome latin(!)) :D.

Basically… Theo and Rachel are still living hidden away and thousands of miles away from each other. Then. Suddenly. Rachel finds out that “Elijah is going to murder Daniel” (note. Daniel is the little version, clone, thing, of Elijah/ Theo) (You will understand the “” once you have read it!) And so Rachel goes on a near suicidal mission to try to “rescue” him. But her plan didn’t work, and she found out some evil secrets about Elijah and his current work. bte. Elijah IS PURE EVIL!!!!

Deus Ex Machina
For those of you who don’t know what it means either look at wiki, or read my to be honest, quite bad explanation! 😀 Deus Ex Machina, literally means “God out of the machine” and in a book, it means that an seminally “unsolvable” problem is suddenly solved, with the invention of a new twist/ new character/ event/ etc. I just felt that there were so many problems, and Sophie McKenzie just didn’t know how to solve those questions, so she just created a solution. I just thought that it happened too much… a problem was solved, a character was just there. I was curious what would have happened if that problem wasn’t solved. I guess though it moved the plot along more… but it was just too happy…

I don’t usually put a character into the cons… but this is a con… (does that make sense? :D). I thought that Rachel just changed too much between the two books and it was only a few months in between the books! Her personality just totally changed, she became “more of a girl” because she started doing more exercise… and I just thought that, that would mean that she is becoming more like her sister, which just defeated the whole point of the first book…

The Links between the books
IT JUST DIDN’T WORK… ;( IT REALLY REALLY ANNOYED ME… The last book ended on a quite good cliffhanger… (with Daniel still in Elijah’s hand) and this book… it just dismissed that ENTIRELY… it really really frustrated me… ;( and it made me sad… but I can’t say any more without ruining the book…

hm… I’m trying to think of positive things to say…
The Plot?
The plot was kinda good I guess? It’s just at some parts it gets a little predictable and boring…

The concept
Although the concept wasn’t that original or unique, it still was a good concept. It just goes to show that some scientists are really creepy and crazy and just don’t know when to stop… and they think that they are doing the “right” and “good” thing, even when it is morally wrong… And the things that happened in the book, THEY COULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN!, which makes it really creepy and messed up…- it’s not a good thing… 😀

Favourite Quotes
To be honest, it book isn’t very quoteable (is that a word?), so I’m not going to put any down. It isn’t that the book is bad that I don’t want to put any down… it’s just that the book is quite an easy read, so there aren’t any funny or meaningful quotes

I wouldn’t say that this book is bad… but I wouldn’t say that it was awesome either… So probably in between? Lets say 3 Shuriken Stars?, because I actually did manage to get through it! 😀


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