Blood Ties – Sophie McKenzie

Blood TiesMAY CONTAIN MINOR SPOILERS!!! (I have tried to keep out as many spoilers as possible… but there are still a few in there; such as who ends up with who… and stuff…) 😀

I first started reading this book because I saw it was written by Sophie McKenzie, who has also written Girl, Missing. I really enjoyed reading Girl, Missing, and after reading this, I felt that this book was a bit of a let down. I felt that the plot didn’t flow very fast and it sometimes got side- tracked. The characters sometimes got on my nerves; it might be because the book was written by an adult; so of course she just had to make the characters stereotypical, especially Rachel, “a typical teenager” which meant that all she really cared about was how she looked, etc. But that’s about the end of my small rant! 😀  I think that the plot itself is actually really good!- I liked the twists, but I’m not sure i would actually call them twists because I saw them coming awhile off…, but maybe that’s just me, because I’m not entirely the most normal person in the world… 😀

(You can tell by the amount of 😀 I use!)

Even so, I still enjoyed the book; it was quite good, just not amazing, or mind- blowing. But still good. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t have finished it.


This book evolves around two characters; Theo and Rachel. They find themselves the target of an evil group of people, so of course, like any sane person; they run away! However, unlike any sane person, they run away into another group of bad people… who are just the littlest bit creepy…, only a little 😀 So basically the book is about Theo and Rachel running away and trying to survive!


The Romanticness (Romance? Romanocity? Romantication?)
I didn’t like how most of Rachels thoughts were about Theo. I sometimes felt like screaming “GET A GRIP ON YOURSELF” because she is portrayed as “a typical teenage girl” which just drives me nuts… Most of her thoughts were like “Will Theo like this dress I’m wearing?” or “Am I flirting too much with Theo?” instead of thinking “HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO NOT DIE?” She was just sometimes so selfish… though I have to admit that she does develop throughout the book- at the end she did think about other people, not just herself. And it’s probably not very realistic to think about what a boy is thinking of you, than if you’re gonna live. Just saying.

The End
Let me just get this out of my system: “OMG THE END!!! I HATE IT… IT WASN’T SATISFYING AND IT WAS JUST LEFT SO BROAD (I would say what but I’m trying to keep this review relatively spoiler free :P)” I hated the fact that *** dies… ;( It just made me feel so sorry for *** because finally when they are just about to win, then die… right at the end… its so sad… but I guess this is a twist that I didnt see… I guess it’s quite a good twist!- i hust wish that Sophie McKenzie had made that part more dramatic and had dragged the moment out more. Getting back to the End…; I hated the fact that the bad guy got away… during the last few pages I was looking thinking “Why isn’t he dead yet???, There are only a few more pages left…?” There wasn’t any proper closure to the book 😦 and I felt so sorry for *** because he was just so alone… with a potential killer…. and he was so scared before… ;( I wish we had gotten to know him properly; it all felt a little rushed…


The two different perspectives
I really liked how Sophie McKenzie wrote the books in two different view points! It makes the characters more real, in a way… kinda…, well as much as a book can be real. It was amusing watching them think about what the other person thought about them then panicking.

The development of the characters
I loved how we saw the characters develop. I’ll start with Rachel, because she is the character who developed more straight forwardly. Rachel, at the beginning of the book, was a shy and ugly girl who always got pushed around, and at the end of the book she was none of those things. I loved how she used to doubt herself so much, and then gradually, she began to get more confident and she believed in herself more and she was sure of who she was. I liked how Sophie McKenzie did the last ever chapter of the book; how we saw her starting a new school with a completely different personality. Theo… He’s more difficult to explain. We still see him develop as a character… but he also goes downhill for a time… especially after he finds out about his parents… ;( But towards the end he was also a changed person; maybe not as much as Rachel, but still changed.

Favourite Quotes
To be honest, this book doesn’t have many really good quotes… there are a few funny ones though, but unintentionally funny…

“I  dropped to my knees and puked over the tarmac. I sat back on my heels, shivering, and wiped my mouth on my sleeve. “What a waste of Mel’s delicious food”

“I resisted the temptation to bite his head off”

I think this is quite a good book. I wouldn’t say it was awesome or spectacular, but it was a good plot and the characters are kinda likeable (because what’s worse than reading a book where you hate all of the characters! actually I can think of a few…).
I would say that this book is probably a three, maybe three and a half, star book. It would have been higher if the twists weren’t so predictable, but anyway, I enjoyed it and I would recommend it to any of you guys out there who might read this blog! 😀


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