Undead- Kirsty McKay

UndeadOh My God.



I AM NEVER GOING TO DRINK CARROT JUICE OR TAKE FREE SAMPLES EVER AGAIN.  I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. The worst part is that it could genuinly happen – but I have a big imagination, so don’t worry! 😀

Anyway, back to writing the review.

As you can probably guess this book is about ZOMBIES! Zombie books are so full of action, and although most zombie books have the same sort of plot, some are unique and amazing, in their own special ways. This book is one of those unique and amazing books. It’s also one of those few books that almost have no genre; there was action, romance and lots  of comedy (I know it sounds odd, laughing at a zombie plague). It was fast paced and literally had my heart racing (believe it or not, that is no exaggeration). At the end of almost every chapter, there was some of cliff-hanger to keep me reading. It was really hard to put it down for one second.

The main character is this new girl called Bobby, she has recently moved school and moved country and basically she is one of the “odd people” who don’t really fit in… Her mum “suggests” her to go on the school ski trip and EVERYONE TURNS INTO ZOMBIES! Well, not everyone. The plot is basically about them trying not to die.

This is one of the few books that I am actually struggling to come up with any cons…

She was so awesome that think she deserves her own little paragraph. She wasn’t like one of those girls who just screams and screams and screams when a zombie plague happens. She is a believably strong character and her determination to survive is just incredible. I loved how she was the narrator; she was so funny. But at times I felt like screaming at her (in a good way) because she was  thinking about Lego while she should have been running for her life. (see quote below)

The Other Characters
I feel bad because these characters don’t have their own paragraph like Bobby… I guess that’s their own fault.

  • Smitty: He’s the  typical bad boy in the school, or was because their class is kind of dead… He has this carefree nature about him, which I thought was awesome; he was always the first to volunteer to do all of the dangerous tasks; even though he could have DIED.
  • Alice: She’s the type of girl in a school that spends hours putting on make up and believe it or not that doesn’t change at all in a zombie plague. She was a funny character- as in laughing funny. She was always herself no matter what, as in mocking and teasing people at all the wrong times.
  • Pete: He’s a geek.

The writing style
Kirsty McKay is an awesome author. I will definitely be looking out for more of her books. There was a time in this book when I found that I could just read the speeches of the different characters and just know, without even looking, who was talking. That’s what I think is amazing – you know almost no information about the characters, yet you feel as if you have known them their whole lives. Yes, I know it sounds odd, but if you’ve read the book then you will understand. Probably. Maybe.
I also love the humour. It was a good contrast to the series stuff about dying, and being eaten, or blown up, etc…

Favourite Quotes

  • “Maybe he’s got a nicotine crave on. That must really suck: being a zombie who can’t get a smoke”
  • “Here’s Lego Zombie Chef! Here’s Lego Zombie builder! See their grasping hands and posable limbs!
  • “I’m evil, but I don’t care”
  • “Could you just go downstairs and lock up the headless body first, please? It’s reasonable request.”


For all of you zombie fans out there, you have to read this book. and for all of you non-zombie fans out there either read this book or in the nicest possible way go drink some carrot juice or go to a café and make a carrot man attack you.
5 shuriken stars! 


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