Everfound – Neal Shusterman


Holy, freaking awesome.

Except the end killed me. With Allie and Mikey and… URGH I can’t say though because this has to be a spoiler free review.




Let’s put it this way. As soon as I finished Everwild, I started looking for an Everfound excerpt online. I read that, and then I freaked out. Because I wanted to read it so badly. And even though I could probably borrow it off a friend the next day and I needed to do work and so on, I freaked out. In the end I bought it on my Kindle even though I hate spending money when there’s a library. BUT I HAD TO READ IT. I HAD TO! So, I didn’t get any work done, but I did finish an awesome book, so that has to count for something.

How do a summarise this without spoiling the last two books?
Ok. Let’s try this.
So Mary’s a psycho, as always. I MISS ZIN. ALLIE AND MIKEY!!!! NICK, WELL DONE, NICK! MILOS YOU CREEPY CREEP I STILL FEEL BAD FOR YOU. MARY YOU FREAKING PSYCHOPATHIC PSYCHO. HOW DARE YOU BE SO PSYCHO. THE END. THE END!??!!?! (sorry, I started “shouting” a lot during that. But it’s big. Guys, the plot is so good.)

Actually, these aren’t cons, because I understand why Neal Shusterman did these things and so on, but I was just waiting for something to happen. Hoping for it to happen, but it didn’t. (Allie and Mikey at the end. HOW COULD YOU THAT KILLED ME! And I really wanted to see Zin again, just for someone to skinjack her or something. It would have been awesome, though Neal Shusterman did explain why he did that and so on, I just missed her. Zin is totally my favourite out of all the characters.)

I didn’t mind Jix. But I found him so annoyingly annoying. I don’t know how else to put it. I really wanted to like him, I really did, but he was just too… perfect? It seemed like Neal Shusterman had intended to create him as this perfect character as every decision he made seemed to be perfect and he was really strong and good at manipulating and really observant and really well-built and so on…

I didn’t mind him. But I think he could have been made a bit more flawed. Then I would have liked him more.

Everything else. Absolutely everything else. Everything was just SO AWESOME. I don’t know how  else to put it. This book was like a massive Epic Meal Time style bacon burger, covered in awesomesauce and cheese, with a glass of cherry coke (cherry coke makes everything better). And then the ending came and it was oreo ice cream, except there weren’t enough oreos. (This is just because I was upset about Allie and Mikey. I understand why and it was a good ending and stuff, BUT WHY ALLIE AND MIKEY. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.) Characters (except Jix, who was still really cool, just not my favourite) = awesome. Plot = awesome. Writing style = awesome. Dialogue = awesome. Anything else = awesome.

I love how Neal Shusterman makes Everlost so big and so vast, and he really takes all the potential of the idea. I love how he incorporates such interesting ideas. Nothing is completely random. Skinjackers have their powers for a reason, so do rippers, and Mary and Mikey, and the Scar wraith idea was so cool, messing with the idea of phantom limbs and being halfway, stuck in between two worlds. I love how he fills it all up to it’s full potential. Especially when you think about how dangerous being a skinjacker is. They can possess people. POSSESS PEOPLE. In Everwild they covered it, especially with Jill’s business and PSYCHO MARY, but this really shows Mary’s power. Everfound really shows how powerful and scary being a skinjacker is.

Neal Shusterman is so awesome.



God, if you’ve read my Everwild review you’ll know what I’m going to say.




I was really happy about her own ending, I was worried that Nick and her and all the history and stuff (sorry if that’s a spoiler, I’m trying to make it as vague as possible) would make it really annoying, but the ending was perfect for her. Perfect. Still, she is so messed up.

I really ended up loving the scar-wraith in the end. In the beginning, I really disliked him (I love Nick and Mikey, of course I’m biased) but by about halfway, I just loved his character. He was so tough and hard, but you could see there was so much loyalty and goodness in him. He really was a hero, and I just ended up thinking that he was one of my favourite characters (though no one can beat Zin.)

I really don’t know what else to say.

Oh yeah. Milos.

I won’t ruin it for you, but MILOS. I thought he was a creep, I still think he is a creep, but if you’ve read Everfound you’ll know which bit I’m talking about. Maybe he’s not creepier than Keenan from Wicked Lovely, but he’s damn sure close. MILOS. God, I absolutely hated Mary for doing that. MILOS MILOS MILOS. I even started to like him at that point.

Did anyone see that coming? Because I definitely did not. That was just so… Urgh. MILOS.


