Monsters of Men- Patrick Ness

After reading this book I was shocked and speechless. I kept turning over the page thinking “THE BOOK CAN’T EFFING END HERE” ;). I was literally in hysterics trying to see if there were any hidden pages or if there was invisible ink.

Monsters of Men is the third and last book in the Chaos Walking Trilogy, written by Patrick Ness (who is awesometacular for writing this series and making it such a thought provoking and AMAZING book).

The previous two books are The Knife of Never Letting Go and The Ask and the Answer. There is also a prequel called The New World. After reading those two books I was seriously worried that the third book might be a let down, as the third book in a series can sometimes be not as good as the previous books, but no! IT WAS STAGGERING.

The book starts where the Ask and the Answer finished; with three armies fighting each other to the DEATH!!! (but also not quite). Todd and Viola are both caught up in the middle… with almost no chance to escape ;(. The book involves Todd and Viola trying their hardest to end the war, but “War makes monsters of men”…

It took me awhile to think up of these cons because at first I just couldn’t believe that the book had any cons… but anyway here they are!

So many characters die
I just thought it was sad that so many die, even if they only get one mention, then “poof” they vanish and we never hear of them again. But I don’t know if this would be a con… it’s a hard one to think about… because it also makes the book exciting and it gives it a fast pace so you never get bored.

We never hear the rest of Todd’s mum’s book
I was just waiting for so long to hear the book, but it never came… I just wish I knew the real truth, which I think Todd’s mum would offer, about how all the women were killed.


The twists were unexpected and original, and also so sad, :(, especially the one at the very end… it was going to be a “and they all live happily ever after” but then PATRICK NESS JUST HAD TO GIVE THE BOOK A TWIST…. But even so, I actually really liked the ending. I have never read a book which has an ending like that and it would have been a shame if the book ended without a really big twist. The book has something for everyone; there was action, some romance, and it explores almost every aspect of human nature.

The three different perspectives
It really made me feel for the characters and I get to understand them better. I loved the view points of Todd and Viola and I thought it was so sweet how much they loved each other. I know it sounds quite gooey and a book about love but it really isn’t. The other perspective was spackle 1017. When I first read this book through I actually skipped some of his pages… I know… it sounds bad, but I just couldn’t wait to read the perspectives of Viola and Todd, because they had the main part of the action. However, after reading through the book the first time, I read it again and this time I actually read the spackle perspective! (I know! I’m so proud of myself). Reading the spackle perspective for the first time, I actually regretted not reading them the first time, as I found out some things that I didn’t understand the first time round. The spackle was actually an astounding character; the first time I read it I hated him… (because of what he did at the end), but reading it through the second time, I found I began to like him. He was such a well rounded character, in some ways he was just like Todd; how he couldn’t kill, and when he did he regretted it so much after. Also for those of you that have read this book, did you notice that he was gay? Because Todd always referred to him as a guy and his one in particular was a he? But that just makes the book even more awesome as it has even more diversity!

The Characters
I love how all of the characters are so complex and I love how Patrick Ness makes you grow attached to them. I love how each time something bad happens I felt as if it was happening inside me. It was so sweet how Todd and Viola cared for each other and how they relied on each other and how they were each the others biggest strength. Another character I really liked was the Mayor. For those of you out there who have read the book must think I’m crazy, but towards the end he started caring for Todd as if he really was his father, but I guess that still doesn’t excuse what he did at the end of The Ask and The Answer ;(.

The Start and the End of the book
I thought that it was really good how the start of the book swept the reader straight into the war and the action. The end… although it was sad it was a good end, it gave the reader a final twist and you could see how it affected all of the other characters; I thought that it was so cute how Viola just kept on reading to Todd, and how she kept clinging onto hope, when in The New World she was just so sick of it.

Favourite Quotes:
It’s so hard to choose… I love the whole book so much… if I could I would just type out the whole book; I know… I’m really obsessed (but hopefully in a good way as this is an INCREDIBLE BOOK). Hm… if I had to choose a collection of favourite quotes it would have to be:

  • “And you,” he says, “you need to talk to your boy.” He lifts my chin. “And if he needs saving, then you save him. Isn’t that what you told me you did for each other?”
    I let go a few more tears but then I nod. “Over and over again.”
  • “You’re never more alive than in battle.”
    “Never more dead after,” I say.”
  • “A monster, I think, remembering what Ben told me once. War makes Monsters of Men.”
  • “No,” I say firmly. “If you ever doubt anything here, if you ever not know what to think or who to trust, you trust Todd, okay? You remember that.”

I would say that this is an infinity star book, but as we don’t have the number infinity on the rating system… I will just have to settle for 5 stars. I can’t remember if I have mentioned this before but THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. At times it made me almost cry (I don’t cry easily, but if I did I’m sure that there would be streams, no WATERFALLS of tears flowing down) and at times it made me laugh. However, this book is not for the faint- hearted, because it explores of cruel humans can be and you grow so attached to the characters that if (or when) they die it feels as if a piece of you has been torn out. Even so I urge all of you readers out there who haven’t read this book to read it and if you have, then just read it again! 😀 This is truly an amazing book, I really cannot express how mind-blowing this book in words; you’ll just have to trust me and read it.

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  1. This review brought tears to my eyes just thinking about the ending it was so sad. Part of of me hates Patrick Ness for it but part of me loves him for writing the books in the first place!


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