The Numbers series- Rachel Ward

Numbers (Numbers, #1)This series is by Rachel Ward; the first book is called Numbers, the second, the Chaos and the third Infinity. In my opinion the series starts off not that great, but it improves; so it is worth reading! So as you can tell I’m going to write these books as a whole series, because I read the first books awhile back, and I only just finished the last book a few days ago and I can’t be asked to reread them… So… as you can probably tell, this isn’t one of the best series I have read… Especially the first book.. Well, maybe I’m being slightly harsh… I just didn’t like one particular scene in that book (for those of you that have read it.. the hay scene…) and that kinda set me back on the other book… But on a good note the last book was really good!!!!! 😀 It was full of action and it was really fast-paced!!! I love fast- paced books!!! 😀

Anyway… the Summary!!
In the first book the main character is this girl called Jem who, when see looks into other people’s eyes she sees numbers!!! But the numbers are just a little depressing… because they are the death dates of the person. One day she sees that loads of people’s death dates are on the same day… which isn’t normal… and when she sees that she starts to run; making her a prime suspect when the London Eye blows up [note. if the London Eye is ever going to blow up, don’t run (!)]
In the second book, Jem has a son, who is called Adam and because he is the son of Jem, he also sees numbers!!! But instead of only a few people getting blown up… pretty much the whole of London is going to blow up… and that is called… the Chaos!
The last book, Infinity, is in my opinion the best out of the three! It follows the story of Adam, as well as Sarah and Mia (who are introduced in the Chaos) and their lives after the Chaos (but I won’t say much else, because if I do… I might spoil something about the others…

Infinity (Numbers, #3)Cons ;(

The hay scene
“The scene” in Numbers in the hay… its what made Adam… I won’t comment anymore… otherwise it might start to get awkward… unless it already is…

It’s just the slightest bit depressing… I mean.. how scary and sad would it be if every time you looked into someone’s eyes you saw what day they were going to die… you wouldn’t be able to friends.. or go to any social activities… ;(

The writing style…
To be honest.. as you can tell I didn’t like it… that’s why it is in the cons section… I just felt that it was told in quite a matter of factly way… the emotions of the characters actually never got through to me… I understood what they were feeling and what they were going through.. but I never felt it…

The ending
The ending of Numbers was rushed… I hate the ending… its just like they went through all of that together… then that happens… ;( Also when that happens… it was like WHAT WAS THE POINT!!!


The Cover
I LOVE THE COVER!!! (not the one with an eye… the other one- the one above!). I just think that it is so clever- with all of the numbers hiding in the title!!! Also, if you look closely you can see some random numbers floating around!!! It’s awesome!!! 😀 This could actually be one of my favourite covers ever!

The concept

The Plot
The plot was face- paced and thought-provoking and in general very interesting!!! I love how in infinity the plot kept me gripped and after almost each chapter there was some sort of cliffhanger that kept me reading… I literally just couldn’t put the book down.. I read it in just one afternoon!!!

Favourite Quotes

  • “Nothing makes any sense. Nothing means anything. You’re born, you live, you die. That’s it.” (numbers)
  • “How easy to be a bird or an animal, living from day to day, unaware you’re alive, unaware that one day you will die” (numbers)

Overall I think this series is pretty good… not amazing or awesome… just good. As I said before, the series does get better, so if you have read the first book and disliked it, still try to give the second and the third a chance, because they are a lot better than the first… I would probably say that this series is a 3 shuriken star series?


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