The Hunger Games Movie

As many people know the Hunger Games movie is coming out this Friday!!!!! Personally I cannot wait!!!!! It is going to be AMAZING!!!!! (Note. If you haven’t read the books READ THEM!!!; you can read about it in Weishi’s review: The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins) And as you can see from the !!!s and the countdown, on the side, WE CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the trailer, and if you haven’t seen it WATCH IT NOW!!!- You can probably find it off youtube or something…

I think that the actors and actresses are great, although in my opinion Katniss looks a little old for the part… but the actress who plays her is really really good! and it is so much better having an actress who looks older, but can act, than a actress who looks the part, but can’t act… (NB: Hi, Weishi here. Just butting into the review. I actually love all the actors they’ve got for the movie, and I am freaking out so bad that it’s coming out so soon. I love Jennifer Lawrence, I think she’s perfect, and I prefered Peeta over Gale in the books.) Another character that I think works really well is Rue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can tell from all of the “!”s Rue is one of my favourite characters!!! I think that the actress who plays her is so sweet!!! It is exactly how I imagined her to be like!!!!


The only thing that annoys me at the moment is about is how everybody keeps on saying that “It is the new twilight”… It really depresses me… Because with Twilight, the fans were separated into two groups; Team Edward and Team Jacob… And I really really don’t want this film to be like that…; a complete film on romance, and if the fans become too obsessed with the romance, or if the film is more of a romantic film, than an action film… there might end up being a “Team Gale” and “Team Peeta”… which don’t want to happen… ;(

I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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