Light (Cover) – Michael Grant

If you want the UK COVER, click here.


So, this is the cover for Light by Michael Grant, which is the 6th in the Gone series (read them! They’re awesome!). I actually really like the american covers for GONE, even though I obviously prefer the UK ones. (They’re all black with GONE written on them in big neon writing). Still. It’s Sam and Diana, obviously (NB: I don’t really like the model they’ve got for Diana. But still better than I guessed. I imagined her to look less… I don’t know. Old? I don’t know. I guess I imagined her features to be sharper or something.) But the guy they have for Sam is perfect. I also imagined it green, or yellow, since it’s called light (and we haven’t had a green title thing for the UK edition yet), but blue is still pretty.

[Apparently the girl on the front may not be Diana, but Gaia. I mean, I still don’t think the model suits her since I’m picky and they describe her with blue eyes in the book]

Oh, also, why is Diana dressed up so nice? All the makeup and sparkly clothing. Maybe that’s explained, but I’m just wondering. I think she looked better on the Fear cover. (Though Quinn surprised me on that one. I thought he looked like Sam, not like Caine with all the dark hair and stuff. but my friend told me she thought he looked perfect, so maybe it’s just me.)

Do any of you have predictions for LIGHT?

For the paragraph below, yes we have both now finished FEAR. Here is the review

Me, personally, I think most of them will get out. Though I think Taylor or Bug will be dead by then. (If they don’t die in FEAR. Don’t you dare ruin it ARC people). Edilio’s probably gay. Or Quinn. And Diana’s baby is probably going to wreck havoc somehow. It’s only a 2 bar, but when that boy/girl grows up, it’ll probably be 25 bars. Unless it’s Petey. That would be so, freaking, messed up.

Oh, also, if you want to hear my big conspiracy theory, here it is.

Connie is a scientist, or Sam’s dad was. (is Sam’s dad still alive? I can never remember.) So, since Connie was a nurse at Coates, she could keep an eye on the other kids and how they were developing, as she knew about the radiation and stuff. She knew both her sons were really powerful. And then somehow she found out about Taylor’s, Toto’s and Darla’s powers. Probably because they went to Coates (remember that Brianna recognised Toto. According to, anyway.) But she didn’t want her sons tested on. Then Taylor bounced out first, because they couldn’t contain her, but then when Darla tried to escape, they learnt from their mistakes and tasered her. Yup, so that’s my conspiracy theory.

I also think the proximity to the nuclear power stations effects the amount of bars you have. Petey visited the plant every day, so he got powerful. People like Virtue lived really far away from the centre of the Dome, so he developed like 1 bar or something.

And then when they do get out, they’ll probably be put into science labs and tested on, and there will be the military, or maybe they’ll be a group  of mentally insane kids who made all this up (very far-fetched, but possible. Like in that movie Sucker Punch).

So, do you like the cover? Do you not like the cover? Do you absolutely hate it? Do you think LIGHT is going to be epic? Or have you never heard of the GONE series?

More book reviews coming soon. But I thought you might want a little update. 🙂


10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Random person on May 29, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    Can I say one thing yes edilio is gay and he’s with roger aka artful roger an they seem to be lookin after justin the little kid no one knows edilio is gay in the book apart from Sam because he is in an awkwardish scene but I have to say fear is awesome so far edilio is my fave character and there are reasons for this specific reasons which shall not be said


    • Posted by Me on June 13, 2012 at 3:01 pm

      It really irritates me that Edilio is gay. What do these 15 and under KIDS sexuality have to do with the awesome epic battles that make these books so friggin amazing?? It bummed me out not because Im a homophobe or anything but because edilio was solid and very uncomplicated or dramatic. You could always count on edilio. Sigh….. freaking people pleasers!


      • I guess I get what you’re saying, as it felt a little forced, and I could have sworn that he had something going on with Lana in the first book. But I liked how it added another layer of diversity into the book.

  2. I Know Micheal Grank And SO Far In The Book Diana`s Baby Is A 10 Bar He Is Very EVil And Has Killed Diana Tried To Kill Astrid Edilio Is Not Gay In Like The Seconde Chapter Him And Brianna End Up Fucking Taylor Dies Bug Lives Although He Has No Purpous And When He Writes More This Site Will Be The First To Know!!


  3. Posted by ;D :P ;D on October 22, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    I really LOVE all the books ad i can’t wait until Light comes out!!! And i was really disapoined when i found out Edilio was gay… And disapointed with their Model that they chose for sam in Fear… He was ugly unlike the Light cover;D lol but I ca’t wait untill Light comes out… YAY!!


  4. I LOVE the Light cover! Sam is so damn sexy(; I can’t wait till Light comes out! I think it’s coming out in April? I’m gonna die when these series are over…
    I was so surprised when I found out Edilio was gay! 😮 Edilio and the Artful Roger…


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