The Ask and The Answer- Patrick Ness


After I read the first book in this series I just couldn’t wait for the sequel to come out (I read this book ages ago). Now I have (obviously) read the book and IT IS AMAZING! This book is the second of a trilogy called Chaos Walking, by the amazing author, Patrick Ness. You can find the other reviews for the first and third book, as well as the prequel, all on this blog.


Viola lives. Sorry I had to say that, but there was no way I could write this review without telling you that. There was so much action and I love how Patrick Ness made us feel so emotionally attached to Todd and Viola. When they were sad, I was sad. When they were happy, I was happy. Yeah, I know, it probably sounds strange.

Anyway… enough of me ranting about how good this book is…

Basically, the book starts right where the last book ends – with Todd and a dying Viola in the Mayor’s evil clutches. They are immediately separated and then forced to survive and live in New Prentisstown (formally known as Haven). They are both locked up because THE MAYOR IS PURE EVIL and they eventually adopt to the ways of living in New Prentisstown. But anyway… the main part focuses on a group of people called the Answer (hint the title!) and well… I don’t think I’m spoiling anything here; they start dropping BOMBS!! dum dum dum!!! I won’t say any more… just in case I say something that may spoil the book… 😀



The twists were so unexpected because Patrick Ness killed off so many people. 😥 And he killed them off right when I began to like them. Sometimes I felt like screaming aloud and shouting at Patrick Ness “WHY? WHY DID YOU KILL HIM/HER?”. But I guess killing off the characters just makes the book better and more enjoyable. Actually, maybe thoughtful or heart-wrenching would be better descriptions, as the book emotionally wrecked me. The characters developed from the start to the end, and it was so sweet and so interesting watching them grow as people. Just to say to you readers out there about this book: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! I’ve always wanted to say that. 😛

Two Viewpoints
I loved how this time we also got to see Viola’s viewpoint, because we don’t know her that well through the first book, like her thoughts, views, etc. I felt that this time we got to know her better, so to me, she seemed more real. And well, Todd’s viewpoint, well Todd is just Todd, he’s just sooo cool!!! This time, we still saw how much he developed, I really liked how his friendship with Davy grew and how he was always thinking about Viola- even though he only knew her for a little while! He is just AMAZING!

THEY WERE ALL REALLY LIKEABLE! (sans the Mayor) Todd and Viola were MIND-BOGGLING (Is that a word? Who cares, it sounds cool! :D). Wilf was so funny! Davy… Well, really hated him in the first book – I thought he was as bad as the Mayor, but in this book I began to like him. He started turning really nice and he was a good friend to Todd. I would say more, but it would be a spoiler that I think I probably shouldn’t spoil. 😀 Also I think I should probably mention Lee. He was sweet and I liked him, but sometimes I felt for screaming at him for almost getting in the way of Todd and Viola. I think it’s good though that Patrick Ness didn’t make it so that the love triangle between Todd, Viola and Lee took over the whole book. I should also briefly mention the Spackle. They were so cool. Especially 1017, but at times, I really didn’t like him. I respect the Mayor, but he is an EVIL, EVIL man, and some of the stuff that he did was unimaginable. Another person that I respected but I didn’t like was Mistress Coyle. She was too stubborn. And at the end! The end!


  • “They treat me as if I’m a little dangerous.
    I’m slightly surprised to find I kind of like it”
  • “It’s not that you should never love something so much that it can control you.
    It’s that you need to love something that much so you can never be controlled.
    It’s not a weakness.
    It’s your best strength.”
  • “How do you know yer alive if you don’t hurt?”
  • “Yer the only friend I got, pigpiss… Ain’t that the biggest tragedy you ever heard?”
  • “We can save the world,” I say, trying to smile. “You and me.”

I absolutely loved this book. 5 shuriken stars, easily!


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