Ok. Let’s get onto quotes before I spoil anything (though I don’t know why you’re reading this if you haven’t read the book. Maybe you’re bored. Maybe you want to find out if you should read the series (DEFINITE YES). Maybe the toaster is taking ages for your BLT. Anyway. Let’s stop rambling and get on to it)


  • “Wars are often waged not because of what we believe, but because of the things we want others to believe.”
  • “Don’t forget me,” Nick said. “No matter where your life goes, no matter how old you get. And if you ever get the feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder, but there’s nobody there, maybe it’ll be me.”
  • (This is after Jix has told Jill that 1 in 5 kids might believe that he’s a jaguar god if he keeps saying it:)
    “Then Jix locked eyes with him and said very calmly, “If you hit her, I will open my mouth wide enough to swallow you whole, force you through my bowels, then out my other end.”
    Avalon scowled at him. “You can’t do that.”
    “Try me,” Jix said. Avalon backed off, then angrily stormed away, and Jix winked at Jill. “One in five.”

So, do i recommend the book? OF COURSE I DO! WHAT ARE YOU? INSANE?!?!?!? IT’S AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. Though I would expect no less of Neal Shusterman. He is definitely one of my favourite YA fiction authors right now. I need to get my hands on more of his books. 5 shuriken stars. Definitely.


18 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rick on April 24, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    I hated the end….SPOILER ALERT. ….
    I wish mary and nick would have gotten together JEEZ why do good series have to end so terribly……. SIDE NOTE the death cure ending made me so mad i almost wanted to go beat the crap out of dashner.. 2 minute before the end just so that the author could tie up loose ends he killed Teresa for no reason. she deserved to live


    I actually really hated Mary so I was kind of hoping they wouldn’t get together, but I’m not sure if that’s just because I’m weird like that. And GOD, The Death Cure ending. I loved Teresa and the end was so frustrating because Thomas only forgave her at the end and she died alone and then he didn’t even care that much because he was making out with Brenda….
    I mean, great book, but STILL.


    • Posted by Rick on May 3, 2012 at 2:09 am

      I’m mad at Dashner for killing Teresa but i have to admit his ability to manipulate the mood towards a character in the book.. In the second book i actually ended up hating Teresa even though i knew she was still a good guy. it was probably because i found myself looking through the eyes of thomas


      • Same! I knew Teresa was doing everything for Thomas but I still hated her during the second book, and then I hated Thomas for making me hate her. AND WHY COULDN’T SHE HAVE LIVED!?!?!

      • Posted by Rick on May 4, 2012 at 12:15 am

        I WAS SO MAD I COMPLAINED TO THE FRIEND THAT RECOMMENDED THE BOOK TO ME….. i even recommended the book to another person but told them not to read the 3rd book….. it was kinda selfish of me but who cares

      • It was so frustrating. So. Frustrating.

    • Posted by Rick on May 3, 2012 at 2:13 am

      NEW SERIES…….. because i don’t know anywhere else to put it ill put it in these comments.
      You may have already read it, but i just read the faerie wars series and loved it…. It has a romance as always but i find myself wanting more…. I dont know maybe i need to stop reading because its making me mad that i cant be the characters in any of these stories. After every series that i read i get kinda upset because i have to pull myself out of the story and find a new one


    • Posted by Rick on May 4, 2012 at 12:06 am

      It is by Herbie Brennan. AMAZING author if i might say so myself


  3. Posted by Rick on May 4, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    i loved those books. To me they are # 2 after the chaos walking.
    because you guys gave me your opinion i have to give y’all mine
    1#Chaos Walkin
    2#Faerie Wars
    3#Maze runner
    5#Percy Jackson
    6# (only because im not sure yet… ) GONE
    7#Hunger Games
    ps. i have had countless friends tell me that they hated the end of the hunger games because of Peeta being chosen over gale but i hated the end for a different reason….
    I hated it because it went from all of that action and dying and crazinees inside of her head to calmness and relaxation and no action in a matter of paragraphs…. no in-between. Either Everyone is dying or No one is dying ….. Catch my drift?


  4. You have awesome taste in books. AWESOME TASTE.
    I did kinda hate the ending of Mockingjay as well, because it felt so abrupt (for the longest time, I didn’t realise Prim was dead, I don’t think I was reading it very thoroughly), though I did prefer Peeta over Gale. I wish it had been longer at the end and explained what had happened to all the characters.


  5. Posted by blackbeast35 on May 6, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    As soon as y’all locate another series or someone else even talks about one will u tell me?….. i’m getting more and more in love with the books that y’all reccomend


  6. Posted by blackbeast35 on May 10, 2012 at 1:15 am

    Thank You….. JASPER JONES!


  7. Posted by blackbeast35 on May 10, 2012 at 9:53 pm



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